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Surprisingly good
McGonigle4 September 2003
When my girlfriend told me she was going to start watching this show, I figured it would give me 60 minutes a week to myself. But when I actually watched part of the first or second episode, I was surprised to find myself starting to get drawn in.

Here's what I like about this show: First, the kids talk like kids (even if some of them look like adults!). I don't know about anyone else, but after Dawson's Creek and The Gilmore Girls, I find it refreshing to see a show about teenagers who have trouble expressing themselves instead of speaking in pithy, self-aware sound bites.

Second, this show does a believeable job of presenting the class issues involved in having a "poor kid" move in with a "rich family". Others have pointed out that it avoided the initial cliche by having the two teenage boys become friends, but later episodes have shown that in spite of their friendship and common interests (e.g. comic books), there are still deeper issues of class and sexuality that show how different their "worlds" really are.

And finally, I was surprised to see that the writers were actually able to make me care about the problems of the rich characters! (The adults, anyway). For too many nighttime soap operas, portraying the "problems of the rich" are just a way to get us "unwashed" types to sneer at the "problems" that money brings ("I wish I had those problems!"). In "The O.C.", the writers actually explore questions of money, class (again) and love in the various adult couples in a way that brings Jane Austen to mind; we can relate to the struggles the characters are going through even if their day-to-day lives are completely foreign from our own.

All in all, a surprisingly enjoyable TV soap opera that doesn't require you to check your entire brain at the door.
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Better than it ought to be
eirefaerie20 November 2003
It is at times corny, melodramatic, predictable, unbelievable as hell and sugar-coated. And yet? It works.

This show, which by all accounts should have been written off as a redo of good ole' Bev Niners, is funny, quirky and absolutely delightful. Somehow, over the first few episodes, it turned from being a guilty pleasure to just a genuine pleasure. This is largely due to the combined talents of Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie. They work as a family. They're funny. They're sweet. And somehow, Peter Gallagher is hot!

Adam Brody's ad-libs, Ben McK's baleful glances, Kelly Rowan's endearing nature and Peter Gallagher's eyebrows all add up to a fantastic hour of television that I await all week. The writing is quick, the acting (for the most part) is great and the in-jokes crack me up. Despite its silly premise, this show is pretty smart. And endearing. And really, really funny.

Would a public defender ever adopt his young client? No. Would ador(k)able, funny, smart Seth Cohen ever be considered unpopular? Probably not. Does Tate Donovan even look old enough to drink, let alone have a teenage daughter? Nah. My advice? Get over all that, sit back, and enjoy being entertained.

Cause this is how we do it in Orange County.
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Great characters make a great show
dark_elf027 October 2004
Have we seen this plot before? yes we have albeit not in a place this great looking and thats part of the charm of this fantastically addictive series. So many shows like this take place in a normal setting. This one defies the rules and showcases it in a very rich, very snobby like area full of interesting people.

There are several reasons why this show is great and successful

1. Seth Cohen is the most interesting character the show has to offer. Ya know it all started out with ryan who is the main character but after about 5 episodes it was clear who the real star is. No other character is as fleshed out and real as he is. and funny with his wisecracking demeanor. Seth has actually changed and become more real as the season went on. Most everyone else has stayed the same. Like ryan who hasn't showed any other kind of side or major insecurities, and he's still a hot head.

2. It doesn't try and shove morals down your throat. Just about every show in this vein out there tries to make every episode a "dont do this" episode, and its very refreshing. They present each episode as a day in their life and thats it.

3. Finally parents get their due. Seth's parents are not some stupid "john hughes" parents with little or no screen time and who's pets have bigger brains that they do. Instead they have a decent amount of screen time, fight, make up, and actually have a life that we see.

Is this show perfect . . . . no that would be unfair to say it is or expect it to be. Its fun, interesting, and is the most refreshing addition to the teen genre by far.
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OK, so they may be tanned, pretty and skinny, but hey, there's sarcasm!
andibabyx13 November 2004
OK this show is without a doubt hilarious. The user who said it was boring, i can simply not fathom. Okay, so the storyline may be a little bit of a cliché, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, posh galas every week and people who are too pretty to exist in the real world. But isn't that what T.V is? An escape from the real world? This is the only show the me and my family actually agree on. Why? Because the story lines, although they may seem obvious, are interweaving. (E.G Caleb is kirsten's dad, who is marrying Julie Cooper, the ex-wife of Jimmy Cooper, who was kirsten's high school sweetheart.-OK, when i put it like that it sounds like a sunset beach episode.*shudder-twitch*)

But the point is this, The O.C is different from all those other "Ooh it's sunny, we're rich and pretty but our lives are so hard" shows because it makes fun of itself. Its is not afraid to make fun of itself. It knows that it's a show about a group of beautiful people with loadsa cash but not so much happiness. Bottom line, It's a cliché and there are too many black-tie events, but at the end of the day, it's easy going and will make you laugh out loud. Give it a go.
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Why do people think this is "unrealistic"?
dashfashion18 August 2005
I come from a part of Australia called the Sunshine Coast where most people come to escape city life and live by the sea. Most of the people who live along the coastlines here are just as beautiful-looking in that sun-drenched, California way, but not only that: this is a place where people come to avoid their problems, only to end up taking them with them. For all the glitz, glamour and romance of this place, I have never come across a more dysfunctional group of self-absorbed people in my life.

That's what immediately drew me to "The O.C.". I noticed the obvious plot lines that have been faithful to Soap Operas for decades, but this show has such a pungent wit about the nature of these people. They may look like they have a life that people aspire to, but they really don't and in some ways the nature of their environment only enhances these problems. I found that this show perfectly captured the reality of this sort of lifestyle, albeit modified for T.V.. A movie version of this would be much more vicious, if made by the right people, but please don't talk to me about the corniness of this show and how it doesn't reflect real life. I know these people. They exist. And they really are contemptible.
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copeknight27 November 2003
The best show on TV in a decade. Funny, surprising, and always entertaining this is far more than a teeny-bopper 90210 knock-off. It's wonderful. The acting is top-notch, but the writing is simply brilliant. If only we all did it like they do it in The O.C. I hope it'll be around for years to come, but, even if it isn't, each episode is 60 minutes to treasure. Plus: the best soundtrack on TV.
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A nice surprise
BluRaf18526 October 2003
I watched the pilot episode of "The O.C." when it first ran because I was sick of watching reruns of "Friends" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (even though I love those shows) and I wanted to watch something fresh and new. I expected to be sitting through an hour of a cheesy, sudsy soap opera with a really hot guy (Benjamin McKenzie) and in truth, I did. However, I surprised myself by actually LIKING "The O.C.". For all its sudsiness and corny dialogue, it was really somewhat enjoyable. After having watched all 7 episodes of it so far, I think that its just getting better and better. I mean, sure Mischa Barton's acting skills are drastically limited, and the plot is nothing original, but I don't find it to be TOO much like "Beverly Hills 90210". Besides, I liked "90210" up until a point. Also, the theme song to "The O.C." is amazing, even better than the one for "Smallville". I am looking forward to the next few episodes of one of my newest favorite shows!
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chandlersgurl8514 November 2004
The OC. How can I describe it? It is an amazing show. My brother wasn't that big of a fan when he first started watching it, but then I bought the first season on DVD, and now he's completely hooked! The story line is amazing, yet a bit confusing with the whole love triangle thing going, but it's exciting because you never know what's going to happen next.

Some of the acting is not so great (i.e., Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper, she could take some serious acting classes), but everyone else is brilliant, Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher (my personal favorites) make a great team, Rachel Bilson, Benjamin McKenzie, Tate Donavan, Kelly Rowan, Melinda Clarke, they are all excellent!! I give this show a 10 out of 10. A definitely MUST SEE!!!! YOU WILL BE HOOKED!
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Greatest show currently on TV
js22529 October 2004
You know, sadly enough I have become a fan of Dawson's Creek in the past year but no other teen drama compares to the OC. I'm an intelligent college male and shouldn't be attracted to these kind of shows but I just can't get enough of the OC. I actually bought the DVD the night it came out, sad right? No its not. This show has everything. I find myself sitting with my roommates every week watching the OC and at some points cheering to the TV or yelling at the TV. One case was when Oliver showed up, this p***ed me off. Why screw up what Ryan and Marissa had, what a jerk.

In concluding my short commentary, I love the OC and plan on watching every Thurday night even though I have class. This is better than class and I'm sure I can learn much more, such as what new lingo will come of the new episodes. God bless the OC. Bo HardRock
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lilasalovaara3 January 2018
This might sound silly but i'm not lying or being exaggerating - this tv show changed my life. It gave me a good feeling for the rest of my life. I could watch this show many times all over and all over again without getting bored or tired.

Everything about this show is perfect, everything! The views, the music, the far-out characters, the lines, the sets, the clothes and THE MOST OF ALL - THE CAST!!

I remember starting watching this show around the time when i just got a depression. I would sleep and then in between drown myself into this blue world of drama and comedy. This show got me through it. This show made me feel alive and became as my passion.

This show was never long-wided, NO WAY! You never knew what was about to happen. This show had everything - excitement, funny humor, drama, thriller and love!

I'm so thankful for Josh Schwartz making this show because it LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I MEAN, LITERALLY. I admire it and look it as a perfection. I've showed this show to all of my friends and they thought that this is at least very good! I also managed to turn the other one into a fan.

I want everything to watch OC if they haven't seen it because this show gave me a lot and still means a lot to me! No kidding!
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SarcasticCandy30 September 2003
Inevitably when a new show comes out, critics feel the need to compare it to something else. Why can't critics just base their opinions on the actual show and not something that was on the air in the 90's, namely 90210. I am not saying the show is without flaws, there are some things that need to be worked out, but I think it's a good show. It is entertaining and that's the most important thing. I think the actors are doing a good job and getting more comfortable with their characters with each episode. The plot lines for each of the episodes are somewhat exagerated, granted, but I would prefer to have a story that is exagerated and not entirely plausible or realistic. I want an escape. That's what this show provides. People just need to keep in my it's a soap and that's what soaps are like!
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No other teen show compares!
dannijohnson4 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I have so much love for this show! I started watching it about a year after it came out and have re-watched it probably once a year since. No other teen show has been able to do what the OC does. Not only does it follow the drama that unfolds in the lives of a group of teenagers but, it shows that people from different backgrounds can come together and forge unbreakable bonds. The friendship between ryan and seth is one of my favourite things to watch unfold. Alot of the time teen dramas focus on the relationships between female best friends so, its really refreshing that in this instance the main relationship was two guy mates. The support and love that they showed to each other was heart warming. Kirsten and Sandy cohen.......urgh! I just love them! Their relationship to the outside world looks perfect but when you delve deeper into the show you see that they too have their fair share of problems. But no matter what they always work together to get through those bad times. I think thats a very vital thing to portray to the youth of today as, most people struggle to understand that a relationship takes alot of work, trying and understanding. We're only shown these perfect couples leading perfect lives and, this relationship was genuine. My only negative about this whole show is that there just aren't enough seasons! I would loved to of had another couple of seasons because this is my all time favourite show from my teenage years.
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My thoughts on the "end of an era" for 'The O.C.' TV show!
FabulousFrodoFan23 February 2007
I just finished viewing the very last episode of one my most favorite TV shows that's known as 'The O.C.' and wanted to share my thoughts on what it meant to me and why! It grabbed my attention from the very first episode with incredible acting and a great cast with awesome chemistry amongst them and with a quirky and witty scrip and also showed fabulous taste in fashion and makeup which was fun to look at all the time! Great indie bands featured in the background always seemed to strike up the right mood and accentuate the emotional drama occurrences during the show! It introduced me to some fabulous artists which I've since become fond of (ie. 'Phantom Planet', 'The Killers', & 'Imogen Heap' to name a few!) It affected me on a personal level with the story lines of family conflicts, relationships, parties, and reminded me of my high school days gone by, and every single season finale (and several episodes) seemed to cause me to bawl my eyes out they were so meaningful! Unlike other family drama shows it had the guts to show the hard topics in honest ways and from the perspective and young and old teenagers and adults and parents which made it unique! Every character was important in their own way and every character developed and dealt with their own struggles and challenges and although new ones came and went it never affected the show's story and direction! I'll admit this past season was a bit different without one of the main characters 'Marissa' who was killed off at the end of the past season but that didn't change the show as I feared it might...instead it kept it's integrity with the core characters who still reminisced and looked back fondly on her character who in a way was still there in their memory! I'm extremely pleased with how they ended the show completing everyone's story in a creative and positive way that encourages all of us in the real world to follow our dreams no matter where they might lead us! A lot of people who didn't follow the show might have thought it was cheesy but it wasn't at all! It was light hearted and silly when it needed to be to balance out the tough topics it dealt with! It came along a head of it's time perhaps and wasn't appreciated fully for it's full worth in the TV industry! I don't watch any other family dramas (I used to watch 'Once & Again' which was sadly canceled as well!) and there will never be a show that will fill the hole it's left! It was such a different show than every thing else on TV and I will sorely miss it! I feel sorry for those who may not have had the privilege of being touched by the show and it's story lines, script, acting, characters, music, etc... because it was truly a one of a kind!
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a great show
harryandsally4 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I am biased because I have watched this show from the very beginning -- it started right when I moved to NYC and has been with me ever since so I guess I have a sort of attachment to it.

The reason the OC is such a good show is because of the writing, and perhaps Adam Brody's character's ad-libs throughout add to this –- I've heard he ad-libs his lines (and probably actions too -- the hand on the windowpane at the end of the first scene in the most recent "raining in the OC" episode).

The adult characters are just as rich and developed as the young characters, unlike 90210 (which twenty-somethings seem to want to compare this show to). I was never a big fan of 90210; I thought it was only soap opera material and sex, whereas The OC is not. The Seth and Summer romance is pure and so sweet and well-acted (I believe they are engaged in real life).

The writing is smart and hilarious and subtle. A lot of crazy soap-opera-like things have happened, but the way they approach it with candor and humor makes it sophisticated and meaningful. They are always pulling these "meta" plots, like the show "The Valley" that has the character just like Seth, and how Summer would of course like the TV him better than the real him (which is so ironic because Seth IS the TV him). (See trivia about this show for more "meta" plot twists -- I remember also one episode where Summer makes a crack at one of the show's critics in a scene in the hospital.) Sandy and Kirsten are the moral center, and really are good people and wonderful role models —- the only sane people in the show. But even they are written realistically; they are not without their faults and downfalls (Sandy's recent near-adultery, and Kirsten's on an upcoming episode).

The music is always really good, and they make a point to bring in real bands and have them play on the show as acts at the club in town.

They bring in the town of Chino (other side of the tracks) with Ryan and his ex-girlfriend. The first episode started it all off with Ryan's classic line in response to Marissa's, "Who are you?" "Whoever you want me to be." Though this may sound cheesy and clichéd, I think it started the whole show off with a sexy mystique that let you know that you wouldn't know where this one was going. You get the sense that the writers don't even know where they are going with it —- which is exciting and keeps you on your toes. You don't get the sense that the writers even necessarily knew what would happen with the whole Julie and Jimmy Cooper saga —- eventually Jimmy was completely written off, but not until they went through a divorce, a few affairs, a failed business deal with Sandy, living on a boat, and a remarriage (Julie and Caleb, the beautiful red bridesmaid dresses).

Although people bash Mischa Barton's acting, I have to say you can't help but be entranced by these young and beautiful actors. Especially Rachel Bilson, who is able to pull off humor unlike any other. Seth as well. And Kirsten is gorgeous, and Sandy's dry wit and humor make him so lovable. I remember him from While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock. His part in that movie was really small--he only got to play the comatose love interest of Sandra Bullock, but he was really cute and you can't forget those eyebrows. And you can't forget him in the Robert Altman films Short Cuts and The Player – he's got some charisma.
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The Best and the Worst of Season Two of "The O.C."
jls269830 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Another season has come and gone, and, with twenty-four episodes of drama, heartbreak, and product placement to choose from, I present my "WHO CARES?" awards for the SECOND SEASON of "The O.C." Read them at your own risk, for they contain many spoilers.

Best Character: Summer Roberts. Summer's really come into her own this season: she has had to juggle two boys, Zack and Seth, who proved consistently to be higher-maintenance than she is; has had to pose for and play the role of a diminutive comic-book heroine named Little Miss Vixen; has had to alternately comfort and advise Marissa, her terribly self-absorbed best friend; and has had to face her own foibles in the company of Orange County's wealthy and powerful--i.e., on-again, off-again boyfriend Zack's family. Not bad for one season.

Worst Character: DJ. There was fierce competition for this year's title. But DJ, the gardener-for-hire who functioned--nominally--as Marissa's rebound boyfriend in some early second-season episodes, nearly caused me to stop watching the show. Luckily for me, and for all of humanity, he quickly became a footnote.

Best Couple: Sandy and Kirsten. To watch a couple so thoughtfully and, at times, shamefully go through the highs and lows of their twentieth year of marriage may sound to some as painfully boring television, especially for what is ostensibly a teen drama; but all of the other characters in the O.C. orbit around the Cohens in one way or another, and when Sandy and Kirsten start to unravel, bad things happen in Orange County.

Worst Couple: Alex and Marissa. After facing another failed relationship in DJ, Marissa decides that, in searching for her next romantic partner, her own gender shouldn't be off limits. Thus her turn to Alex, who, after a relationship with Seth proved to be a non-starter, succumbs to Marissa's charms during an exciting hand-holding session at the Bait Shop. Unfortunately for Alex, Marissa's just playing a game of "Just Kidding!" and quickly dumps Alex when she turns into the same sort of domineering jerk Marissa's previous love interests were--sans Ryan, of course. This angle of same-gender relationships could've been more seriously explored, but, alas, Marissa is most definitely not the character to do it with.

Dumbest Plot Twist: Marissa falls for Alex (from the episode "The Second Chance"). Since Marissa's supposed romantic infatuation with Alex was a purported stunt by the writers to breathe new life into the show in order to combat lackluster mid-season ratings, the entire plot line lacked credibility from the start. The coupling is not developed and is quickly dropped. A far riskier move would have been to put Marissa and Alex together--and keep them together.

Cleverest Plot Twist: Trey completes his jail sentence and arrives at Newport (from the episode "The Brothers Grim"). Besides symbolically functioning as a constant reminder of Ryan's past, Trey is a veritable gold mine of delicious O.C. plots. The writers must have had smiles on their faces as they answered these questions: How do we get Ryan to stop being such a restrained milquetoast and return to his beat-'em-up ways? Shove Trey in the pool house! How do we get an old-fashioned, girl's-floating-unconscious-in-the-pool O.C. party going? Throw a birthday bash for Trey! How do we throw some much-needed tension into Marissa's relationship with Ryan? Have Marissa shoot Trey right in front of him, spawning dozens of new plot threads for next season!

Best Kiss: Summer and Seth (from the episode "The Rainy Day Women"). Admittedly, it was corny--Seth, attempting to fix his home's satellite reception during a rare rainstorm, sliding headfirst down the side of his McMansion, his fall broken by a tangle of ropes, encounters Summer who, after ditching Zack and his family at the airport to be with Cohen, kisses him, upside-down, Tobey Maguire-Kirsten Dunst-style, after partially pulling off his (oh, no) Spider-Man mask worn to ward off those deadly droplets of rain--but, nonetheless, it was the most memorable, albeit derivative, kiss in a season of rather unmemorable, derivative kisses.

Best Looking: Mischa Barton (plays Marissa Cooper). Due to the unrelenting thrashing her acting and character takes, not just by me but by many, many others around the world (she is called a "Bot" in some quarters because of her wooden performances), I figured it was time to relay something positive about Ms. Barton; therefore, I hereby anoint her the best looking of the bunch.

Worst Promotional Tie-In: The Ford Mustang. After receiving a new red Ford Mustang coupe at the beginning of the season, Coop (Marissa) mysteriously gets a second red Mustang, this time a convertible, to conveniently park in the background of shots. Oddly, the coupe and the convertible are never seen on-screen at the same time, but alternate.

Best Actor: Peter Gallagher (plays Sandy Cohen). Sandy is the moral center of the show, and Gallagher deftly handles the nuances and the broad strokes of the character.

Best Actress: Kelly Rowan (plays Kirsten Cohen). Ms. Rowan, whose character Kirsten lurked in the background through so much of last season, has this season been thrust into a central role in the story. Kirsten's descent into alcoholism is, entirely to Rowan's credit, heartbreaking.

Worst Episode: "The Distance." The first episode of the season was undeniably the season's most insipid. The seemingly insurmountable obstacles set up at the conclusion of season one are quickly and easily resolved here. And, considering their history, Seth and Luke hamming it up together struck me as a tad disingenuous. Just a tad.

Best Episode: "The Dearly Beloved." In this season-ender, Caleb gets a funeral (to complement his season one-ending wedding to Julie) and Kirsten gets a new, detoxicated home. Everyone doesn't live happily ever after, especially Marissa, who must come to grips with her murderous ways in a reconstituted household complete with the ever-annoying Jimmy "Hey Kiddo" Cooper. Bring on Season Three!
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What's with Marissa Cooper
Esken20 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a soap-fan, and have never followed one either. I'm more into series like "dexter, prison break and 24".

One day my cousin came to me and said that i had to watch an episode. I was hung-over and thought okay. I was in the mood for something soft. Amazingly enough i was pleasantly surprised by it. The writing is good and the actors are okay. I'm a big fan of Peter Gallagher so that's a given. The kids are fair enough, but here comes the reason why i'm writing this comment. Marissa Cooper is a character that drives me crazy!!! I have never been so angry of at writers that i am while watching Marissa. Her actions are unforgiving, here personality lacks everything, nobody is like this. Everybody else sees when guys fall in love with her, all except for herself. Come on people! Nobody's that stupid! I refuse to believe this. She is also the easiest girl i have ever seen on television. She basically gets it on with everybody!! Guys, girls. She don't care. She also don't see that she's hurting everyone around her. And they still stick with her. This doesn't happen. I bet the writers might feel like Marissa Cooper. They hope that they can go around and do exactly what they want when they want it. Don't bother about anyone else but them-self. That is what i see when i look at Marissa. A spoiled little brat that don't see that the people around her are trying to help her. When they do anything she takes it completely the wrong way and think they are trying to hurt her. How dumb can a person be!!!?

As i said. I like the show, but Misca Bartons character Marissa Cooper is a huge lack. And this is not directed towards Micha Barton. She is a beautiful pretty good actress that just has been given a horrible character. A real shame!

I am considering not watching forward in the show because of this. It really annoys me!
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This is too good to be True! ~!
Roxburyfunny16 August 2003
So all the promo's were. 90210 or whatever. Nothing like it, much better. This show is totally the opposite. Their not all friend's and there's bigger problem's. A great drama for kids who knew dawson's creek was for thirty year old's and not for teens. Just kidding. Better than dawson but a different kind of 90210 for the new millienium. Love Adam Brody. He's so real when he act's and he's so good at it. He's one of my favorite actor's. And the led guy that play's Ryan. He's totally going to make a name for himself. This show is great and it better stay on or i'm sueing fox. I lost keen eddie i'm losing this one, i can't do two show's in one month. Recommended for young adult's 15-whatever! ~!
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This is how it is done - A plus, an example for everybody
supermaggie17 April 2017
The O.C.-one of the best shows ever and forever, and that's why: not only is it an encouraging, positive show that lifts you up when you need to watch something to forget the world and its cruelty, it does so without being destructive/not at the cost of other people/values. There is no clumsy, obvious affirmative action (which is always reverse racism underneath), there is no bashing of Europeans/non-Americans for the sake of a nasty political agenda/clumsy propaganda, there is no twisting of historical facts (especially European ones), no turning European legends into villains and so on. And yet, it is a thrilling, entertaining, sometimes thought-provoking show – yes, it can be done, and it can be done successfully and artfully. True, there have been shows about teenagers in rich neighborhoods before, true, there have been shows about unlike couplings/brothers. There have been shows about noble criminals and teenage romance. But this show unites it all in a unique and charming way, and adds a lot of heart and soul and smartness. This is not just a dumb teen/romance/hypocritical family show, these are beautifully written, round (and perfectly cast) characters with heart and wits – entertaining and educating at the same time (without being overly didactic). This is the show I would recommend to parents to show their kids in order to show them how to behave in the world. A truly uplifting, funny and also instructive show – for viewers and writers alike, this is how it is done, you can entertain/be entertained without violence and xenophobia. A plus!!
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A phenomenon of its time period
tapio_hietamaki27 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When 'The O.C.' aired, it was a phenomenon. I can only imagine what the craze was like in America, but here in Finland it aired when I was in high school and the teachers would talk about it in class. Everybody watched 'The O.C.' and it's no wonder why.

It's not like the show is the pinnacle of television, there are certainly many flaws in it. Some seasons are better than others, some characters are annoying and others totally irrelevant, some plot lines are stupid and some unrealistic, and some jokes fall flat. Actually, the whole premise lacks credibility. A wealthy lawyer adopts a criminal teenage boy because he sees something worthwhile in him? But the show is lovable for its familiar early 2000's music and fashion and its charming and memorable characters. Every teenage boy wants to be confident and good-looking like Ryan, while relating to his tortured brooding. If you don't identify with the nerdy Seth, you will at least know somebody who is exactly like him. The girls are equally familiar and rounded characters, from the troubled and sheltered Marissa to the carefree and sexy Summer and the intelligent and adorable Anna. I'm sure that even now, a decade later, it would still be easy to get into a heated discussion about who should've ended up with whom and how horrible it was that a certain character died...
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sebalcocksa10 December 2016
At first I didn't think I was going to enjoy this show but after a few episodes I found myself completely hooked and unable to stop watching it.

I thought it was going to be a very typical high school drama show but it wasn't at all as I expected it to be.

I think anybody at any age can watch it and enjoy it thoroughly.

The only thing that bothered me was that they made up problems that where very unlikely to happen in real life.

You also got very attached to the characters.

It is one of the best series that I have watched.
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Best show ever
runisumba9 March 2007
well I am really gonna miss the O.C.... it had everything, drama, romance, comedy, action... i have never been into these teen series, but the O.C made an impression on me,, it was more natural then any other show i have seen... u never know what happen,, Sandy and Kirsten a match made in heaven,, Summer & Seth most fun and cute couple ever,, Ryan is loved because of his hard life.. Marissa the most beautiful girl alive, July the snake but still charming... the show had it all and more... don't think there will ever be a show like this again.... but it was right to end it on a high.... not like Beverly Hills 90210 just keeps on and on and you get bored with it......

The O.C ruled
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Overrated show!!!
happy_honda8819 September 2006
I don't understand how this show has become so popular amongst the teenage viewing population. First of all, the actors are at least 10 years older than the characters they play. E.g. Ryan is supposed to be 17 years old or there abouts but is played by a 28 year old actor. It's just not convincing to see typical high school students looking like post-graduate university students. Perhaps Ryan, summer, seth and co. were all too stupid to graduate highschool the first time and have had to repeat for the 10th year in a row? Generally, the quality of the dialogue is shocking at least compared to deep and meaningful dialogue in dawsons creek. This show is overrated and is one of the worse i have seen. You may diagree... but to each their own!
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"Welcome to the O.C. B****!!!" -Luke
madewithether9 January 2005
When I first heard about this show a year or so ago I immediately thought, "Wow, beaches and shallow teenager's who will have skin cancer by the age of 20." But after catching the season premiere of the second season by accident I was hooked. I bought the first season so I could catch up and have been watching every week since.

Sometimes the plots are far-fetched and sometimes even downright absurd but something about the endearing characters keeps me coming back to the couch every Thursday night.

From the get-go it is obvious that Ben Mckenzie (Ryan) and Adam Brody (Seth) are the main attraction. Mckenzie plays the "brooding-angsty teenager" so well.. considering he is in his mid-20s and Brody (also in his 20s) embodies his sarcastic yet lovable character, Seth.

The other characters like the Sandy and Kirsten Cohen and Summer Roberts are also enjoyable and interesting.

The only dud in this show is Mischa Barton (Marissa) and it is not entirely her fault since her lines are the worst on the show and the personality of her character are so flat. = ( Sorry Mischa.

All together this show is great and I hope it goes on until Ben Mckenzie is in his 30s.

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My favourite show of all time.
Dearmariaa1 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I originally started watching this around 2004 when season 2 was aired. I became hooked within a few episodes. My brother heard about it from a friend a few weeks previous so he decided to buy season 1. I finished the season within days. I don't really want to reveal the stories of the o.c., I just suggest that whoever reads this, buy it. It's worth every penny. This show is different to shows like One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek, 90210 (recent series'). The O.C. may be melodramatic, predictable, unrealistic at times and it isn't incredibly intelligent. But, this is a fun-loving show where kids just are kids. They may be weighed down by drama but they have a smile throughout. Considering the actors were quite young when this started, I have to applaud them. Adam Brody and Benjamin McKenzie really shine in all seasons. They never fail to disappoint, what with Seth's witty remarks or Ryan's 'brooding' and the little 'bromance' they have.. the o.c. makes an enjoyable show. It feels fast, but it does focus enough on the situation and it makes you really understand. Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan and Melinda Clarke are all brilliant as well in this. Peter plays Sandy the self-righteous surfer who trusts his instincts and is also the father of Seth and (foster parent) of Ryan. Kelly plays Kirsten the caring, hard-working rich mother of Seth and (foster parent) of Ryan. Melinda plays Julie the gold digging manipulative bitch who really does have a good heart. There are so many pros and cons to The O.C. but I say focus on the pros because this is a fantastic TV show that isn't too glitzy and unrealistic like some shows eg; one tree hill season 5 +, gossip girl. This is a fun loving show that can definitely have bucket-loads of drama but it will still have you smiling in the end up. :)
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Unexplainably Addictive
ebodge24 January 2008
This is a show I have made fun of since it's inception a few years back. The joke is on me now. I was forced to watch some episodes, and I mocked them as I watched them. Then something crazy and unpredictable happened. I was hooked. Luckily, the OC isn't an illegal substance, or I'd be in prison right now. The characters start off annoying and painfully flawed, but it doesn't matter. The acting can be corny at times, but the show is genuinely engaging and you like and hate exactly who the writers want you to. Yes, it's manipulative, but scarily addictive. I'm still asking myself why as I plow through 8 episodes in my attempt to close off season 1 in a few days. Who cares. I can't stop. This show is vastly underrated by film and TV snobs such as myself. But don't think I'll tell my friends. This is the definition of a guilty pleasure...
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