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Getting 'Lost,' Week 6: "I Guess It's All Relative Now, Huh?"

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The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie's attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.

What I Watched on Week 6: Season 2, Episodes 9-15 ("What Kate Did", "The 23rd Psalm", "The Hunting Party", "Fire + Water", "The Long Con", "One of Them" and "Maternity Leave")

At many points in the past few weeks I thought destiny is playing a hand with my Lost watching.  Fine, I still am not able to keep track of all of the small details, but honestly that isn't the priority right now.  I'm thinking of the way the episodes I watch always immediately answer the questions I leave floating when I write my weekly dispatches on this side of the Internet.
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