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Although a number of the gags fall flatter than a crepe, the accent is on the charmingly juvenile as opposed to the purely puerile, with a fresh-faced cast of amiable young performers on hand to make the trek relatively painless.
Entertainment Weekly
In the world according to Eurotrip, the Europeans may be a twisted, outdated, ridiculous lot, but what defines them is that unlike the Americans, they've never quite evolved to irony: They treat even the scuzziest habits with dire sincerity.
TV Guide Magazine
Scene-stealing cameos by Matt Damon and Lucy Lawless and the very catchy pop song that becomes a leitmotif for Scotty's pain are among its less-raunchy (comparatively speaking) highlights.
The mildly xenophobic humor includes one of the few inventive mime insults seen in a movie; Eurotrip may be stupid, but it's not dumb.
Yet for all the debauchery, there's a juvenile candor in its knowing embrace of teen sex comedy cliches, as if the entire film is just one of Scott's fantasies. You half expect him to jolt awake at the end, and why not? The film fades just like a half-remembered dream.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
But Eurotrip has no provocative central characters, an absolute must for a gross-out teen comedy. As their names suggest, Scott, Coop, Jenny and Jamie are wusses. "Animal House"'s Bluto Blutarsky would've swallowed them whole without belching.
Teen sex comedies always have more homoerotic moments than you can shake a ... whatever ... at, but Eurotrip seems overly concerned with penises and predatory men. This brand of humor, a time-honored crutch for comedy writers, is both lazy and unseemly.
Promising young cast flounders amid comic material that's staler than week-old bread.
Washington Post
The producers of this mediocre movie ...had a story line rife with potentially good material and instead chose to let bathroom humor, lewd scenarios and gratuitous nudity color their European landscape.
While the cast members are all appealing, with characters that are barely penciled in it falls on their shoulders to make the film even passably watchable, which they only barely manage.

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