MythBusters (TV Series 2003– ) Poster

(2003– )

Kari Byron: Herself - Host, Herself - Builder, Herself, Herself - Body Mold Model



  • Adam : I think this is the strangest position I've ever been in on this show.

    Kari : [quietly]  Notice how he qualifies it with "on this show".

  • Kari : You know, I promised my mom and dad I wouldn't do anything stupid after I got out of college.


    Kari : Sorry, Mom.

  • Kari : [Kari makes the gun cotton for the confederate rocket myth]  Ok, we're gonna add a half ounce of

    [Donkey sound] 

    Kari : to ounce of

    [Rooster sound] 

    Kari : slowly!

    Narrator : When you add donkey to rooster you get a violent reaction.

  • Kari : [testing vodka as a poison oak remedy]  I hope you don't have a date tonight. Showing up smelling like liquor with poison oak.

    Salvatore : [laughs]  Works every time!

  • Kari : [christening the Orca V. Bottle does not break]  Ewww... How the heck do they do this?

    Narrator : [Kari tries to break the bottle repeatedly]  It's made of "stern" stuff, Kari!

  • Kari : [after Adam gets shocked by the ark]  Do you feel God?

  • Kari : All right! Looks like it's time to pack Buster's bags for the Bahamas. What do you think he'd wear? Shorts or a little thong?

    Adam : I... I don't know if Buster has enough actual flesh down there for a thong, but a...

    Jamie : He's got no butt at all, in fact he doesn't even have any legs.

  • Kari : [Jiggles two ballistics gel hands]  My dastardly scheme, it's coming together!

  • Kari : I think we have our exploding pants!

  • Kari : I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm a really, really bad driver!

  • Kari : [hi-fives Scottie]  Giant industrial pogo stick! Nice!

  • Jamie : Ninety-two feet to the top of the pulleys!

    Kari : Ninety-two feet to the dead bird!

    [Jamie laughs] 

  • Kari : [the Shrammer rams into the Orca V]  Oh, camera in the water!


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