X2: X-Men United (2003) Poster

Alan Cumming: Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler



  • Nightcrawler : Excuse me? They say you can imitate anybody, even their voice.

    Mystique : [as Nightcrawler]  Even their voice.

    Nightcrawler : Then why not stay in disguise all the time? You know, look like everyone else.

    Mystique : Because we shouldn't have to.

  • Nightcrawler : You know, outside the circus, most people were afraid of me. But I didn't hate them. I pitied them. Do you know why? Because most people will never know anything beyond what they see with their own two eyes.

    Storm : Well, I gave up on pity a long time ago.

    Nightcrawler : Someone so beautiful should not be so angry.

    Storm : Sometimes anger can help you survive.

    Nightcrawler : So can faith.

  • Nightcrawler : Guten tag.

    Wolverine : [to Nightcrawler]  Who the hell are you?

    [to Jean and Storm] 

    Wolverine : Who the hell is this?

    Nightcrawler : Kurt Wagner, but in the Munich circus, I was known as The Incredib...

    Wolverine : Yeah, save it.

  • Storm : [about Nightcrawler's markings]  So... What are they?

    Nightcrawler : They're angelic symbols, passed on to mankind by the archangel Gabriel.

    Storm : They're beautiful. How many do you have?

    Nightcrawler : One for every sin. So quite a few.

  • Nightcrawler : The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.

  • Nightcrawler : [to Storm]  You and Ms. Grey are schoolteachers?

    Storm : Yes. At a school for people like us, where we can be safe.

    Nightcrawler : Safe from what?

    Storm : Everyone else.

  • Cyclops : Everybody stand back.

    Dr. Jean Grey : Scott no. His mind is connected to Cerebro. Opening the door, could kill him and everyone his mind is linked to.

    Storm : Wait. Kurt, I need you to take me inside.

    Cyclops : Storm, who is this guy? Who are you?

    Nightcrawler : My name is Kurt Wagner, but in the Munich Circus...

    Storm : [puts her hand over Kurt's mouth]  He's a teleporter.

    Nightcrawler : I told you, If I can't see where I'm going...

    Storm : I have faith in you.

    Dr. Jean Grey : Don't believe anything you see in there.

    Nightcrawler : Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done...


    Nightcrawler : ... on Earth as it is in heaven.

  • Storm : Can you teleport inside?

    Nightcrawler : No. I have to be able to see where I am going, otherwise I could wind up inside a wall.

  • Nightcrawler : Please don't kill me, I didn't mean to harm anyone.

    Storm : Now why would people have gotten that impression?

  • Storm : Kurt, it's about to get very cold in here.

    Nightcrawler : I'm not going anywhere.

  • Little Girl 143 : Hello. Who are you?

    Storm : Professor, we're in trouble! You have to stop Cerebro now!

    Little Girl 143 : Who are you talking to?

    Storm : [halting Nightcrawler from advancing towards the child]  Stop! Don't get close to her.

    Nightcrawler : But she's just a little girl.

    Storm : No, she's not.

    Little Girl 143 : [smiles]  I see you.

  • Nightcrawler : There was so much shooting, such fear and then there was only pain. I could see it all happening, but I couldn't stop myself. It was like a bad dream. Perhaps he is testing me.

    Storm : And before you were in the white house, what do you remember?

    Nightcrawler : Nothing. I was here.

    Storm : Jean?

    [Invites Jean to read his mind] 

    Dr. Jean Grey : I'd rather get him back to the professor.

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