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Definitely check it out
crimson0329 December 2003
The perennially bottom-dwelling and much-maligned UPN is known for its rather eclectic and not-so-great programming. But "Jake 2.0" is a suspenseful, smart show that combines an intriguing sci-fi premise with classic crime drama.

Basically, Jake is this NSA computer lackey who has an accident in one of their research labs, and is infected with these tiny little computer nodes that make him a superhuman type of Robocop. He's then promoted to a full-fledged NSA agent/secret weapon and prevents crime and national disasters with the help of his fellow agents. It received great reviews at the beginning of the year, and despite its small audience, it's been picked up for a full season (being on a small network like UPN does have the benefit of not necessarily being axed within 2 episodes).

Christopher Gorham is perfect as Jake with a mix of endearingly cute dorkiness and a tragic "I'm all alone as Superman" kind of attitude, and the show deftly mixes the exciting, fast pace of a crime drama with human interest stories.

Jake 2.0 is up against some pretty heavy competition on Wednesday nights, but if you get tired of watching the Washington politics of "The West Wing" or the golden Cali shores of "The O.C.," Jake 2.0 is a great alternative.
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Good start, hope it continues.
patrik8428 May 2003
Jack is dreaming of becoming an NSA agent. But he has not been able to get in to the program. But one day he is infected by nano probes, which increase his abilities. He gets better sight, hearing and strength. It is similar to the start of Spiderman. I enjoyed the pilot and hope that they will continue producing the show. This show is for you who like science fiction. If you like shows like Spiderman and Superman this is a show for you.
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