The Dreamers (2003) Poster


Robin Renucci: Father



  • Father : Listen to me, Theo. Before you can change the world you must realize that you, yourself, are part of it. You can't stand outside looking in.

  • Father : You seem to be mesmerized by this tin lighter. I'd like to know why? Well?

    Matthew : George, please. Mathew's our guest.

    Father : No. No, no, no. I'm genuinely curious. I'd like to know why.

    Matthew : I was just fidgeting with Isabelle's lighter. And I wasn't really realizing and I noticed and I thought it was rude so I put it down on the table. But, I put it diagonally across one of these squares. Do you see? Look, that's when I noticed the lighter's length is exactly the same length as the diagonal itself. So, I put it lengthwise, along the outside edge. Look, it fits there too. But, it fits there. And it fits like this. And like this. And this way too. And I bet you, I bet you if I split it in half, wait a minute, it's got to fit somewhere. I mean, it really fits anywhere. Look, you see? I was noticing that the more you look at it, everything, this table, the objects on it, the refrigerator, this room, your nose, the world, suddenly, you realize that there's some sort of cosmic harmony of shapes and sizes. I was just wondering why? I don't know why that is. I know that it is.

    Father : [to Isabelle]  You have an interesting friend here.

  • Theo : "A petition is a poem, a poem is a petition."

    Father : Yes.

    Theo : Those are the most famous lines you ever wrote - and now look at you.

  • Father : My children believe that their demonstrations and sit-ins and happenings, well, they believe that these possess the capacity, not only to *provoke* society, but, also to transform it.

    Theo : What is it you're saying? If Langlois is dismissed, we shouldn't do anything? If immigrants are deported? If students are beaten up? We shouldn't do anything?

    Father : What I am saying is a little lucidity would not go amiss.

    Theo : So, everyone's wrong but you? In France? In Italy? Germany? America?

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