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9 Jan. 2005
Blank Generation
The 1970's death of a man killed by cyanide poisoning is reopened. Meanwhile, Scotty Valens is told some upsetting news and isn't sure whether to grieve or come back to work.
16 Jan. 2005
Yo, Adrian
An underdog boxer dies from a knock-out on a fight that should have been called by the referee and the boxer's corner. The plot was deeper when the team re-investigates this cold case.
30 Jan. 2005
Time to Crime
The 1980's case of a little girl is reopened after the murder weapon, an automatic gun, is turned in. It's revealed that she was shot to death while at a playground with her mother at night.
20 Feb. 2005
Detectives Rush and Valens reopen a murder case from December of 1969 after serving an arrest warrant to a draft dodger who claims he is innocent of murdering his girlfriend.
6 Mar. 2005
In the early 90's, the death of a mentally handicapped teen has been reopened. Drawings depicting the incident at the railroad tracks surface, which indicate it may not have been an accident as originally believed.
13 Mar. 2005
After a young boy drowns, the team investigates.
20 Mar. 2005
The 1980's case of a murdered surgeon's wife is reopened, and the team learn that originally it was thought to have been committed by her husband, who was facing a malpractice lawsuit.
27 Mar. 2005
The 1995 case of an alcoholic barmaid is reopened. The team learn she was struggling to recover for the sake of her neglected children, and that she was often a target for jokes and harassment.
3 Apr. 2005
Strange Fruit
Jeffries reopens a 1963 case in which he, as a child, found the body of a 16-year-old African American boy who had been planning to attend Martin Luther King's March on Washington.
24 Apr. 2005
An optimistic young mill worker is murdered months after the mill closes.
1 May 2005
Creatures of the Night
An apartment building doorman is murdered while his girlfriend dances at the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Lilly tries to pursue the killer.
8 May 2005
Best Friends
An old truck is found in a river with human remains inside, leading the team to re-open the case of a girl who disappeared in 1932. When the girl's former best friend is interviewed, questions arise: just best friends, or forbidden love?
22 May 2005
The Woods
When a serial killer resurfaces after walking away from his convictions, Lilly unravels his childhood, which was filled with abuse, rape, murder and insanity, and he follows her every move.
25 Sep. 2005
After a teenage girl who was dumped in the garbage by her parents 17 years earlier is approached by a man claiming to be her father, the team re-investigates the hit and run death of her father, Jimmy in 1988.
2 Oct. 2005
The Promise
Lilly reopens the case of an overweight film student who was subjected to a cruel 'Hog Scale prank' at a fraternity party, after which she mysteriously died in a fire.
9 Oct. 2005
Bad Night
Lilly reopens the 1978 case of Angus, a young boy who was killed soon after a car accident that paralyzed his friend around the time the slasher film Halloween was released.
16 Oct. 2005
The case of a baseball player beaten to death with his own bat is reopened, and it's discovered that he had many enemies, and that his white girlfriend sparked even more racism and prejudice towards him.
23 Oct. 2005
A former mental patient named Betty Petrowski dies. The woman's only child, her son Otis, is called to identify the body and finds it is not the body of his mother. Det. Rush and her colleagues begin the search for Otis' real mother.
6 Nov. 2005
Saving Patrick Bubley
Brothers are being killed one by one as they grow to their teens. Flashbacks show how the family enjoyed Thanksgiving together until the killings started and the mother got addicted to drugs.
13 Nov. 2005
In the nineties, business school graduates Scott and Amy start up a computer health care business called Lionstaff, but Amy dies of a heart attack soon after and Lilly reopens the case.
20 Nov. 2005
The team investigates the murder of a former POW who was killed days after coming home from the Vietnam War.
27 Nov. 2005
A Perfect Day
The remains of a small girl are found under a bridge. The story goes back to the 60's and turns out the girl has a twin sister still alive. A sad family story begins to unravel.
18 Dec. 2005
Frank's Best
The friendly owner of a local grocery store is murdered and Lilly reopens his case, finding that Frank was having issues with his rebellious son, his son's trashy friend Stump and his employee, Ricardo.

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