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8 Jan. 2002
Nick starts his new job, but instantly hates it, being forced to do mergers. In a case against Burton's firm, representing a son against his father in a firm' control transfer, his client-priority loses both firms their fat client. The stress gets Nick to accept a bit of drugs from his former dealer, and start a bar fight. The occasion is Alvin' birthday party, after a case in which he reluctantly represents the daughter of his first client, both unfit mothers, over the grand-child's custody. Burton witnessed the fight and quickly evacuates knocked-down Nick.
22 Jan. 2002
Nick escapes parole problems, expresses his unease at Kik's and transfers back to Burton's firm. The Fallins plead in a bizarre last will contesting for father Frank Newburg and his sassy daughter, who claims, when discovered by Nick cutting herself, to be incestuously abused like her silent sister. A Burton employee who volunteers for pro-bono cases 'like Nick' finds no sympathy with Burton and resigns after wining over nepotism. Nick violates his the lawyer's code by passing on confidential information from Frank anonymously and repeats that publicly when the judge ...
5 Feb. 2002
The Fallins get a visit from Liz, Burton's sister-in-law and former secret lover, who needs them to sell her advertising agency to pay off her debts and start a trust fund for Jeremy Hetherington, her rascal son, as she has serious cancer. Nick notices the hostile, thieving boy is even more frustrated then he once to be shipped off to boarding school nearly constantly and finds out the knave is in deep trouble, even expelled for bookie practices and in $6,000 debt. James defends ten year-old Thai drug mule Kalaya.
26 Feb. 2002
In Loco Parentis
Teenage father Todd contests his baby being adopted, without even hearing him, albeit by perfectly fit Dr. Spanner and his wife. Allegedly rehabilitated crack-addict Melinda Tralins demands help to contest social services taking her baby away. Nick succeeds but finds out afterward she's a terrible mother for her older boys and proves she's still an addicted prostitute, with unforeseen bad consequences before the court can reconsider the case. Only Nick learns about Burton's eye surgery.
5 Mar. 2002
Nick takes the case of mother Maria, opposing self-supporting model student Dan Braczyk's emancipation request. He hands over the case when he learns of a conflict of interest, as she works in Gary Davey's electronics firm where Burton tries to negotiate an end to a strike, which Dan is breaking, leading to him being beaten up. Nick discovers trade union rep Barry is inflexible on account of political ambitions. Nick's college ex from New York gets him in bed, but he dumps her in favor of colleague Lulu, who just got a proposal from another.
12 Mar. 2002
The Divide
Nick takes the case of genius schoolboy Matthew Damira, who opposes being adopted by former social worker Suzanne Diamond because she backed down on the promise to adopt his big, handicapped but inseparable brother Justin. After loosing the first ruling, he challenges the parental waiver signed by their cognitively-challenged mother. Jake learns from his mother that father Ed Straka, whom she suspects of gambling on the tracks again, is in major debt, likely to get their house sold. Having failed to bluff loan-shark Mike Fritas or get a pay advance from Burton, Jake ...
26 Mar. 2002
Mothers of the Disappeared
Friendly gay judge Stanton, who once let Nick off with community service, is promoted to federal judge, but a cardiac attack soon kills him. Nick minds Stanton's dog, Burton remembers his advice there's more to a lawyer's life then lucrative clients, considering to opt for the bench. Alvin defends adolescent Ted Popper, whose delusions since parental abuse make him unsuited for youth shelters, due to violent episodes. Fondly remembering his political campaigning past, Alvin starts a movement for suitable psychiatric care. Nick takes the case of Janine McGregor, who ...
9 Apr. 2002
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Nick's parole officer Dale Petrocki blackmails him to make him help negotiate the acquisition of a night club from a dodgy owner with Petrocki's even dodgier girlfriend, a stripper. Nick's warnings it smells like fraud are ignored. Burton enters the selection process to become a federal judge, but makes preciously little concessions to the unwritten political criteria. Nick also represents ex-con Lenny Getkin, who wants the right to visit his daughter, whom her mother raised fearful of him.
7 May 2002
Nick and Lulu defend orphan Denny Collins (16) and his true love Jeanette Munday, homeless teenagers who just got a baby and want to keep it, even after they squat in the stylish old house, to Nick's taste, which Lulu's fiancé bought but scares her. Hoping to be nominated federal judge, Burton starts passing on major clients to Nick. The CEO they start with makes merger negotiations excruciating because of his selfish hidden agenda concerning a company jet. Jake proves his social skills can be valuable.
14 May 2002
The Chinese Wall
Former Pennsylvania state senator Nathan Caldwell is made senior partner by Burton, with his former chief of staff Mitchell Lichtman as associate. Nick is soon fed up having to deal with them over deals which cost him clients anyhow, but Burton won't reconsider. Only when Nick denounces Mitchell's willingness to abuse information obtained in legislative service, his position is terminated. Nick helps Lulu deal with the suspicion, only confirmed by another Alzheimer patient, that her grandmother is abused by the night orderly, obtaining custody instead of Lulu's ...
21 May 2002
The Beginning
Nick accepts to become Hunter's legal guardian after father Dr. Thomas Reed's death and enjoys bonding with the bright, shy boy over baseball, but the doc's suicide allows the grandfather to reclaim custody. Burton is nominated federal judge and appoints ex-senator Nathan Caldwell managing partner. The politician immediately rehires his former chief of staff Mitchell Lichtman. Nick walks out and starts a new firm with his best colleagues, who bring their clients. Police detective Darger bugs Nick to help him find violent addict Mandy Gressler, who manipulates him with...
24 Sep. 2002
Nick is arrested and refused bail for parole breaking after Mandy Gressler's ultimately fatal OD in his home. Unless the court is convinced the cocaine came with her, Nick's case looks hopeless. Burton hires reputed criminal attorney David Belden, but personally leads the case discretely, helped by ADA Finneran. When Mandy's mother Mary refuses to let daughter Shanannon (11) testify, Burton even takes the stand. Only Jake remains prepared to start a partnership with Nick.
1 Oct. 2002
Nick defends, without actual sympathy, confused Ronnie Wagner (13), who killed and later raped his adoptive mother and risks being tried as an adult, which may mean execution. Laurie Solt admits she ignored psychiatric therapy recommendations to speed up the adoption. A car crash with Kim, who convinces him to let her brother Charlie McPherson repair the damage rather then inform the insurance, leads to Nick becoming her lover before discovering she's a uniformed cop. Jake and James recruit private clients for the new firm, but Nick has doubts whether those aren't ...
8 Oct. 2002
The Dead
Ex-senator Caldwell commits suicide in his firm office. Nick continues his hot affair with Kim in secret. Burton keeps advising people what to file, albeit through other lawyer. Nick's new firm defends the manager of a firm developing a city project requiring a cemetery plot to be expropriated, Alvin the cause of families opposing exhumations. The FBI suspects Caldwell's motive was exposure in in case of abuse of information from his legislative days. It implicates his right hand Mitchell Lichtman, who tries unsuccessfully to blackmail Burton, who ultimately decides ...
15 Oct. 2002
The Next Life
Nick pleads the case of over-eager, unattractive pre-teen Josh Bennett, from Gill Mueller's orphanage, who wants to continue partaking in events to present kids to potential adopting couples. Nick gets permission but is ordered to chaperon Josh in person. The boy's usual tantrum after an event follows even though a couple finally shows interest, which is withdrawn as a result. Burton renamed the firm Fallin & Fallin and expects Nick to get involved in all aspects of management, even letting staff go when they don't bring enough business.
22 Oct. 2002
Assuming the Position
Nick accepts to plead a damage claim for tenant Wilcox's small son Bryant's serious lead-poisoning, but soon realizes multiple foul play involving specialized lawyer Mark Hanson. Jake tries to help Barbara get an embarrassing photograph and ridiculing comment from a dating site, but painfully runs into law student Ignatius J. Reilly's legal argument as well as his mates' fists.
29 Oct. 2002
The Living
Nick must resume his dormant guardianship of Dale and Penny Fante, whose father is in jail and mother neglects them, because cancer-suffering Dale needs a bone marrow transplant. Penny is missing, but brave Dale helps Nick find her through their rogue former social worker. Penny is found with an adult lover and baby, which inspires the court to place her in a shelter. She refuses to save Dale, so Nick brings the parents in, unearthing dark family secrets. Meanwhile Nick is most uncomfortable negotiating with Burton's regular client, excessively weird, even suicidal ...
12 Nov. 2002
The Innocent
Nick represents a girl who wants to have her father's parental rights terminated after her brother is killed while in his care.
19 Nov. 2002
The Neighborhood
Nick reluctantly defends his former childhood neighborhood nemesis Hugh, now orphaned, who is obsessed by his dog Bessy but compromises his own home place by violent episode in defense of the dog. Nick does can't make the partners dinner, in fact Burton's first attempt to throw a birthday surprise party for Nick. Lulu meanwhile defends her friends Robert and Sarah Twain, who become prime suspects in the case of an adopted daughter's disappearance, homicide and possible sexual abuse, which wrecks their marriage after bringing out their SM fetish. Hugh's dog turns out ...
26 Nov. 2002
The Dark
Burton has his next laser eye operation, so Nick takes him in for recovery, but he proves a nightmare patient and keeps nagging about a merger deal complicated by environmental issues. James's cousin-charge Levi is expelled for refusing to identify the gang kids who beat him up, yet is murdered by the gang afterward. Alvin feels guilty and starts drinking again. Filling in for both, Nick drowns in court cases on three fronts.
10 Dec. 2002
Nick defends the interests of the hospital which employs surgeon Brian Olson, whose patient died in a routine operation. He's married to Lulu, who helps nobody and wrecks the marriage completely. Nick discover Brian failed to disclose his mild epileptic condition. Nick is also represents the interests of Betsy Fortunato, whose father confesses the bloody killing of her mother, who has the incurable mental disease of Huntington's. Nick arranges for Steve and Cheryl Manley to adopt Betsy's baby Kris without saying she must be tested as Huntington's is inherited in half ...
17 Dec. 2002
No Good Deed
A custody case goes out of control. To prevent violence, Lulu breaks the attorney's honor code flagrantly. Nick defends her brilliantly, avoiding even a suspension. Realizing her marriage is completely wrecked, Lulu asks Nick if his glowing plea also reflects his personal feelings, but he dodges that question.

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