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Max Baker: Beeman



  • Beeman : [his last lines]  I know you've never had much faith, you've never had much reason to. But, that doesn't mean that we don't have faith... in you.

  • John Constantine : So, what's new?

    Beeman : Bullet shavings from the assassination attempt on the Pope... Holy-water ampoules from the River Jordan... and - oh, you'll love this... Screech beetle from Amityville.

    [He hands John a matchbox. John shakes it, and a tiny squeak comes out. He gives Beeman a look] 

    Beeman : Yeah, it's funny to you, but to the fallen, that's like nails on a chalkboard.

    John Constantine : What is it, exactly, with you and bugs?

    Beeman : I just like them.

    John Constantine : Yeah. Who doesn't?

    [He picks up a tube] 

    Beeman : Yeah, easy there, hero. That's dragon's breath.

    John Constantine : I thought you couldn't get it anymore.

    Beeman : Yeah, well, I, uh, I know a guy who knows a guy.

    [John fires a blast of fire from the tube] 

    Beeman : So, uh, what's the action?

    John Constantine : I just pulled a soldier demon out of a little girl. Looked like it was trying to come through. Yeah, I know how it sounds.

    Beeman : No, we're finger puppets to them, John, not doorways. They can work us, but, they can't come through onto our plane.

    John Constantine : Check the scrolls, anyway. See if there's any precedent.

    Beeman : Sure thing, John. Uh, anything else?

    John Constantine : Wouldn't happen to have anything for a, uh...

    Beeman : [produces a bottle of cough syrup]  On the house.

  • Beeman : This is the Sign of Mammon.

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