Fever Pitch (2005) Poster


Jimmy Fallon: Ben



  • Troy : Why do we inflict this on ourselves?

    Ben : Why? I'll tell you why, 'cause the Red Sox never let you down.

    Troy : Huh?

    Ben : That's right. I mean - why? Because they haven't won a World Series in a century or so? So what? They're here. Every April, they're here. At 1:05 or at 7:05, there is a game. And if it gets rained out, guess what? They make it up to you. Does anyone else in your life do that? The Red Sox don't get divorced. This is a real family. This is the family that's here for you.

  • Reporter at Spring Training : Where do the Sox rank in terms of importance in your life?

    Ben : I say the Red Sox... sex... and breathing.

  • Ben : Bucky Friggin' Dent!

  • Ben : Well, let's start the interrogation.

    Molly : No, no, it's not like that.

    Ian : [finishes his drink and hands his glass to Ben]  Here. It's for the urine sample.

    Ben : Shoot, I wish you would have told me. I just took a wizz in your bushes.

  • Lindsey Meeks : So you don't have a cell phone, a Blackberry, a pager, nothing?

    Ben : No.

    Lindsey Meeks : Well, what if some sudden crisis occurs, like your father has a heart attack or something?

    Ben : My father died two years ago.

    Lindsey Meeks : Oh, I'm sorry.

    Ben : I just found out this morning, so it's been a rough 24 hours. You know, maybe I should get a cell phone. That's a good idea.

    Ben : [laughs]  You're funny, Ben...

    Ben : Wrightman.

    Lindsey Meeks : Wrightman, yeah.

    Ben : You forgot my last name.

    Lindsey Meeks : No, I just blanked.

    Ben : I know why you forgot. It's all right.

    Lindsey Meeks : I...

    Ben : 'Cause I bet when you talk to your friends, you call me Ben the School Teacher.

  • Ben : What are you doing? You're gonna get arrested!

    Lindsey Meeks : Don't sell your tickets, okay?

    Ben : That's why you ran across the whole field?

    Lindsey Meeks : Yes, to stop you.

    Ben : What?

    [a cop tries to intervene] 

    Lindsey Meeks : Just give me a second, just give me a second, please, please!

    Ben : You gotta tell me, wait: the outfield. The grass, is it spongy?

    Lindsey Meeks : Ben, focus!

  • Ben : [while helping sick Lindsay into her pajamas]  I won't look - I promise.


    Ben : Okay, I looked.

  • Ben : I like being part of something that's bigger than me, than I. It's good for your soul to invest in something you can't control.

    Lindsey Meeks : You're a romantic. You have a lyrical soul. You can love under the best and worst conditions.

  • Ben : What are you doing?

    Kevin : Relax. I'm a doctor.

    Ben : Yeah, well, not to pry, doc, but why are you shaving my balls?

  • Lindsey Meeks : [moans, groans]  Oh, just kill me. Just take a hammer and kill me.

    Ben : [rings doorbell] 

    Lindsey Meeks : Oh, shit. Who is it?

    Ben : I-It's me, it's Ben. Your date?

    Lindsey Meeks : Oh, God, no. Oh.

    [unlocks, opens door] 

    Lindsey Meeks : I'm sick. Come back. I'll call you tomorrow.

    [closes door] 

    Lindsey Meeks : Go away.

    Ben : [holds door open]  Wait, wait, wait. What kind of sick? Are you okay? Are you in pain?

    Lindsey Meeks : I -


    Lindsey Meeks : I ate at this new place. I think -

    [runs to bathroom, vomits] 

    Ben : Are you faking it? Because we don't really have to do this if you don't...

    Lindsey Meeks : [vomits]  Ernie, go away. Ernie, don't eat that! Oh, shit.

    Ben : So you wanna pull the plug on this thing, or - ?

    Lindsey Meeks : [vomits, coughs] 

  • Ben : You know what's really great about baseball?

    Lindsey Meeks : Hmm?

    Ben : You can't fake it. You know, anything else in life you don't have to be great in - business, music, art - I mean you can get lucky.

    Lindsey Meeks : Really?

    Ben : Yeah, you can fool everyone for awhile, you know? It's like - not - not baseball. You can either hit a curveball or you can't. That's the way it works...

    Lindsey Meeks : Hmm.

    Ben : You know?

    Ben : You can have a lucky day, sure, but you can't have a lucky career. It's a little like math. It's orderly. Win or lose, it's fair. It all adds up. It's, like, not as confusing or as ambiguous as, uh...

    Lindsey Meeks : Life?

    Ben : Yeah. It's - it's safe.

  • Ben : That's not Yankee dancing - that's Devil Rays dancin'!

  • Lindsey Meeks : You don't see us tangled up in the sheets with the Eiffel Tower in the background. You see the Mariners are coming in, and Pedro's pitching Friday.

    Ben : No, on Saturday. Schilling's Friday.

  • Lindsey Meeks : Wow, you have quite a little group here.

    Ben : Well, it's my summer family.

  • Ben : [hands shaking as he tries to sign his seats over to Chris]  That's odd.

    Al : You're havin' a stroke. Good!

  • Ben : ...you do this thing... it's so cute I wanna kill myself.

  • Lindsey Meeks : Did you clean up my bathroom, or did I dream that?

    Ben : Me? No. The vomit elves came in. Really adorable. Really cute little things. I mean, little caps and little barf bags.

    Lindsey Meeks : Well, thank you. I mean, you really, really went above and beyond.

    Ben : Oh, no, please. It wasn't a big deal. I mean, you were very lady-like. Hardly any chunkage.

  • Ben : [confession time]  The thing is, uh, I am a Red Sox fan.

    Lindsey Meeks : Yeah?

    Ben : No, I'm like a big, big Red Sox fan.

    Lindsey Meeks : I know. I mean, I've been to your apartment, seen the Red Sox dish towels and glasses and the Yankee toilet paper. It's like you live in a gift shop.

    Ben : It's worse. See, when I was a kid, I moved here from New Jersey, and I didn't have any friends or anything. So my uncle Carl started taking me to Fenway Park. And I just, I got lost in the game. I mean, the ballpark, and the people, the colors, sounds, smells. And then he got cancer and he died, and he left me his season tickets. And it's a passion. I mean, it's a very, very big part of my life. And it's been a problem with me and women.

    Lindsey Meeks : Ah. Aaah. I know those women. The 'pay attention to me' and 'why aren't you talking to me?'

    Ben : Yeah, exactly.

    Lindsey Meeks : God, those women are so pathetic.

    Ben : Yeah. It's like, 'What are you getting so worked up for? I mean, you're not even doing it, you're watching it.'

    [They laugh] 

    Lindsey Meeks : Yeah!

    Ben : Hey, how about, sometimes I like being eleven years old.

  • [Ben is escorting Lindsey to her first baseball game] 

    Ben : It's crazy. Will you look at these seats?

    Lindsey Meeks : They're, they're very red.

    Ben : No, I mean, their proximity to the field! This is Fenway Park!

    Lindsey Meeks : Oh.

    Ben : You can't buy these seats. You have to inherit them. It's like, uh, a guy offered me a hundred thousand dollars for these once.

    Lindsey Meeks : Really. And you didn't sell them?

    Ben : No no no. If I ever need the money that bad, I can always call up a rich old lady and give her some sweet lovin'.

  • [Lindsey has bought books from the Fenway Park gift shop to learn about the Red Sox] 

    Lindsey Meeks : Do you believe in this? The Curse of the Bambino?

    Ben : Hey, it's not funny, it's not funny.

    [Ben's Fenway friends all turn to stare at her] 

    Lindsey Meeks : But Babe Ruth was the Bambino.

    Ben : That's right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he played for the Red Sox; they were great. I mean, they were the Yankees.

    Al : They won the World Series in 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918. They were royalty. The elite.

    Ben : Al should know. He was there. Actually, he's a hundred and thirty-six years old. He looks great for his age. 1919, their miserable, greedy pig of a boss decides to sell Babe Ruth to the Yankees to finance a Broadway musical.

    Teresa : 'No No Nanette'. I would never, ever see that piece of crap.

    Ben : And since 1918, the Red Sox have not won a World Series. Yeah. The Yankees have won twenty-six.

  • [Lindsey is going through Ben's closet and seeing only Red Sox shirts] 

    Ben : Okay, I'm ready. Let's go meet Mom and Dad.

    [She turns to see that he is wearing a shirt with ugly color designs, a black tie, khaki shorts and a jock strap over the latter] 

    Ben : Nothing. Not a laugh? A giggle?

    Lindsey Meeks : This is not a man's closet.

    Ben : What do you mean?

    Lindsey Meeks : You have one pair of dress shoes. You're like a man-boy. Half man, half boy. You should see the way my sister's husband dresses. He had a professional come in and do his closet. It's like: suit, suit, suit...

    Ben : All right! Okay, okay, okay. I see what this is all about. You want your parents to like me more than they like your brother-in-law.

    Lindsey Meeks : No, it's not - Yes! Is it so horrible that I want my parents to like you?

    Ben : [smiling]  Okay. I think we have enough stuff in this closet that we can, we can fool 'em.

  • [after Ben and Lindsey have had a good time at Robin's birthday party and then a satisfying evening at home, Ben gets a call from Troy that the Sox defeated the Yankees] 

    Lindsey Meeks : Hi. Would you like an omelet?

    Ben : They won.

    Lindsey Meeks : The Red Sox? Oh, good! This really is your night.

    Ben : No, you don't understand. They scored eight runs in the bottom of the ninth, to win 8-7. It was the best game ever. I, I can't - I never miss a game. Ever! This is like a nightmare. This is beyond - this is like a punishment from God or something.

    Lindsey Meeks : [no longer smiling]  Two minutes ago, you said this was the best night of your life.

    Ben : Yeah; two minutes ago, it was!

    Lindsey Meeks : Hey. I didn't tell you not to go.

    Ben : Oh, no. No, no. Of course not! No. You had nothing to do with it. I just suddenly had a whim, after eleven years of never missing an inning, to suddenly not go to a Yankees game!

    [He punches the wall, and the dog whines and hides behind the couch] 

    Lindsey Meeks : [getting teary-eyed]  Hey. Wasn't it you yourself that said, just tonight, it's only a game?

    Ben : Oh, that's great. That's great. Pile it on, yeah. Kick me when I'm down, that's great.

    Lindsey Meeks : It is just a game.

    Ben : Clearly it's not just a game! If it was, then obviously I wouldn't care about it this much! Twenty-three years. Do you still care about anything you cared about twenty-three years ago? How about ten? How about five? Name me a single thing that you cared about for twenty-three years.

  • [after Ben came to Lindsey's door and Patrick answered it] 

    Ben : I can't believe you're on a date! This is like...

    Lindsey Meeks : I'm not.

    Ben : Yeah, well, you know what? I, I'll call you. Sorry I bothered you. I'll call you.

    [He turns to leave, then comes right back] 

    Ben : No, no, this is crazy. I'm sorry. I came here for a reason, all right? Look. I love you, Lindsey. And I think we should give this another chance.

    [She looks down] 

    Ben : Did you hear me?

    Lindsey Meeks : Ben...

    Ben : Look. Look, look, look. You finish your evening, all right? I'll hang out here, and when you're done with your date, we'll get married!

    Lindsey Meeks : [She smiles a bit despite herself]  I don't think so.

  • Ben : You said you wanted more. I mean, this is as more as there is. There is no more.

    Lindsey Meeks : Yes, but this isn't you. This is the other guy.

    Ben : What other guy?

    Lindsey Meeks : It's October. They're one game from elimination. You're becoming Winter Guy again. I already know I like Winter Guy. It's Summer Guy that broke my heart.

    Ben : [sincerely]  Summer Guy is gone.

    Lindsey Meeks : Yes, until summer.

  • [Ben is about to sign away his seats and looks up to Heaven] 

    Ben : I'm sorry, Uncle Carl.

    Al : [disgustedly]  Another idiot!

    [Ben looks around to see Lindsey, across the stadium, dropping from the wall onto the field] 

  • Ryan : All right, Mr. Wrightman, I gotta bat. Let me just leave you with this thought. You love the Sox, but have they ever loved you back?

    Ben : Who are you, Dr. Phil? Get outta here, go hit, go swing the bat!

  • Lindsey Meeks : [the Yankee Red Sox game is on]  No, it's the game!

    [covering Ben's ears] 

    Ben : No, I'm fine. It's just a game.

  • Lindsey Meeks : I saw you on ESPN.

    Ben : Oh! We looked like morons, didn't we?

    Lindsey Meeks : Uh, yah, yah, totally. And - not you so much, but...

    Ben : Well, it's very hot, you know, it's Florida.

  • Lindsey Meeks : I'm going to Paris, and I'm taking vous!

    Ben : Moi?

    Lindsey Meeks : Oui!

  • Ben : [to his friends on megaphone]  Quick break, everybody. There's some nice Pakistani cold cuts there, courtesy of Mrs. Segal.

  • Carrie : OK, so I asked for no ham double turkey but it looks like they gave me double ham. Do you want me to go back?

    Lindsey Meeks : Uhh, no, just toss some of it in my mouth.

    Carrie : That teacher's here with those kids.

    Lindsey Meeks : What?

    Carrie : That teacher you talked to on the phone about coming in and having a tour...

    Lindsey Meeks : Oh, oh, oh god, that's today?

    Carrie : They're here.

    Lindsey Meeks : Oh, no! Okay, just pretend that you're me and take them around, and,

    [they're entering her office] 

    Lindsey Meeks : oh HI! There they are!

    Ben : Ben Wrightman, we talked on the phone. Nice to meet you.

    Lindsey Meeks : Yes, yes, I've been waiting for you. Hi, I'm Lindsey Meeks. Can I get anyone something to drink?

    Casey : Vodka martini, straight up, three olives, please?

    Ben : [smacks him]  Hey, I asked you to behave.

    Lindsey Meeks : Uh, are you allowed to hit them?

    Ben : Yeah, actually. Do you wanna take a swipe at him? I'll hold him, c'mon.

    Lindsey Meeks : Maybe later.

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