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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language, sexual material and drug content

Sex & Nudity

    • Kiki hands Bartleby a bag of cash to pay for her tuition and blankly says, "I'm done fishing singles out of my G-string. I'm in college now." This opens the door for characters to repeatedly ogle her and her female friends in various states of undress. She also becomes prime fodder for repeated sexual innuendo.
    • A student searching for his inner passion in woodworking, creates fertility-god-like statues with enormous phalli.
    • Sherman is forced to dress in sexually humiliating costumes. For example, he wears a hotdog costume and must stand in the student commons imploring people to ask him about his wiener.
    • Uncle Ben, the only adult depicted as really knowing anything, uses harsh sexual language and spouts references to body parts and sexual organs to illustrate to students how society is abusing them and turning them into "pimps and pussies".
    • Bartleby tends to attack his enemies with "jokes" about their sexual actions. For example, he accuses a bully of sexual harassment, a frat boy of being gay and his high school vice principal of masturbating.
    • Girls are shown in low-cut shirts, short skirts, micro bikinis, and body paint.
    • A male student, dressed in nothing but underwear, is shown unconscious on a pool float with three bikini-clad girls after an all-night party.
    • A man sings and jumps around in Speedo-type trunks.
    • A well-attended class "teaches" guys "how to" eyeball curvaceous girls in the pool.

Violence & Gore

    • When the kids are originally cleaning out the dilapidated psychiatric hospital, they find an abandoned but functioning electroconvulsive therapy device. Placing the paddles on their temples and chest, several are shown shocking themselves for kicks.
    • The Harmon University dean's car explodes, supposedly triggered by a student's mind power.
    • A fraternity binds Sherman's hands and threatens him with a wooden paddle. He is later seen with a bruised and battered face.
    • A cooking experiment explodes, blowing a guy out of the South Harmon kitchen.
    • A TV and other objects smash to the ground after being thrown through glass windows.


  • The acronym for Bartleby's fake South Harmon Institute of Technology is Accepted's central gag. The word "shit" is also used several of times in dialogue, in the film's songs and in every form of visual imagery; from the school's emblem to its mascot to its line of school clothing.
  • There are two uses of the word "fuck" (one bleeped out), some uses of the words "ass", " "asshole", and "hell".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • South Harmon Institute Of Technology has all-night beer binges culminate in a poolside draped with inebriated and unconscious teens. One partier finds a tank of anesthetic gas and hooks it to a face mask. Teens are seen drinking wine, mixed drinks and beer around the sham campus.
    • Bartleby refers to students making a drug deal as "a lesson in economics."
    • Bartleby indicates that his mom is going to get a drink after hearing that he's been rejected from another college.
    • A delivery man arrives with two-dozen kegs of beer; Uncle Ben says it's his order and takes it to his trailer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A corpse falls through a ceiling which may startle young viewers.

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