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27 Jan. 2004
Mother & Child Reunion
Sampson is at her daughter's school meeting with a counselor. The counselor asks her to step out when she hears shots. She goes to check it out and discovers a guy with a gun. She chases him and he goes into the counselor's office and holds the counselor and her daughter hostage. She calls Cohen who comes down and they try to talk to the man and he demands his girlfriend be brought to him. They learn that he was trying to get his girlfriend's sister out but security tried to stop him. They learn the girlfriend claims her step-father is abusing her which is why he was ...
3 Feb. 2004
The Senator
Todd is approached by a prosecutor he knows to investigate a murder that happened 50 years ago. It seems like some young men killed a black man, one of them made a death bed confession. The prosecutor says that most of his accomplices are dead except for one who is now a Senator. Todd is hesitant to do it because the Senator's been a staunch supporter of civil equality. He asks Cohen if he can investigate and he goes to the town where it happened and it seems no one there remembers it and/or doesn't know the man who was killed. He eventually finds someone who is ...
28 Jul. 2005
Born to Run
Van Doren and McArthur investigate what appears to be some dead illegal immigrants. They think it might be the work of a coyote who extorts the illegals for more money after bringing them across the border. Roy is picked up and brought in for psych eval which he's been evading. Evans, the baseball team owner, Nalloy hustled so that he could get a piece of his team informs Malloy he can't, because his niece who is also his partner has first right at his shares. So he asks Malloy to get rid of her. Malloy then goes to see Cohen and tells her about Evans wanting his ...
30 May 2004
Eminence Front: Part 1
Someone takes a shot at Sampson and hits her daughter. They would investigate and learn that a man she helped send to prison might be the one because he was released early. Leon brings his cousin who just got out of prison to Stubbin hoping he can give him a job. Stubbin says they'll have to wait for Malloy who's out of town. Stubbin sends Leon to the brothel on an errand. He brings his cousin along and who decides to avail of their service but the girl he chooses conks out on him and he's irate and wants to complain but Leon tells him to forget about it. But he ...
30 May 2004
Eminence Front: Part 2
The search for the man they think shot Sampson's daughter continues. Mrs. Malloy is brought to the hospital. Donovan upon learning what happened calls Malloy who returns and takes care of the man who assaulted her. Malloy upon learning what happened sends Roy to tell Cohen they had nothing to do with it. She tells Roy whom they are looking for and it turns out that Malloy knows the man so he tells Roy to find him. Roy tells them where the man is and they find him dead. Paige goes to talk to other men who might have a grudge against Sampson and were in the prison with ...

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