"Monk" Mr. Monk and the Candidate: Part 1 (TV Episode 2002) Poster

Michael Hogan: Warren St. Claire



  • Miranda St. Claire : Tell me, Mr. Monk, do you lie awake at night thinking of ways to disrupt my husband's campaign?

    Warren St. Claire : Now, Miranda...

    Adrian Monk : No ma'am, I lie awake at night and try not to think at all.

  • Gavin Lloyd : No, no, no. Forget it. We're four points behind with ten days to go. I am not putting my man in a box.

    Captain Stottlemeyer : Nobody wants to put anybody in a box, Mr. Lloyd.

    Lt. Randall Disher : All we want to do is limit your public appearances... and not announce your schedule in advance.

    Gavin Lloyd : Oh, I'm sure the mayor would love that. Maybe we should move the whole campaign and run it from the basement. How about that?

    Warren St. Claire : Gavin, that's not fair. The captain's just doing his job.

    Captain Stottlemeyer : Mr. St. Claire, can you think of anybody who might wish you harm? A disgruntled employee?

    Miranda St. Claire : Or an ex-wife. Or a union official. I know a couple of ex-business partners... who no longer send us Christmas cards. You boys have your work but out for you.

    Warren St. Claire : A man who hasn't made any enemies hasn't done squat.

    Jesse Goodman : Warren, you're sure you want to go through with this? After yesterday, no one would blame you if you quit.

    Warren St. Claire : Jesse, you used to say "quit" was a four-letter-word.

    Captain Stottlemeyer : Excuse me. We haven't been introduced. I'm sorry. Who are you?

    Jesse Goodman : Uh, Jesse Goodman. I work upstairs. Senior vice president/concerned friend.

    Warren St. Claire : I couldn't make this run if Jesse wasn't upstairs minding the store. Baby.

    [stands and approaches his wife] 

    Warren St. Claire : Do you need that?

    Miranda St. Claire : Yes, I do. Somebody tried to kill my husband yesterday right in front of me.

  • [St Claire speaks at Jason Ronstadt's funeral. Monk has lost his keys] 

    Warren St. Claire : In a few seconds, we will be closing the casket and saying good-bye to Jason forever.

    Sharona Fleming : Adrian, it's okay. We'll make new ones. Just - It's okay.

    Adrian Monk : It's the key chain. The key chain - it was Trudy's. I gotta - I gotta - I gotta have those keys. That packet right there just give it to me.

    Sharona Fleming : No.

    [Reluctantly, she hands over the paperclip from the packet] 

    Warren St. Claire : Jason showed up every Sunday...

    Sharona Fleming : You are going straight to hell.

    Adrian Monk : I am in Hell.

    Warren St. Claire : May his loving spirit live forever in our hearts and in our prayers.

    [Adrian starts to create a makeshift fishing line using some dental floss and the paperclip] 

    Warren St. Claire : Why don't we take a moment and meditate silently?

    [the people close their eyes and bow their heads. Meanwhile, Adrian lowers the fishing line] 

    Warren St. Claire : Now... old friend... we turn and salute you one last time.

    [St. Claire faces the casket and salutes. By mistake, Monk hooks Jason's sleeve. He pulls on it, yanking up the hand as if in response to St. Claire's salute. Cuts to later, outside the church] 

    Jesse Goodman : We gotta pull the car around. He's ready to go.

    Angry Old Lady : [to Monk]  You should be ashamed of yourself!

    Miranda St. Claire : Do you lie awake at night thinking of ways to disrupt my husband's campaign?

    Warren St. Claire : Now, Miranda...

    Adrian Monk : No, ma'am, I like awake at night and try not to think at all.

    Warren St. Claire : These things happen. Hell, for a minute, I thought I had a new campaign slogan: "Vote for St. Claire. He can raise the dead!"

    [He and Miranda take off down the steps] 

    Warren St. Claire : Where's my boy?

    Jesse Goodman : Here, sir.

    Warren St. Claire : Make sure Miranda gets home.

    Jesse Goodman : Of course.

    Adrian Monk : Mrs. St. Claire, a couple of questions.

    Miranda St. Claire : Let me ask you a question. How can you investigate anything? I'm told you're "germophobic," afraid of the dark, heights, crowds... and milk.

    Sharona Fleming : We're working on the milk. He's making good progress on milk.

    Miranda St. Claire : Ah.

    Adrian Monk : Mrs. St. Claire, I - I sense that you're a little upset, but I can tell you why I dropped my keys. I've been a bit preoccupied with another case. A girl was murdered in Santa Clara. Uh, a Nicole Vasques. Did you know her?

    Miranda St. Claire : No.

    Adrian Monk : No?

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