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Mattt Potter is hilarious!!
jjlotion31 January 2007
Dude I have watched this documentary over and over again. Tom Carver and Mattt Potter should have their own show! My wife and I could not stop laughing at the part where Elder Mattt says "Val Kilmer" Very well done and for the nay sayer that says it went on too long...Well apparently he just hates laughing for long periods of time. Besides I think 40 mins is a solid period of time for a bonus feature on a DVD. More bang for your buck. My wife and I love Orgazmo so much and we were so thrilled at all the extras on this DVD. This documentary was the icing on the cake though by far.

Elder Mattt and Elder Tom go door to door and interview the cast of Orgazmo! Including Matt and Trey at South Park Studios. The best thing about it is you can tell that everyone that interviewed was having a hard time not cracking up at Mattt and Tom. At one point Mattt even blasts a real fart during the interview that apparently stunk so bad they had to shut the camera off and take a break. That my friend is comedy genius, you know why? Because he did it to Neuter Man! (The guy who farts on everyone in the movie)

If you love Orgazmo, you will love this cute little doc. I hope to see more stuff from the likes of Mattt Potter and Tom Carver in the future! Great work guys!
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goes on too long
movieman_kev23 June 2005
Elder Matt and Elder Tom go to learn about the movie "Ogazmo". The 39 minute featurette features a combination of various interviews with cast and crew, including Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Ron Jeremy, Julie Ashton, Lloyd Kaufman, Masao Maki, and a few others not really worthy of a mention. It also features out-takes, behind the scene footage, some clips from other movies and various things, as well as some good old fashion BS. It's alright for one viewing at least, but not really anything else. It also features too much ass. Goes on for a tad too long as well.

My Grade: C-
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