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Gay Icon Nominee: Jennifer Lawrence

Before we proceed into another edition of Gay Icon Nominee, let’s assert something: Clearly Jennifer Lawrence, the 23-year-old three-time Oscar nominee, has achieved a level of “likability” not seen since, like, Grace Kelly. Or Mary Tyler Moore. Or at least Breakaway-era Kelly Clarkson. Whatever. No one is denying that Jennifer Lawrence is rightfully beloved for her talent and unassuming knack for a good soundbite. But achieving Gay Icon status often involves more than proving oneself likable, and it also may take a few years to achieve a true, lasting bond with gay fans. Though gay men tend to defend their favorites for years and years, they pick new favorites sparingly. Has Jennifer Lawrence done enough to enter the pantheon of modern-day gay icons? Let’s count up her greatest gay assets to date.

1. Natalie Portman won the Oscar, but she was the most glamorous Best Actress nominee in
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