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A high-caliber cast slumming in "made for TV" material.
Li-121 September 2004
* ½ out of ****

I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again; I'm a sucker for mystery thrillers, especially when they involve methodical serial killers. So despite the fact that Twisted was clearly one of the worst reviewed films of the year, I still rented it based on both my preference for the genre and for the film's cast, as I am huge fans of Samuel L. Jackson and Ashley Judd. Andy Garcia, Russell Wong, and Leland Orser are in the film, too, and that's definitely not a shabby supporting cast.

The film stars Judd as San Francisco patrol officer Tess Shepard. After busting a murderer, she's promoted to inspector by the commissioner (Samuel L. Jackson), who also happens to be her legal guardian thanks to a rather sordid past. Tess' new partner is Del Marco (Andy Garcia), and they're quickly assigned to their first case when a corpse is discovered by the shore. The crime is murder but there's a catch; Tess recognizes the dead man, a mere stranger she picked up at a bar a month ago. Another murder occurs, and it's yet another man Tess slept with. And considering she keeps blacking out the night each of the men is killed, she begins to suspect if she's the very own killer they're looking for.

For all that's very wrong with this film, Twisted isn't nearly as bad as I though it'd be. Don't take that as high praise, because the movie's still bad, just not horrible enough that I'd put it on any personal bottom 10 lists.

Because I saw this film just a day after Taking Lives, there was the occasional bit of déjà vu. Remember how I mentioned that film introduced us to the heroine by showing how clever and resourceful she was? Pretty much the same case here, except we also see that Judd's Tess Shepard can kick ass. Her cleverness is displayed through her ability to perfectly describe people and objects she's seen after a brief glance; a fine ability, no doubt, but not something that really impresses in terms of plot and characterization.

The movie's various attempts at building a sense of mystery are suspense are quite pathetic. Examples? Judd keeps hearing a metallic clinking outside her apartment every night before the murders, and she keeps drinking alcohol on those same nights and consequently blacks out. This is a repeated process, so you'd think it take her more than the majority of the film's running time to figure out her drink might be tainted with a drug or that whoever's making that noise might somehow be associated with her blackouts.

Figuring out the identity of the killer is almost too easy. Just follow Roger Ebert's little movie rule about how the culprit is almost always the person who has no other reason to be in the picture and you'll be able to narrow it down real fast.

Twisted is blessed with a surprisingly high-profile cast, and while most everyone is nothing less than decent, it's a bit of a surprise actors of such high-caliber would choose a script that plays out more like 'TV movie of the week' material. I can maybe see the appeal to Ashley Judd in playing a tortured but tough heroine, but Samuel L. Jackson has arguably the film's most thankless role, and he's barely in the picture for more than fifteen minutes. Competent acting is always a great plus in the genre, but it also takes plot and suspense to actually make a thriller with thrills and this movie has absolutely zilch in that department.
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Okay, Not Bad....Certainly Doesn't 'Stink'
ccthemovieman-14 September 2006
I had heard several people say, "Don't rent this movie; it stinks," but took a shot anyway because Ashley Judd is appealing to me. Well, I wouldn't buy the film but it worth the rental. It wasn't bad at all. It was a decent "serial killer movie" except for the ending which went on too long and got a bit sappy, but a lot of movies are know for that. However, by the end, all the characters (including Judd's "Jessica Shepard") had worn thin and I was glad to see it end.

I also had heard that the ending was easy to figure out but I didn't find that. Actually, I thought I, but I guessed wrong and I assume others did as well. So, don't believe everything you hear; it's a decent film. Nothing to spend a lot of money on, but you could do a lot worse. With Judd, Andy Garcia, Samuel L. Jackson and David Strathairn, the same could be said about the cast
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It has all Of the elements but......
bsmith555225 September 2004
To hear Director Philip Kaufman tell it, "Twisted" was supposed to be the best film noire picture since the classics of the 40s. Not so. It has most of the elements of film noire..the dark lighting, the darkened streets and a murder mystery. But it doesn't quite work.

Officer Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) is a kick ass police officer who has just been promoted to Homicide Inspector. Now it seems that the comely young officer also has a penchant for violent behavior and one night stands. Her mentor is none other than Police Commissioner John Mills (Samuel L. Jackson) who has raised her and nurtured her career following the tragic deaths of her parents some years earlier.

Shepard's new partner turns out to be Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia) whom she had unknowingly met the previous evening during a party at a bar in her honor. Suddenly, Jessica's one night lovers begin turning up dead, brutally beaten. At the same time, she has been experiencing blackouts immediately before the murders. She then begins to suspect that she may be responsible.

Sounds good huh? I though so too but on watching it I guessed who the murderer was almost right away. This took away any suspense the director was trying to build by placing suspicion on other characters. We do get some nice shots of San Francisco though.

The petite Ashley Judd is just not convincing as a tough love 'em and leave 'em cop. She does her best work in the psychological scenes where she comes unraveled at the thought that she may be murdering these men. Jackson does the best he can with limited material. He is off screen more than he is on. I thought that his character could have been fleshed out a little more. Garcia, playing an Italian again, does what he can with his role. TV's Camryn Manheim puts in a appearance as the forensic examiner Lisa.

Not nearly as good as Director Philip Kaufman would have you believe.
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Why does Ashley Judd keep making these awful movies?
anhedonia10 April 2004
Why does someone as talented as Ashley Judd keep making such rotten movies?

Does she read the scripts before she commits to them?

There was a time when Ms. Judd made terrific films - "Ruby in Paradise" and "Smoke" - she has a cameo and what a superb performance it is.

"Twisted" is just a mess of a movie. Not only is this film dreadfully paced, for a suspense thriller it is surprisingly devoid of suspense and thrills.

The story is utterly predictable. There are no plot twists and if you cannot figure out who the villain is about 10 minutes into the film, find yourself another hobby. The material is so beneath the talents of Ms. Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia and director Philip Kaufman.

I can only hope that this film will finally prove to Ms. Judd that it's time to give this genre a break - for good - and sink her teeth into better roles.
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fast paced
jpsgdoc3 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a good suspense thriller which keeps you guessing. That's what a thriller should do, isn't it. This one certainly does it. It races the pulse and is edge of seat. Sheppard ( Ashley Judd ) does a good job and is convincing in the role. The reason I liked this one is because it is fast paced. There is nothing to bore us that should not be there. The story starts quickly and we start guessing thinking who is it. who is it? And the answer comes at the end in a very convincing way. It compares to thrillers in the John Grisham genre. watchable? Definitely. I would say collectible. The only thing wrong seems to be that probably sheppards' parents murderer would have been caught by then especially if her father was a cop.
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You've seen this already.
DamRho13 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Before I start commenting on this film let me tell you that although I won't reveal any spoilers it really wouldn't matter if I did since you already saw this movie. The reason you already saw this movie it's because the movie is generic and predictable. This movie has every possible and imaginable cliché a "who done it" movie could have: there's the disturbed hero that had an unfortunate childhood trauma and happens to be the prime suspect of the slaughter, there's the unrevealing partner who seems to be too nice to be true, there's the mentor who took over the hero's guardianship when her parents died, there's the ex-love interest who's far from the perfect date, there's the jealous co-worker who's trying to take the hero down, and there's the predictable plot twist at the end. Does this remind you of something? If you're thinking "A Time To Kill", "Eye Of The Beholder", "High Crimes" or "Double Jeopardy" you've got it! Ashley Judd only takes part in generic "who done it" films. What's even funnier is that the posters for these films look exactly alike. The acting itself has its highs and lows. Sam Jackson is, of course, the star of the company alongside Andy Garcia and both eventually have to carry the whole movie since Ashley Judd can't even wake up convincingly. Some moments in this film I thought I was watching and amateur group. Filmmaker Philip Kaufman seems to like going ups and downs in his career and create generic and bad movies (Henry & June, Rising Sun, Twisted) after brilliant movies (The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Right Stuff) so this seems to be yet another low point in his career thought he can't be blamed that the plot is so generic. A movie with this cast should have done a lot better, and Ashley Judd's career needs better scripts. She's not totally untalented, she just doesn't do these sorts of rules any justice. She's definitely not suited to be wear the "tough girl" gimmick. Only watch this movie if you have nothing else to do since you've already watched it anyway. Too generic.
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Not so bad as many negative critics written here
Luigi Di Pilla4 December 2004
My expectations were fulfilled. I mean I knew that this one was not a top thriller but at least it was much more better than the last ones I see. I spent an entertaining evening with my wife that didn't fall asleep this time. This movie kept your attention from beginning and during all the time you are asking who the real murder is. The performance of Ashley Judd in her psycho role was very good and for all fans of her this is a must see. Yeah, it's a good psycho-thriller with a surprisingly end. I am wondering why so many critics are negative here. There are no doubt more movies who deserved less good votes than Twisted. IN THE CUT is another thriller you shouldn't miss if you liked this one. My rating with my wife: 6.5/10. Too underrated on IMDb!!
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Not nearly as bad as reviewers say
Grant738 March 2004
Seeing one popular site with a verdict of 101 bad reviews to just 2 good ones, I almost didn't go, but my S.O. likes some pretty so-so movies if they are exciting or suspenseful, so I took her. I did not find the plot so obvious. I actually enjoyed it a lot--a bit raunchy of course, but "normal" for this kind of flick. I actually recommend it as a thriller. Reviewers are really a bunch of whole assets, arent they? They probably are not too good at acting, screenwriting, directing or producing (though they might do okay as continuity persons!). Jackson, Garcia, Judd and several lesser players are just fine. Reviewers write to keep themselves working for a living, and that requires them to diss a goodly percentage of the movies they review.
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nice little crime drama/murder mystery
disdressed1228 January 2008
pretty good for the has suspense,plot twists,a nice creepy,dark drop some nice tantalizing clues as to who the killer may be.Ashley Judd make a real kick ass heroine.she's certainly credible in he role,as a new homicide inspector with a more than a little baggage.Sam Jackson is great(once again,as her mentor,as well as the commissioner.Andy Garcia plays her new partner.he was OK,but i didn't really feel he completely fit the movie.there was just something...i really liked David Strathairn,as a police shrink.his role wasn't that big,but i thought he was impressive,none the less.i also liked the great Jazz soundtrack.despite all the good things about this movie,i wouldn't call it great.for one thing,it lacks any intense action,it's not really riveting or i wouldn't classify it as a thriller,but more a straight crime drama/murder mystery.i would have preferred it to be a bit more exciting.for me,Twisted is a 7.5/10
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Ashley needs a new genre
christian12320 November 2004
Ashley Judd plays police detective Jessica Shepard, on the hunt for a serial killer who is murdering the men she recently dated. When Jessica starts blacking out before each murder, the police commissioner (Samuel Jackson) and her partner (Andy Garcia) begin to suspect that she may be more directly involved with the murders.

Twisted may boast an impressive cast but that's about all it has going for it. The story is pretty unoriginal as this is just a female version of Tightrope. While having a tough female cop in the lead role is a little interesting, it doesn't save the film from being really bad. The film tries to trick the audience offering some twists and turns but they all fail. Twisted is a poorly written thriller lacking twists. If you really think about it, you could probably figure out the ending before the thirty minute mark. It's just so obvious that you wonder why they even bothered making it in the first place.

Ashley Judd stars in this movie and she really needs to move on to a different genre. High Crimes, Eye of the Beholder, Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy and now Twisted have all starred Ashley Judd and I think audiences are getting bored watching her in the same role in every movie. In Twisted, she gives her usual performance though she looked a little bored throughout the film. You would think having Andy Garcia and Samuel L Jackson would help but apparently no talented actor can save the movie. Jackson also appears bored throughout the movie and this a paycheck movie for him. Andy Garcia gives an okay performance. It was just a little over the top.

It's a by the numbers thriller and if you pay close attention to the film you can figure out the killer five minutes into the movie. If you sit back and relax you may enjoy it more but they could have hidden the identity of the killer a little better. All of the three main actors in this movie are way above this material and I was surprised to see all of them in this. In the end, Twisted is another dull entry into the genre and it's only worth watching if you're a die-hard fan of anyone involved. Rating 4/10.
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Great Noir!
weefers15272 June 2005
I just saw a great film noir called TWISTED. I saw some negative comment on your site saying that the film was not a film noir by someone who is obviously unfamiliar with the meaning of the expression. Here's a great definition that a friend of mine who is a noir expert dug up: "...Film noir is a crime story in which characters in the grip of urgent appetites (sex, money and revenge are the most popular) are driven to perform extremely dangerous, complicated and often morally dubious acts, and in which the prevailing mood--a mixture of fear, desire and desperation--is intensified by both a single-minded economy of narrative and almost oppressive formality of graphic design..." TWISTED stars Ashley Judd as a tough cop who picks up guys in bars and has wild sex with them. The only problem is, the guys she sleeps with end up dead! I guess some of the guys are a little uptight about sex and /or women being cops, but that's their problem. What is different about this film from say, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, is that in TWISTED, Jess (Ashley's character) comes to believe that she might be the killer she is looking for. This is her best role ever and I think there's something liberating about seeing a woman cop kick some ass and be truly feminine at the same time. She is strugggling with her capacity to kill. At the end, the film answers the question of "whodunit' in a truly shocking and unexpected way.

If pressed, I would say that this film is a noir thriller, though it's so much more. There's a great love story here too (actually there are many kinds of love stories in the film and one really twisted one-thus the title). The direction, the camera-work and acting are all great.
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Great film noir
zorbak-127 October 2004
Just saw TWISTED and I really thought it was great. Though I've spent time there, San Francisco looks so mysterious in the film that it seems like a different city, a fog-bound city of lovers and their killers. Ashley Judd is terrific as the cop who thinks she might be the killer. It is a truly twisted ride to the end. Sam Jackson gives a bravura performance at the end. I read somewhere that he really pursued the film and I can see why. Andy Garcia is great as her strange partner.

TWISTED is a film noir. Someone just sent me an excellent definition: "...a film noir is a crime story in which the characters in the grip of urgent appetites (sex, money and revenge are the most popular) are driven to perform extremely dangerous, complicated and often morally dubious acts, and in which the prevailing mood--a mixture of fear, desire and desperation-- is intensified by both a single-minded economy of narrative and an almost oppressive formality of graphic design.." TWISTED is not a typical Hollywood film, nor is it an Ashley Judd "woman in jeopardy" film. This is a bold role for a great actress.

I've read some extremely stupid and unfair things written here about the film. There is such a thing as a "black out" syndrome (just ask any psychologist) and everything seemed very accurate to me (I have friends who work in law enforcement who also enjoyed the film even though a cop is the killer). I think it's sort of like a political debate where everyone is trying to agree with each other instead of seeing the film for what it is. I hope people can see it and enjoy what the filmmakers clearly intended: a sexy, twisted film noir.
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Not as bad as I expected...
lotus_chief3 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers

Twisted is by NO means perfect, and it's pretty clichéd...but it's not as bad as I expected it to be. When this was first released in theaters, I would've been the first in line to see it, until I read all of the horrible reviews. I felt Samuel L Jackson's performance was wasted here....he's capable of SO MUCH more, as we know. Andy Garcia was OK, and Judd was her usual self. Her performance reminded me a lot, almost too much, of Jolie's performance in the TERRIBLE 'Taking Lives' had the same premise. Judd's character is a very troubled, extremely promiscuous woman....that came across as tasteless to me. The 'twist' at the end was totally predictable to me...I was the only one between all my friends who guessed who the bad guy was, they all had someone else as the killer.

This movie wasn't straight out 'Taking Lives' or 'In The Cut' bad. It had a lot of potential, and its by no means great. It's a mediocre film that had me entertained for about 2 hours; a typical whodunit, and I didn't mind playing the game. Not too bad, not too good.

**1/2 out of **** stars.
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Good entertainment
edisonortiz721 September 2004
Starring Ashley Judd, Samuel L Jackson and Andy Garcia – `Twisted' is a very good suspense thriller.

A police officer (Ashley Judd) who is investigating a murder finds herself at the center of the investigation when all of her past lovers start dying.

Like others stated, this kind of plot has been repeated over and over but I found acting very good with Andy Garcia and Ashley Judd. They have a very good chemistry.

The plot kept me guessing right until the end and I like that in a movie.

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Do you know any good pick up lines?
dkonidis7 March 2004
In this movie Ashley Judd plays a sexy cop who picks up guys at a bar then sleeps with them before they surprisingly end up dead. At one point Judd asks a male police officer if he's ever picked up a girl at a bar. His reply: "Only in my fantasies". The movie is filled with such funny, but cliched exchanges and becomes very predictable at some points. Almost all the men in this movie have a crush on Judd which makes it easy to guess who's next on the victim list. A strong ending though saves it from being another direct to video production. Samuel L. Jackson barely appears in the movie, but makes his presence felt whenever he's on screen. All in all, because I've diminished my standards of late, it's worth a look.
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A good, but not very original thriller.
philip_vanderveken25 October 2004
Different people, different opinions I guess. Everybody seems to hate this movie. I think it wasn't too bad. I admit that this was a typical Hollywood product about a tough female cop partnered with a tough male cop. It isn't better than the other movies in this genre, but it isn't worse either. In the end I quite liked it for what it was, a good, but not very original thriller.

I went to the cinema without knowing much about the movie. All I knew was that Samuel L. Jackson, one of my favorite actors, acted in it. Well, in my opinion this is a good thriller with a lot of twists and good acting (especially by Jackson, who gives the strongest performance of the movie). As prescribed for this kind of movies, Twisted steers you in the wrong direction as to who the bad guy and who the hero is. Some say it is obvious who the bad guy is, just by watching the credits. I guess these people should try to enjoy a movie and not analyze it to death even before they have actually seen it.

All in all this movie deserves better than what most people say about it. I reward it with a 7/10.
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There's Something About Mary....ummm I mean Ashley....
Robert_duder1 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Twisted is all about passion, whether it be the passion of lust or hatred or obsession, everyone in this film has something they are passionately insane about. For most of the men in the film it's Ashley Judd's character Jessica Shepard who happens to be a female philanderer who sleeps with most guys she meets from her fellow cops to guys she picks up in a bar. Unfortunately that makes her the object of many guy's affections. Twisted is an intriguing look at a search for a serial killer who could very well be the person doing the searching. It's a reverse look at a common plot line for murder mysteries. Philip Kaufman who is a little of an indie director does a great job setting up the feel of this movie. It's dark and emotional and you definitely feel Shepard's twisted emotions. Her father was a cop who suddenly went on a killing rampage which ended with her mother and himself. She's torn up about this and feels she may be subject to the same condition that caused her father to go off. Body after body piles up with the same M.O. and Twisted begins to feel like a dumbed down version of C.S.I. (simply meaning they tend to explain more than what C.S.I. ever would.)

Ashley Judd in the lead role is good. She always seems to do an okay job in her roles. She plays the angry, frustrated, and sexually deviant cop quite well. There are times when she's almost not believable but for the most part she pulls it off. Samuel L. Jackson is terrific as her mentor and father figure who raised her, John Mills. His role is sporadic throughout the movie but he adds some serious class to every scene he is in. Andy Garcia is also good in his role as Shepard's new partner on homicide. Unfortunately they spend too much time trying to make him look guilty instead of leaving the mystery wide open. However they do leave it open enough to keep you guessing even if you can narrow down the suspects. Most of all the clues stack up against Jessica Shepard but you don't want to believe it's her doing the killing. Also watch for Camryn Manheim in a brief but really good role as the Medical Examiner in the lab doing some of the investigating.

Perhaps the only downsides to Twisted which stops it from being at least a solid 9/10 is it's pace tends to drag a little, mostly from the repetitive nature of the plot. The bodies keep showing up with really no variation in the murder so it's like watching the same scene over and over again. It just starts to become a little repetitive. But don't let that keep you from seeing this first rate murder mystery thriller with great performances and an ending that comes together perfectly and wraps everything up nicely. Definitely worth seeing for the mystery fan!! 8/10
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Twisted was a fun thriller
smhaig6 September 2004
I see a lot of serious films. But I also really like to be entertained and I was totally entertained by Surprise, surprise..slick thrillers are not real. Suspend your disbelief. I thought the acting was great, the cinematography really very good. I felt emersed in the film at times, such as during the first scene as someone mentioned. Yes it does all the standard things, but the beauty of formula is making it different in some way. I felt the actors and the direction gave this film life. I thought Judd looked terrific. These are all terrific actors and they put some feeling into what could have been a dull boring affair.

Also, it was different. A lot of the time the serial killer is a man killing women. It is refreshing to see a film where the situation is reversed.

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Just Another Off The Hollywood Assembly Line. Nothing Better Or Worse Than The Others Like It.
BigHardcoreRed4 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is another movie about a tough female cop partnered with a tough male cop with all the usual plot twists. Kind of like Along Came A Spider and movies like that. It's not any better than the others like it, not too much worse either.

It pains me to say this, because I like Ashley Judd, but she doesn't pull off a convincing tough cop act to me. She was much tougher in Double Jeopardy. Something about her acting seems forced when she needs to be tough, otherwise, she's fine.

The movie does it's best to steer you in the wrong direction as to who the bad guy is, but most intelligent movie watchers will figure it out looking at the credits. Since the movie works so hard at making one guy appear to be the villain, and another the hero, you just have to expect that not everything will be as it seems. I hope that doesn't ruin the movie for some people, I don't think that qualifies as a spoiler.

With all that being said, I try to write something good about most movies I review, and with this one, it has to be Samuel L. Jackson. He's the best reason I can recommend to see this movie, even if the character is sort of a rehashed Augustus Gibbons from XXX. He still gives the strongest performance of the movie. You would think Andy Garcia would have done a great job as well, but I really don't think so. Mediocre at best.

7 of 10 stars.
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Not too taxing on the brain!
Majikat7623 March 2018
Ashley Judd did a fair few of these crime thrillers and all of them easy watching, this one is no different.
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" Let me get this straight, you had sex with all the victims? "
thinker169120 May 2010
There is a preponderance of evidence which indicates that if you assemble the best actors together and give them a good script, you'll create a memorable film. In this movie called " Twisted " director Philip Kauf, has indeed gathered a marvelous group and done exactly that. The story features John Mills (Samuel L. Jackson) a Chief of Police, who raises Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) his old partner's daughter to become a policewoman. Shortly after her promotion, she is given her first case and a new partner, named Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia). Early in her childhood, Jessica has had to deal with her father's violent rage and eventual suicide. This coupled with the death of her mother creates problems of inadequacy for her. Entering the investigation, suspicion arises that the horrible murders may be the work of a serial killer. To complicate matters, Jessica begins experiencing mysterious blackouts and difficulty remembering where she was at the time of the killings. Enter, Dr. Melvin Frank (David Strathairn) a police psychiatrist who tries to help by suggesting she face the terrible past. All in all, the movie has definite drama, but is a little lengthy in getting to the point. Nevertheless, with Stars like Strathairn, Jackson and Garcia, how can this film be anything but a winner. ****
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good to watch
jeanalmira17 October 2005
I agree, that this movie is a good thriller movie to be watched. I was entertained by this movie, and I kinda guessed wrongly in the beginning. I thought that it was kind of predictable movie, and started to think that it was related to Jessica's sanity. Moreover, by adding the psychiatric treatment and her traumatic child background. But I was wrong! Although it was kind of obvious when the plot started to point at Delmarco (Andy Garcia). I quite believed that Delmarco was the murderer though.But again it's too obvious guess. It led to suspect John, especially when he seems to eager to save Jessica. And how he related to her dad. The interesting part of this movie is, this movie duration is kinda short, but indeed challenging to think about the plot during the show. I give this movie 7/10.
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ThankGodImCute10 March 2004
This isn't really my genre, I"m more of a romantic comedy kind of girl, but my mom wanted to see this and I thought a change of pace would be nice. This was thorougly enjoyable, easy to follow, and suspenseful.Though many have complained it was predictable I was surprised at who the villian turned out to be. Not really sure why everybody was complaining. Ashley Judd is a good actress and this is an awesome movie. I will be checking out more thriller type movies from now on. Definetly worth a viewing!!! 8/10. I wonder if this is ten lines long yet..... not quite let me make it a bit longer. What is with this new rule? I wonder if they mean ten full sentences cause I just cannot get it to be long enough. There, that should do it.
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Dating Jessica will get you killed
the-movie-guy25 February 2004
Police officer Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) has just been transferred to homicide and promoted to detective inspector. Her first big case is a murder investigation of a man she had dated. The next day, another man shows up dead with the same cigarette burn on his hand, and he had also dated Jessica. The police are now looking for a serial killer who has the propensity to kill men Jessica has dated. Jessica begins to have dreams about her past, and she opens a box that belonged to her father. Jessica's father was a police officer who went crazy and killed his wife and her lovers, and then himself. His partner and later police commissioner (Samuel L. Jackson) raised Jessica, and taught her everything about police work. When a third murder occurs, her partner, Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia) begins to watch and protect Jessica. Jessica goes to jail after the fourth victim ends up in her bed. She has no memory of any of the murders, because she blacks out before each murder. The story's twist is the identity of the real murder. You should be able to figure it out before the end, just look for the clues. (Paramount Pictures, Run Time 1:37, Rated R) (7/10)
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Awful movie
nides112 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I never post on these kind of message boards but if this stops one person from seeing this movie, it's worth the time.

By the time I reached the end of this movie (yes, I should have turned it off earlier but it was like coming upon the scene of an accident, you can't help but look) I was beginning to believe it was one of those comedies that make fun of a genre (like Airplane! or Scary Movie), but it wasn't...

Everyone in the movie is truly awful, particularly Ashley Judd.

(Spoilers) The storyline makes no sense at all. I think that anyone who drank one or two glasses of wine, blacked out and woke up to find out the person that had recently slept with was murdered, might quit drinking or seek some help, if not after the first time it happens, surely after the second or third time.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, although I maintain it has value if you like laughing at movies that are true stinkers.
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