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Witty, amusing...and canceled
microtd1 February 2003
This was one of the most fun shows I've ever seen. Instead of concentrating just on courtroom procedures, this series focused on the politics behind the courtroom. Sure, the episodes may have been a little unrealistic, but they were fun and interesting. I'm not huge on authenticity. CBS did us a great disservice by canceling this great show for (gag me) "Star Search."
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strangely entertaining
adam-100921 January 2007
My first impression was rather negative - few actors that I don't really like and courtrooms (one of the most overused environment in American cinema). But I watched first two episodes and they were surprisingly good. And when I say good I don't mean "it was fantastic, I couldn't take my eyes of the screen", I mean rather "oh, it's the end of episode? pity...".

We have here Oliver Platt (who really isn't one of my favorites since "Impostors" and horrible horrible "Deadline" TV series), Annabella Sciorra (who in my opinion totally failed in "Law&Order CI"), Robert Loggia (well, he is always great), James Madio and L. Scott Caldwell (both a little bit annoying in other movies), but in this particular case this set of wrong ingredients brought to life an entertaining show thanks to great writers and good work from actors - you can see that those people are real and they have to face pretty unusual cases in their court.

I was really disappointed when I found out that this show was canceled - I mean maybe it wasn't the greatest show in history, but I was always looking forward for the next episode...
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Ten years ago this would've been fresh and original
budikavlan22 January 2003
Decent but unspectacular series about a group of judges in the titular court. Annabella Sciorra is okay as the main character, but is perhaps a bit too young and lightweight to be completely believable as a jurist. Robert Loggia as the crusty father figure and Oliver Platt as the resident oddball are also perfectly good, though these roles are nothing new for them. If this had been put on a decade ago, it would have been hailed as a groundbreaking drama, but now it seems derivative of such shows as Law & Order, Judging Amy, and The West Wing. It isn't thematically derivative of them, but the storytelling rhythms and production values are very similar. Without some personal character development and/or a high level of creativity in courtroom plots, this show has little chance to attract much attention in the current network television atmosphere.
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rickeyrix18 January 2003
I have been waiting for a great show and i finally found it. Queens supreme has just the right amount of comedy and drama. Oliver Platt displays a brilliant performance as Judge Moran. Here's hoping this show stays around awhile.
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