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Sex & Nudity

  • At the begining of the movie there is a woman standing fully undressed, she is the nude model in an art class. There are some mild scenes of sexual behaviour the majority being kissing. In one scene Hitler attempts to kiss a family relative younger than him whilst in a car, no graphic images are shown and the scene ends quickly. Hitler later kisses another women but nothing graphic is shown. There are only a few scenes that involve kissing but they are not in detail.

Violence & Gore

  • Although the film is a war based movie, there are only a 2-3 scenes that show Hitler in the army. In these scenes you see gun shots, explosions and men falling to the floor but nothing graphic is shown. There is also a scene when people protesting in a town square are all shot by German soldiers, yet again nothing graphic is shown. Hitler is later shot in the stomach, nothing graphic shown but the scene does have a feeling of violence building up, but nothing is shown in detail. Of course the film is war based so there is moderate violence shown through out but nothing graphic is shown. No gore is shown.


  • There are only mild uses of language, including blasphemy and the odd use of sh*t. Some uses of damn. Nothing worse than sh*t is heard.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In a few scenes alcohol is drank but not heavily or influential. No drugs use but smoking is performed in some scenes but is not in anyway in an inappropriate use.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film is war themed so if the viewer is not used to watching people killed or explosions going off, the film may seem only mildly frightening. The only scene that is in the slightest frightening is when Hitler has been shot and he is in hospital with a blindfold over his eyes in order to maintain his sight, he rips the bandage off and you see his eyes red and swollen, this may frighten the viewer but only mildly as it doesn't dwell on it for too long. There is only one intense scene when Hitler is in rage and storms in too his house breaking objects and shouting and screaming, although nothing violent or graphic is shown it may be slightly intense for some viewers.

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