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Islandtropix6 July 2003
After reading the previous comment about So Graham Norton, I was shocked. Graham Norton a "humorless man"? He is anything but. While this show might not be exactly suited for all Americans, those who love it quickly becoming addicted. Norton specializes in crude/funny websites and calling up crude/funny people. Also on hand are glamorous guests such as Sophia Loren, Pam Anderson, Rupert Everett and Andie MacDowell, just to name a few. As much as I hate to admit it, this show has just beaten out The Daily Show for my affections during the 10 p.m. timeslot. It takes a lot to beat Jon Stewart and Graham Norton has done it in my eyes.
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Graham Norton, 5 nights a week - brilliant stuff!
Barnes-318 June 2002
I love Graham Norton's new show, V Graham Norton, going out 5 days a week - I am a huge fan, and although these half hour shows aren't QUITE as brilliant as the hour long Friday night So Graham Norton, they are still incredibly addictive!

I went and saw V Graham Norton being filmed on 10 June 2002, with my friend/work colleague Federika. The audience had to bring along embarrassing holiday photographs! I took along a sweet but humiliating photo of myself aged 12 (but looking MUCH younger!) in Cornwall, dressed as a pixie!

I didn't think the picture was shocking or hysterical enough to get a mention, but it did - and the audience liked it the most out of all the photos Graham selected, so I won the grand prize! My heart was pounding when Graham said, "Barnaby's our winner! Come up here, Barnaby!" and I had to go up onstage and meet one of my favourite people of all time, and be given a FREE HOLIDAY TO ICELAND!

So, I guess I am biased about how much I love the show! It's a shame it can't be at least 60 minutes long, it sometimes feels rushed at just half an hour in running time. The guests are generally brilliant - I think Jennifer Tilly was really funny, and Alex Kingston did a good send up of her doctor role in TV's ER! Daryl Hannah seemed very nervous, but relaxed and became more amused as the show went on.

The audience participation is still as funny as ever, one of the most amusing anecdotes being from a guy who had to break up with a woman because he had an allergic reaction to her!

V Graham Norton may be for truly dedicated, utterly devoted Graham Norton fans only... and that is what I am!
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Distinctly Graham Norton
davideo-222 February 2003
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

The opening sequence to the show is played out to a ton of subliminal gay imagery,with men and women in bondage gear and other homosexual attire,showing Norton's apparent pride in his homosexuality and the lifestyle that goes with it.After the audience have clapped their opening welcomes,the host emerges to welcome them and to put his funny spin on the days events in the papers and on the news,which are,more often than not,riotously funny.But it is not rounded off there.Imitating a certain person or character,Norton than tells another (though more limited) round of jokes,before introducing his special guest for the night,and then subjecting them to a round of embarrassing,though again hilarious,sexual inneuendo and smut.He also involves the audience,especially as the show draws to a close.It's great that all this can be crammed into just 35 minutes,and it's evenly spaced out from Monday to Friday.There are those who may have initially considered this a risky gamble,understandably worried it may become too much of a good thing.But instead,Norton has crafted a successful format,that brings a sparkle of joy after a stressful working day and instead becomes something you really get to look forward to.This is VERY Graham Norton indeed-and all the better for it.****
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Origional, Hillarious, Brilliant!
mad_4_movies8 December 2003
When I first saw watched this I expected it to be another boring late night chat show, but oh boy was I wrong! This show is hillarious! The atmosphere from the audience is great, the comedy sketches are hillarious and the celebrity guests look as if they're enjoying themselves too. I have watched every Friday night episode for the last two years(Sometimes Wednesdays too). My favourite episodes included the one with Joan Collins who obviously didn't have a clue what was going on or who the hell Graham Norton was! But in the end of that episode she loosened up and made the show the same hillarious show it always ends up to be! I also enjoyed the Halloween episode with Orlando Bloom. He was familiar with the shows format since that was his third time on the show. This show is brilliant and is like no other chat show. Watch it!
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internet fun - jokes, comedy and games
ashleybox6428 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
**spoiler warning**

this show is the best celebrity show on uk tv (late night) - it has top celebrity films stars - SHANNEN DOHERTY etc etc. i find so funny to watch on channel 4 - with lots of jokes about current news - 9/10 - pure comedy at its best.
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graham come do a show in toronto!!!
R0YAL809 March 2003
gosh I was reading another post under "So Graham Norton" and I was going to post there because that's what the show is labelled as on BBC American but it's really supposed to be "V Graham Norton" since it is a 30 min showing with an older repeat following right after...unless "So GN" is filmed as two half hour shows??? not sure but I never miss an episode anymore I have them set to record on my ultimatetv...anyways my point is I wish they would show the friday full hour showing also because as the previous user commented the half hour is just not enough he's just so funny and gets his guests and audience to relax so well making the whole show even funnier...not to downplay jay leno or conan o'brien or even dave letterman because I watch them too but graham's show is just so much more funnier and provocative...keep it up graham and pass by toronto, ontario sometime would love to see you do a show here!!
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jenbly5 December 2002
Just wanted to bring the Graham!Love from the other side of the Atlantic. I recently got BBCAmerica and Graham Norton is my favorite show on the channel. I wish more American talk shows could be like this. Just a half hour of Graham is funnier than a full hour of Leno or Letterman. Graham rocks!
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Absolutely Brilliant!
ben_dover2002uk200027 July 2002
I strongly disagree with Devyalento Latchford Deschanel opinion of the V Graham Norton show. It is every bit as great as So Graham Norton. If not better. You have the same Graham but five times a week. It's like heaven.

Anyone who saw the recent Penis Piano Playing Man will agree that there is never a dull moment on the show!!!!!!!! There is absolutely no possibility of getting tired of Graham. In fact it is what I look forward to every night and me and my friends can never stop laughing about it. Graham is warm and you can't help liking him.

He is funny but also very polite. The guest seem to swear more on this show and they seem to be very relaxed but maybe that is the atmosphere that Graham gives off. The phone calls seem more funny and the sites are really funny. He also has a brilliant new website. The So Graham Norton website was good but the V Graham Norton website is even better. It has the guests that will be on the shows for every night of the week. It also has great games and wallpaper. Mini G is adorable and funny and I strongly recommend downloading him. But don't just listen to what I and Devyalento Latchford Deschanel say check it for yourselves. Don't go by our opinions make your own.
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Saucaaaay! So what.
sceptre128 June 2002
"V Graham Norton" continues the trek towards lowest common denominator television. Every show that I've seen runs something like:

Graham has former saucepot on the show. He coos a lot.

Makes some joke to the old bird in the audience.

Asks the audience if they've ever done something saucaaaay

Sits at his computer and pulls up something rude.

Former saucepot gets embarrassed

Makes phonecall to some hick somewhere that has developed a better vibrator

Former saucepot gets embarrassed (at this point Graham makes some reference to that fact that saucepot is really saucaay - and if only he was straight... he'd have the hassle of chatting up women, ho ho, oooh, er, missus)

Show ends with something vaguely saucaaay

Graham wishes us all goodnight and promises us something saucaay tomorrow.

If you rank this as good entertainment I wish you well.
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Bored Yet?
tobiinit14 August 2003
When he first started he was witty, original and hilarious. He seems to have run out of penis jokes. You can hear the jokes before he says them since he went 5 nights a week. V V V Predictable. Also, i have never seen a chat host so far up his guests bums as him, he praises and praises( unconvinsingly) and then the next week makes a scripted joke about them. Even his script writers have ran out of jokes, now it is just Michael Douglas being old. A sad milking of what was once quite a funny guy. RIP Graham, You will never be the same.
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So not funny
dantbrooks26 October 2003
This is British television at its worst. I have nothing against gay men or camp comedy but I do have a problem with Norton's puerile and predictable humour. I have probably never seen one of his shows in its entirety but every time I accidentally catch part of a show a sort of morbid curiosity compels to me to keep watching until I can eventually stomach no more.

A typical episode seems to consist of the following;

- a section where members of the audience voluntarily stand up and try to outdo each other with stories of their most outrageous acts - I once saw a man receive rapturous applause from a guffawing Norton and the studio audience for telling a story of how he was once caught using a frozen chicken as a masturbatory aid by his family.

  • Norton producing a novelty dildo or sex-toy and demonstrating it to the approving crowd.

  • Norton surfing the net to find an American with an obscure sexual perversion and phoning them live on TV in order to make fun of them.

  • "interviews" with guests in which Norton will usually bring a once glamorous star down to his level and cram in as much innuendo and penis jokes as possible, accompanied by his annoying laugh.

His material would surely be considered unbroadcastable, offensive and politically incorrect in the hands of a straight comedian but, because it is delivered by a gay man who women don't feel threatened by, it's somehow hip and witty. In truth this is lowest-common-denominator humour whoever it comes from. Depressingly, this most unsophisticated form of humour is lapped up by a worryingly high proportion of 20-30 somethings and it seems as though Graham Norton will be around for a long time yet.

In the past, Channel 4 has been responsible for challenging the boundaries of entertainment and comedy with controversial yet thought-provoking programming. In granting Norton a vehicle to air his own brand of "outrageous" comedy five nights a week, it has merely succeeded in destroying its own credibility and the accolade of being Britain's premier comedy channel.

Shame on you Channel 4.
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V Graham Norton
jboothmillard25 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is was another excuse for gross humour on a very good chat show. The presenter of this sometimes gross adult chat show, twice British Comedy Award nominated (one win) Graham Norton was just the perfect gay host for another good show like this. It had one or more famous celebrities in the middle of it. They basically had an adult idea which would either humiliate or humour the guest, but every one of these ideas was gross and some not faint-hearted. They had pretty much the same material as the original show, So Graham Norton. The best episodes for me were with Dustin Hoffman and John Malkovich. This is just for adults, but enjoy it! It was nominated for the National Television Awards for Most Popular Entertainment Programme British Comedy Awards. It was been on The 100 Greatest TV Treats for 2002, 2003 and 2004. Very good!
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