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Sex & Nudity

  • A lot of the photoshoots involve partial or full nudity. A lot of times the full nudity is blurred out or obscured by posing or objects. Other times the body is covered with very scanty lingerie or clothes, or even body paint. Several contestants are shaken up by the situation
  • When not modeling, contestants are shown in their underwear or wearing bikinis around the house. On some occasions they go topless, but their chests are blurred out
  • Several contestants talk about sex, compare experiences with sex, or discuss previous sexual encounters. Some of the contestants are LGBTQ, though rarely anything beyond discussion of the topic occurs in the show
  • Being a model competition, some of the shoots aim to make the contestants look younger, but also maintaining their sex appeal. This can be dicey
  • Tyra teaches the models some suggestive moves or poses from time to time
  • Sometimes contestants make out with other people, including each other, throughout the series. Anything past that point is normally implied

Violence & Gore

  • Yelling and name calling scattered throughout each cycle, if not each episode. Some contestants learn of loved ones' deaths in some episodes, and they can get really emotional.
  • Some photoshoots have violent (like fake blood or fighting poses) or frightening imagery (heights, claustrophobia).
  • Some contestants go through various medical emergencies, such as panic attacks, fainting spells, or stomach flu. Some are seen with IVs.
  • Some contestants admit to having eating disorders. They tend to look sickly thin


  • A lot of TV-14 cursing (ass, bitch, piss, hell, damn, ect) and even more harsh name-calling. The judges can make rough, demeaning comments about the girls.
  • If words are too profane to be put on broadcast TV, you hear bleeping or silence when those words are spoken
  • While infrequent, some people display racism towards contestants or other people. Even some of the race-swapping shoots can be questionable

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contestants smoke throughout the series, some drink, even to the point of throwing up in some instances
  • Some contestants admit to previous drug abuse

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the shoots or challenges can scare people with specific phobias (blood, heights, falling, being underwater, enclosed in a box, playing dead or ill, ect)
  • Some contestants who fall ill enough to go to the hospital can be a bit frightening

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