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15 Nov. 2017
Heads Will Roll
Brian and Jon test whether an automobile airbag can cause a fatal injury to the passenger, if that person has their feet up on the dashboard. In a second test, they investigate Delayed Causality.
22 Nov. 2017
Chimney Cannon
Can a chimney be turned into a cannon? Most-importantly, can the burglar in the chimney be turned into a cannon ball? Can a bullet lodged in a tree turn a chainsaw into a gun? If so, is it lethal"?
29 Nov. 2017
Earthquake Water Heater
The MythBusters investigate if a water-heater can turn into a destructive torpedo, and reveal the explosive power of flatulence.
6 Dec. 2017
Rock 'n' Roll Road Rage
Jon and Brian test a myth about deadly carp and water skiers. Plus, does listening to aggressive music whilst driving, also make for an angry driver?
13 Dec. 2017
Invisible Assassins
The MythBusters take on Hollywood's greatest invisible assassins with a trio of tall tales of ingenious booby traps.
20 Dec. 2017
Dead Body Double
The MythBusters are tackling two ballistic mysteries. Is a dead body bullet proof? Plus, is a non-Newtonian fluid bomb proof?
17 Jun. 2017
Duct Tape Power Hour
Adam and Jamie host clips from previous duct tape stories and answer viewer questions.
17 Jun. 2017
Return to Duct Tape Island
Adam and Jamie host clips from the Duct Tape Island episode and answer viewer questions.

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