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7 Jan. 2003
You Belong to Me
Gentile gay gentleman Gavin Putinski, who feared from the start to be discriminated, ends up loosing unfairly, due to a hostile judge and Nick being overburdened. Burton has accepted the city as bulk client and thus lost a corporate client Nick and Jake had been working over for months. Nick tries to make clear to young Kyle Plunkett he's entitled to meet his father Bill, but the boy's mother wickedly keeps poisoning his mind with terrible lies. Burton sympathizes with a widower whose hobby, an aviary, is contested by the neighbors as burdensome, but still wins for ...
21 Jan. 2003
A deal Nick and Jake worked on for months to land a major client is badly compromised when Burton blatantly fails to attend one crucial meeting. A teenage relative of James is offered a rap record contract. His guardian refuses, but the boy is reluctant to have his manager appointed instead. An adolescent refuses to be adopted by the WASP Martin couple out of inverse racism.
4 Feb. 2003
Understand Your Man
Nick takes the case of young Timothy Silber, who must choose whether he wants his father's cross-dressing partner Sam Farrell to remain his trusted, loving 'stepmother' or go live with his virtually unknown, regular uncle Henry 'Hank' Silver. At Alvin's social justice awards, Burton got one and picked up receptionist Mary Gessler as lover, but she soon shifts her attention to tycoon client Frank DeScala. Brian Olson wants to love and accept a good job in Columbus after cashing in a settlement from the Pittsburg hospital that fired him and is represented by the Fallins...
11 Feb. 2003
Where You Are
Nick cautions the firm his former schoolmate Rob isn't reliable, but Burton decides to take him on as a client. Nick and Jake must help Rob and his partners finance ahead a potentially extremely lucrative business idea. Now that Brian has moved on, Lulu wants to sell her 'marital' home.
18 Feb. 2003
The Weight
Nick and Lulu's relationship heats up after he helps her with a difficult case.
25 Feb. 2003
The Intersection
Lulu's life hangs in the balance after her car accident.
18 Mar. 2003
My Aim Is True
Burton defends a cop who shoots and paralyzes Nick's former drug dealer.
1 Apr. 2003
Back in the Ring
The Fallins are delighted with client Tim 'The mechanic' Dohanic, a brave boxer. Nick helps him keep custody of doting preteen son Oscar, claimed by his late mother's parents. Burton offers to sort out Tim's business arrangements. Alas, an overconfident fight before a really lucrative results in an eye - and career injury, plus worse. To make up for Alvin's insufficient subsidy, Lulu gets Jake to split some 'juicy' cases. Yet she's unappreciative of his clever methods and results in a case against a bus company which failed to provide contractual adult supervision for...
22 Apr. 2003
What It Means to You
Nick and Lulu's relationship heats up just as they begin working opposing sides of a difficult case.
29 Apr. 2003
Burton & Ernie
Lulu tries to make her relationship with Nick official after Alvin catches them having sex at L.S.P.
6 May 2003
Sensitive Jackals
James' world falls apart when an L.S.P. client appears to be the man thought to have killed his nephew.
13 May 2003
All the Rage
With the possibility of losing Lulu for good, Nick erupts in the courtroom and is sentenced to anger management sessions.
23 Sep. 2003
When the carnival comes to town, Nick represents a young boy traveling with it who claims that he was molested by the Carnival's owner.
30 Sep. 2003
Big Coal
In order to land a new client, Nick puts the unsuspecting residents of a small town in jeopardy.
7 Oct. 2003
The Line
Shake-ups at L.S.P. and some meddling by Alvin, force Lulu to reconsider her move to Berkeley.
14 Oct. 2003
The Father-Daughter Dance
The Fallins represent a caucasian marries couple who want to sue their fertility clinic when their baby is born African-American
21 Oct. 2003
The bank asks Fallin & Fallin to pay off their loan and now Nick must scramble to get his delinquent clients t pay up.
28 Oct. 2003
Let's Spend the Night Together
When Lulu's father comes to town, she and Nick make a serious decision about their relationship.
4 Nov. 2003
Hazel Park
As part of his community service, Nick is assigned to help clean up an inner-city park and becomes involved in the troubles of a former client.
11 Nov. 2003
Nick attempts to find a home for two young foster children who are HIV Positive.
25 Nov. 2003
Let God Sort 'Em Out
Nick represents a teenager who wants to stay with his homeless, dying grandfather rather than be places with a foster family.
16 Dec. 2003
With Burton's health in jeopardy, Nick attempts to close an important deal for his father.

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