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I never get tired of this show
alecton992 October 2005
I've been watching this show since I was 16 years old, I'm 22 now. I don't actually live in California, but the show is so well done that the wide angles, the correct iris apertures, even the audio really makes you feel like you're on a school trip everyday going to a different place.

Huell Howser has really made his homework on informing the world about the interesting overlooked places in California.

What I like most about the show, is that Huell acts as if he was a typical tourist, like most of us, and asks the exact questions we would ask, I always like the modern and practical perspective he gives to the show. That element of surprise he gives to the places he visits really gives a punch to the real amazement I would have if I'd be visiting there.

Huell Howser!! You Rock!!!!!!!
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Great ambassador of California
CaliforniaCajun9 January 2006
I am a California native who moved out of state over 30 years ago. An ex-neighbor began sending me Huell Howser videos about 10 years ago and one of the California's Gold episodes invited viewers to write with comments.

My comment to him was that he taught me more about my native state than I ever knew as a resident. I also told him that his rise to prominence was timely because for a while it seemed like news about celebrity court cases and riots was overshadowing the positive things about California.

His stories are not only newsworthy, but are also real gems "everyone else" has overlooked. His genuine delight with the things he uncovers are what makes his shows so good.

It was a great thrill one evening in 1998 that he actually called me here in Lafayette, LA to thank me for my letter. He told me that I sounded homesick. Huell made me homesick!

This guy is part of California's gold!
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I love this Program !
erika_108426 October 2007
I think Huell Howser is so funny and good at what he does. It's funny when he gets up on peoples face to interview them. He's got this funny annoying accent that probably make Californians hate his guts. I've been watching Californias Gold with Huell Howser since I was 14 years old, (I am 23 now) Anyway, there is something about this program that makes me feel comforted and happy when I'm sad, It really cheers me up to know that I live in such an awesome place called California. Huell takes me places I never knew existed on my neck of the woods. It's good to know that his documentaries play a major part on bringing tourism to California from all over. He just makes things appear very interesting and amusing.

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Essential viewing for any history buff or lover of California
phila38845 March 2006
The history of California is really the history of this country. Like the host and producer, Huell Howser, I am not a "native" Californian but have become an avid student of California history over the last 15 years thanks largely to the efforts of Hower & Co. Although I had been living here a few years and had visited most of the "requisite" attraction of the state, or so I thought, I was in near ignorance of the history and hidden gems all around me until I saw the first couple of episodes of "California's Gold" on PBS. I distinctly remember the episodes about the Poppy Preserve in the Antelope Valley, the reenactment of wooden ski racing near Downieville, and the hydraulic mining demonstration in North Bloomfield (Huell manning the "monitor") from the first couple of seasons. I could instantly relate to Howser's folksy awe in discovering some new place of forgotten history almost always sitting right under the current residents' noses (myself included). I always gave history short shrift in school until the accessible format of this show made me give it another look. Now I'm a member of the California Historical Society and a collector of early CA photography. If you out-of-stater's get a chance, catch a few episodes when you are in town and you'll be hooked. You can then order all the old seasons thanks to the magic of the DVD!
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Always Interesting and Huell Howser is a crackup
rowan_red20 January 2006
Many Californians may be familiar with this public television program that helps us explore our own backyard. I have discovered many places that I would never have known, watching this show. I have also enjoyed seeing its take on many familiar spots. On one show, I was surprised to see my old school principal--still alive!--and being a tour guide for Howser, as he explored my home town.

As the other comment explained, Huell Howser has a talent for asking the most unfortunate questions at times! But this may be a part of the show's charm--the unexpected laughs that come from Howser's interviews, in which he often comes across as a big, lovable, but clumsy puppy.
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Huell Howser could make a simple rock on the ground the most interesting thing to watch
infofitnessconnect7 January 2019
This is a facinating and casual educational series to watch. It makes you want to get out of your space and visit these places he's visited. Some episodes are slower than others, but Huell Howser was truly gifted with enthusiasm and able to help people see the facination and fun in so many of the simple things, places, and people around us all over California along with its history, and untold stories of many people; he had a way of keeping you interested and glued to the TV. Its just a great series to watch and Huell will be forever missed.
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