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Season 1

26 Jun. 2003
Beauty and the Obese: Part 1
Stripperella must confront Dr. Cesarean who is rigging beautiful models with implants that suddenly make them fat.
3 Jul. 2003
Crime Doesn't Pay... Seriously, It Doesn't
Stripperella must stop the crime spree of Cheapo an incredibly frugal villain. Also, Sally's estranged father asks her to impress his business partners with her stripping act. But can she handle the pressure?
3 Jul. 2003
Everybody Loves Pushy
Stripperella tries to stop Pushy Galore who is selling phony knock-off goods on her home shopping network
17 Jul. 2003
The Wrath of Klinko
Klinko is using copy machines in order to brainwash innocent people into committing crimes for him.
24 Jul. 2003
You Only Lick Twice
Stripperella must stop Queen Clitoris who is conspiring to be the last woman left on Earth.
2 Oct. 2003
Beauty and the Obese: Part 2
Dr. Cesarean has booby-trapped a supermodel and Stripperella must find her before it goes off.
12 Feb. 2004
The Bridesmaid
A woman who has been a bridesmaid one too many times decides to kidnap grooms all over the city in an effort to get married.
19 Feb. 2004
Evil Things Come in Small Packages
Stripperella must stop Small Fry who is attempting to shrink everyone so that he can be big and tall.
26 Feb. 2004
Eruption Junction, What's Your Function?
Stripperella must pose as a high school student in order to stop an evil science teacher from destroying the city with a giant paper mache volcano.
4 Mar. 2004
The Evil Magicians
Stripperella has to stop a masked magician while trying to collect the Stripper of the Year Award in Las Vegas.
11 Mar. 2004
Cheapo by the Dozen
Cheapo returns and hatches a plot to steal copper bricks in order to make them into pennies.
18 Mar. 2004
The Return of the Queen
Queen Clitorus returns and plans to get even with Stripperella by killing her.
1 Apr. 2004
The Curse of the WereBeaver
After being bitten, a motorist turns into a Werebeaver. Stripperella must stop the creature without breaking her code of nonviolence to animals.

 Season 1 

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