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Noah Huntley: Mark



  • [Mark tells Jim a joke after him and Selena save Jim's life] 

    Mark : A man walks into a bar with a giraffe. They both get pissed. The giraffe falls over. The man goes to leave and the bartender says, 'Oi. You can't leave that lyin' there.' And the man says, 'No. It's not a lion. It's a giraffe.'

    Mark : [Jim remains silent as Mark takes his mask off, talking to Selena]  Completely humorless. You two should get on, like a house on fire.

  • [Jim asks Selena and Mark about the government] 

    Jim : What about the government?

    Selena : There's no government.

    Jim : Of course there's a government! There's always a government. They're in, a bunker or a plane.

    Mark : No, there's no government. No police. No Army. No TV. No radio. No electricity. You're the first uninfected person we've seen in six days.

  • [Mark tells Jim and Selena the story about his family from when the infection began] 

    Mark : I remember my dad had all this cash, even though cash was completely useless. About 20,000 other people had the same idea. The crowd was surging. I lost my grip on my sister's hand. I remember the ground was soft. I looked down, and I was standing on all these people, like a carpet. People who had fallen, and somewhere in the crowd, there were infected. It spread fast. No one could run, all you could do was climb... climb over more people. So, I did that, I climbed and I got up on top of this Kiosk. Looking down, you couldn't tell which faces were infected, and which weren't. Then, I saw my dad, not my mum or my sister. My dad. His face... Selena's right. You should be grateful.

  • [Jim tells Selena and Mark what he did before waking up in the hospital] 

    Jim : Look, I'm a bicycle carrier. I was riding a package from, uh, Farringdon to Shaftesbury Avenue, and a car cuts across me. Then, I wake up today in a hospital. I wake up and I'm - I'm hallucinating, or I'm...

    Mark : What's your name?

    Jim : Jim.

    Mark : I'm Mark, this is Selena.

    Mark : [Jim remains silent]  Okay, Jim. I've got some bad news.

  • [Jim asks Mark about his family] 

    Jim : Where's your family?

    Mark : They're dead, like Selena's.

    Selena : Yours will be dead, too.

  • [Mark tells Jim the two lessons to survive] 

    Mark : So, lesson one - You never go anywhere alone, unless you've got no choice. And lesson two - Only travel during daylight, unless you've got no choice. We'll take you tomorrow. We'll all go and find your dead parents together, okay?

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