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  • No. Matt Damon simply mimes the song. The voice you hear singing is the lead singer's of the band Lustra who wrote and performed the song for the film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Like any other recent teen comedy both R-rated and Unrated versions were released on DVD. The latter features a slightly longer cut showing some more nudity and profanity but also some prolonged plot elements. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • For the most part travel without a passport or visa is guaranteed only within the Schengen zone of the European Union. At the time of production (2004) Slovakia (Czechoslovakia separated into two states in 1993) was not a member of the Schengen zone (joined 2007) and therefore the characters would not have been able to travel to Bratislava without at least a passport (though smuggling in the crazy guys truck may have been possible).

    Also at the time of production air travel regulation required at least some form of photo identification regardless of whether the destinations were within the Schengen area or not. Most European airlines require as standard procedure that the identification be a passport with at least six months remaining. Given the time constraints it's reasonable to believe the characters had to fly from Berlin to Rome in order to catch Mieke and would not have been able to do so without a passport. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is not so. The consumption of alcohol in a public establishment in many European countries is restricted to persons aged between 18 and 21. How the law is enforced however differs from place to place. Britain and Ireland are extremely strict about serving alcohol to minors and alcohol can only be purchased upon presentation of a nationally recognised photo ID or a valid passport for non-nationals. Breaking said laws brings extremely austere punishment including large fines and in most cases temporary closure of the premises in question. Any individual considered not taking the necessary precautions while selling alcohol can be charged and fined. Graduates from an American high school would be unlikely to have problems getting served however as they would either be legitimately over the legal drinking age or so close that they wouldn't be asked for ID.

    Countries with age limit 16: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland. However this limit applies only to wine and beers and does not include distilled liquor. Edit (Coming Soon)


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