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Miriam Margolyes: Peg Sellers



  • [At Peter's wedding to the Swedish starlet Britt Ekland] 

    Peg Sellers : You've only known that bleedin' Nazi for 3 weeks.

    Peter Sellers : Peg, I couldn't be happier.

    Peg Sellers : Why are you making the same mistake all over again?

    Peter Sellers : Because, my love, they won't let me marry you.

  • [Peg visits Peter on the Dr Strangelove set, but he stays in character as Strangelove the whole time] 

    Limo Driver : How was lunch with your son, Mrs Sellers?

    Peg Sellers : I don't know really. I didn't see him.

  • Peter Sellers : [on the lawn of his new house at his wedding reception after marrying Britt]  What do you think of the new cottage?

    Peg Sellers : You're watering the gin.

    Peter Sellers : In your case, it's not a bad idea.

  • Peter Sellers : [while changing his daughter's nappy]  Those film people won't have anything to do with me, Mum. It was my fifth audition this week.

    Peg Sellers : What do they say to you?

    Peter Sellers : Same thing they always say to me, not good looking enough, not magnetic enough. "Stick to radio, dear, that's what you're good at." Keep being the ringmaster in a circus of twits. Maybe I should just be content.

    Peg Sellers : You simpering cow. How can you be content changing nappies in a four room flat like a woman? You want to be a failure like your father, keep mewling about contentment.

    Peter Sellers : That's not very fair, Peg.

    Peg Sellers : I didn't bring you up to be content. I didn't slog round third-rate music halls doing 3 shows a night so you could powder your baby's bottom and whine about how no one gives the radio man a chance. Peter, no one's gonna hand it to you, you want success, you got to go out and take it. Bite the hand that feeds you, then there'll always be another hand with more food and they'll be impressed by the sharpness of your teeth!

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