The Last Shot (2004) Poster


Matthew Broderick: Steven Schats



  • Joe Devine : Have you actually seen a person die, watched them bleed to death, seen them take their last breath? I've seen that... many times.

    Steven Schats : Why have you seen that?

    Joe Devine : I used to produce music videos.

  • Lonnie Bosco : Where's the meeting?

    Steven Schats : Musso & Frank's.

    Lonnie Bosco : You're in luck! I got a blow job at Musso & Frank's.

  • Joe Devine : Steven, my name isn't Diamond. It's Wells.

    Steven Schats : Wells? I thought it was Diamond.

    Joe Devine : No. Joe Wells. That's my name.

    Steven Schats : But you said it was Diamond.

    Joe Devine : No, it's Wells. It's always been Wells. It's a common mistake.

  • Steven Schats : Your wife did the hair on Jaws? That's one of my favorite movies.

    Joe Devine : Mine, too.

    Steven Schats : Did it bother her that Quint always wore a hat?

    Joe Devine : Well, they had some words, yeah.

    Steven Schats : That is so ironic. She worked on Jaws, and then she drowns in a Jacuzzi.

    Joe Devine : I never really thought of it that way before.

  • Valerie Weston : I'm gonna go home, Steven. That's right. I'm serious. Because of you, I'm gonna get gangbanged, Steven. Gangbanged in Woodland Hills.

    Steven Schats : A lot of great actresses started out in porn.

  • Joe Devine : Hello, Steven. My wife didn't drown in a Jacuzzi. Sasha was my dog's name, and she killed herself because I was never home. My real name is Joe Devine.

    Steven Schats : Yeah, I know who you are. I saw the movie. And, by the way, I thought Tom Berenger captured you beautifully.

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