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Sterns Best Work
candrew0889 February 2005
Sterns best work. And possibly the raunchiest non-cable show in the history of television. Supposedly, every show was a battle with the station censors right up to show time. Luckily for Stern, it aired almost exclusively in New York City so it flew under the radar of the more puritanical populace.

No one was spared; Clarence Thomas, Ted Kennedy, Johnny Carson, Madonna were all brutally satirized. I remember two guest stars in particular - Rabert Vaughn and Larry Linville (from MASH) with a "what the hell am I doing here" look on there face while Stern flew through horribly acted, poorly organized; but incredibly hilarious skits.

I remember Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame pulled out of the show literally at the last second and avoided lending her name to a Star Trek spoof that was borderline pornographic - an unflustered Stern pulled a group of black women to audition to take her place.....and put the auditions on the air! The show was so controversial - rumors of cancellation came and went on a weekly basis. So what did Stern do? He orchestrated a fake cancellation on April Fools Day and started the show with a made up sports talk show. This prank became all the more poignant a few months later when the show was canceled for real.

I guess you can find episodes of this show on E-Bay, but according to Stern, the rights have been passed from company to company over the years and the odds of releasing the show on DVD are about zero.

Not for everyone - but this show was a shooting star - burned out fast and was over almost as soon as it started.
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The Original!
rosaliez12 February 2002
IMBD reviewers may have little recognition of this classic, since it was carried on superstation WWOR; unless you had a cable system that carried it or lived in the New York City vicinity, you may have only heard about it. In many ways this was far superior to the later CBS Saturday night syndicated show. Social commentary was mixed with satire--the hypocrisy of a real-life priest accused of exploiting the teenage boys in the shelter he ran was immortalized in a spoof of a K-tel type commercial. It parodied songs such as Ringo Starr's "Photograph" with "I like to take boys and make photographs...I can't believe that people think I'm so nice." A politically incorrect classic. Who can forget loveable Stuttering John getting berated by baseball legend Ted Williams--for asking him if he ever broke wind in the catcher's face! It was a little rough around the edges, like an upscale public access show, but the obvious low budget and cheesy set only added to its mystique. But do not be fooled; a lot of hard work and funny writing went into this. As the radio show gained more exposure over the years through syndication, there are probably many newer fans who are even unaware of the existence of the "Channel 9 show," as it was often called. They deserve a chance to witness it for the first time, and the rest of us deserve to savor it again.
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The ultimate Comedy!
jeppelovescoins17 October 2002
The "Channel 9" show was the best work Howard Stern and gang has done outside the radio. Since E! show is the radio show, this skit and interview show had some of the funniest moments in history.

Great moments. The Gilligan's Island crew turning to cannibalism(starring Bob Denver). Homeless Hollywood Squares. Iggy Pop calls Howard Stern an a*****e for asking him about David Bowie's sex life. Great Satire: Howard Stern dressing up as Clarence Thomas with his bad black accent and eating fried chicken. Howard playing Daniel Day Lewis's role in My Left Foot, etc.
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Before E ! there was WWOR TV
adrianeverett7418 September 2008
The late 1980's and early 1990s were the time live in. Especially if you had cable or big dish satellite and could pick up WWOR TV New Jersey 9 out of Secaucus. Howard Stern back then unleashed his adult brand of radio and TV humor that would be recognized later from E and Howard TV OnDemand.

This version of The Howard Stern Show was on the level of Public Access. It had that cheap budget on the fly kinda feel with a bit more lean towards Party Time and Rock On all night long.

The Howard Stern Show was sponsored by Snapple Ice Tea and this helped introduce it's pitch lady Wendy Kauffman "The Snapple Lady" to the rest of the world.

Today ownership rights of the master 3/4 inch video tapes keep changing hands and there is no possibility what so ever of this show ever coming to DVD and Blu Ray Disc unless Alpha Blue or Anchorbay Entertainment gets hold of them.
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Hilarious cutting edge satire
furlough115 November 2005
The way that real people talk when hung-up people, like the OTHER reviewers,aren't around. Sure to offend bible thumpers and child molesters, but others should get many laughs from it. All 69 (lol) episodes are hilarious and shouldn't bother any but the most uptight, Sadam Hussein like, joyless whiners. If you are offended by the three stooges or mash then don't watch, but if you want to see a lot of the early 90's and late 80's TV and movie icons, then tune in for sure. About the only way to get these classics is to buy them from ebay or download them from the internet.. both of these are not particularly the best way to see them, but, as they are not available on tape or DVD.. it is the only way to get them. Also, the other reviewer that was crying about the show never saw it, as his review is 10 years after the show aired, and it's never been repeated..
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WWOR show- aired in L.A. market in 90s. Low-brow stuff, guys
KayMack2320 June 2017
Howard Stern Show- one could give it zero stars, or ten stars, it is way out of the sphere of actual ratings. The show reminds me of what a bunch of very spoiled rich teenagers with a VHS camcorder would come up with in a basement when Mom's not home- but is entertaining, if not funny, and at times so bad, one laughs quietly, hoping no one else is seeing what you're watching. 1990s me loved the show, and looking back at recordings of it today in 2017, the love for it endures, even in later maturity and sagacity that only decades of life experience and learning can take one, yes as I said it still endures. It is too ludicrous to take seriously enough to be offended, and way back in the olden days of the '90s I distinctly remember there being a network warning that it is recommended for mature audiences, and that the content may offend certain viewers, etc etc. There are probably laws today under some UN charter, that would not allow this to be aired on any planet in our universe under threat of imprisonment for a thousand years.

This review is out of respect and admiration for the ultimate good sport (great sport, really) Adam West, who passed this year (June 10, 2017) from leukemia. West was wonderful on Stern's show. Stern had him on more than once, one episode is "Fartman Super Hero School" where Adam West was the instructor. One of the students/super heroes, is "Old Man" West (addressing student/hero 'Oldman'): "er, ah, what is YOUR super power, sir?" "ah,I can get into movies at half price". There was "Captain Korea" (as opposed to 'Captain America') wearing "chinky-eye" glasses, sporting a terrible ethnic Asian dialect. West tells him he can get a job at a deli.

There are claims this program was ONLY aired in NYC area, but I know it was aired in Los Angeles market during it's reign: (source: Wikipedia) "In Los Angeles on KCOP, the show managed to attract a 34.4% market share at 12:30 am in the males aged 18 to 49 demographic"

I hope, some day, it will pop up on some DVD set or rare VHS collection available for consumer purchase. I envy those who claim to own their home-recorded VHS tapes from when it first aired. I'd love to have a set myself!
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Sterns Best Show
jwmc198620 May 2012
greatest stern TV show,far superior...the billy west bits,the guests....Sam Kinison,Joe Walsh,Richard Simmons,. if you like old school stern and have not seen the channel 9 shows you are missing a lot.this show had nothing to do with the radio show like the c.b.s. and e show did.the channel 9 show was the greatest...i cant believe it hasn't been released on VHS or DVD,i think there were 69 episodes you can watch them on the net but they are from old VHS recordings but still good to re watch after 20 years...the copies on the net bring back great memories from days past.i beg to whoever has the masters to release them on DVD.i know I'm not the only person who would pay top dollar for them on DVD
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not a spoiler.. the absolute truth.
xdarkstar8 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Granted the show came about wayyy earlier than the show 'Jackass', it's comparable in nature, except he makes fun of mentally and physically handicapped people, he coaxes women to get unclothed or naked for free boob jobs and money. If they don't go 'far enough' (for ratings) no boob job... How sad, yet hilarious for womanizers and immature dimwits out there. This show lacks basic values. You would think it had been written by a pre-pubescent teen who can't control himself.

I guess his Mother didn't teach him respect. He's a mediocre guy who gets taken advantage of for his money because that's all he has to offer. Now tell me, If he walked up to socially 'beautiful' models, porn-star's and spoke the way he does on air, in a TRUE TO LIFE SITUATION, he would be shot straight down to hell because without the money, he would be socially inapt. *LOL* Doesn't he see that he is being used? *lol* Hmm, I guess not. :)
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