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Season 1

16 Mar. 2004
The firm take on a case where a man is caught smuggling his own cells back into the country to attempt to clone himself for a life saving operation. An 80's Boy band are in a feud after one of them refuses the plastic surgery to make him look young again.
23 Mar. 2004
To Know Her
The firm agree to handle a case where a woman is claiming she was raped even though she acknowledges the rapist was 20 miles away. A child star brings action to attempt to divorce his parents.
27 Mar. 2004
Love and Games
The firm takes on the national baseball league after a drafted player is banned because he has potential advantages over other players. They also have to combat a lawsuit for work place place harassment brought against one of the associates.
30 Mar. 2004
A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose
The firm deals with a case where a mentally dysfunctional man is cured by a process that may ultimately kill him. At the same time they deal with a case that may redefine what a family actually is.
Apr. 2004
Sweet Child of Mine
A case comes up in which genetically tailored children are prone to a high incident of homosexuality. And a woman cyber hijacks the personality of her ex boyfriend because she was lonely.
Apr. 2004
Without a Tracer
A teenage girl takes her parents to court because of a tracer system they use that follows every move she makes night and day. A man is in trouble over pre wedding plans when a mate finder program continues to send him suggestions about possible dates.
Apr. 2004
The Face Was Familiar
Martin and Hannah fight for a father's right to give his son a mind-altering drug to rid him of nightmares about past abuses. However, the drug would remove all memory of the mother who abused him.
Apr. 2004
The Haunting
Marty takes on the case of a woman fighting for possession of her dead husband's computerized likeness. Lee May and Darwin find themselves defending a son whose mother is sabotaging his dating life in order not to lose him.
May 2004
Only You
A murder case becomes complicated when the defendant proclaims his innocence. There may be a previously unknown identical twin involved.

 Season 1 

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