One Last Ride (2004) Poster


Patrick Cupo: Michael


  • Racetrack Teller : Good luck.

    Michael : Luck's got nothing to do with it.

  • Michael : The guys in my family were like your local mailman: rain or snow, sleet or hail, they'd be at the racetrack; nothing stopped them. And the women in my family? Well, they'd be at church... not for Mass, but for bingo - seven days a week.

  • Sid : Pepperoni killed my stomach last night. I don't know how you Italians survive on it.

    Michael : When your mother's chopping it up and sticking it in your baby food, you get used to it.

  • Michael : The last time I bet on that Chicano jockey, I lost everything but my underwear.

  • Michael : Hey, Carmine... How about a little more positive thinking here, all right? I tell you all the time, you just think a little more positive, you'll get ahead in life.

    Carmine : Like the night with the gas tank? What did I say? "Michael, fill the gas tank up before we leave." And what did YOU say? "We're gonna make it, Carmine. You gotta think positive." Well, I *was* positive... positive that we were gonna miss the double, and positive that we were gonna run out of gas before we got there - which we did.

  • Michael : Richie, how does it feel to know that your father flushed you down the toilet?

  • Michael : What do you know about taking a polygraph-test?

    Charlie Figs : I know enough about it *not* to take one. My own mother failed a polygraph-test, and she was telling the *truth*.

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