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L.A. Weekly
There's greater consistency to it, and considerably more humor, with macabre slapstick and fun-house ghoulishness that, at their best, recall early Tim Burton.
Chicago Reader
The tag here is more silly than haunting, but this is still a pretty wild ride, with a fine, knife-wielding score by Bennett Salvay.
Substantially better than its predecessor, even while staying strictly within the genre's well-defined boundaries.
Would be a completely routine horror movie, except that it has a superior director. Watch this film for five minutes, and it's clear that Victor Salva knows how to make movies.
The film delivers a few slick thrills before beaching itself on an ending that would be chilling if its depiction of unimaginable horror's lingering legacy weren't so muddled.
It plays better as exasperating comedy than genuine horror -- although there is something terrifying about being stuck in a movie whose idea of a bogeyman is a scarecrow with an eating disorder.
New York Post
There are a few good jolts - and a moderate amount of spurting blood - but things pretty much proceed exactly as you think they will.
There are some nicely gory touches for genre connoisseurs...But JC2 lacks the all-important character development we got in the first installment.
Washington Post
Functional but tiresome.
Chicago Sun-Times
Supplies us with a first-class creature, a fourth-rate story, and dialogue possibly created by feeding the screenplay into a pasta maker.

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