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watch 'Jim'
jellyneckr8 October 2001
ACCORDING TO JIM is a show that will appeal to some and not appeal to others. Fans of Jim Belushi will be glad to see he finally has his own sitcom and people who don't like Jim Belushi will find this show unwatchable. I've been a Jim Belushi fan for a long time so for me, this show is a real treat. This is an absolutely hilarious show for all ages.
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Love the show
elvisfan-416 May 2007
Please do not take this show off the family loves it, and there is 7 that watch it....Jim is so funny and so is Andy....Please we need more comedies, less realities and especially less hospital shows, now another one is coming on. Real life can be so upsetting with the war, the killings, the rapes; that a half hour of laughter just brightens up everyones day. According to Jim is a real down to earth show, with different things our family can relate to. There are several people at work that watch to show and we discuss on our break. The kids add to the show also. Please for the sake of all the wrongs in the world, lets keep some laughter on television.
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This show was hilarious
horrorflicklover26 December 2011
This show made me laugh. Plain and simple. It didn't necessarily break any new grounds, or pursue any new formula. It just managed to be funny. Yes, Jim's character is a slob, a jerk, an insecure ass**** who needs reassurance. That is what drives a lot of the story lines, and I'm fine with that. But In typical sitcom fashion, he "learns a valuable lesson" in these said story lines to make him more manageable. Courtney Thorne-Smith plays his "long suffering" wife trying to cope with his antics. Yes, we've seen it before. But it was FUNNY. Kim Williams-Paisley plays Jim's SMOKING HOT sister-in-law, and of course those two are largely at odds with each other throughout the series run. But they also show true caring and affection for each other when the time comes. And Larry Joe Campbell plays Jim's best friend and brother-in-law, Andy. He plays the butt of many jokes regarding his luck with women, or for that matter life in general. I have no complaints, all of the main characters appeal to me just fine.

One of my favorite story arcs is where Jim is distraught over something regarding his infant son. For instance, his wife allowing him to wear a dress for Halloween. Or his wife buying him a Green Bay Packers football, despite Jim being a HUGE Chicago Bears fan (arch-rivals of the Packers), and hoping to pass that on to his son (like most parents do). This brings in a fantasy segment in which Jim speaks to a teen aged/young adult version of his son regarding the topic at hand. Yes, Jim may be a pompous jerk, an ass-hat, but he doesn't wrap the show up in "his" own viewpoints. There's still a moral, and still a concession made by such an opinionated man.

Really though, if you catch this one on TV, watch it. I don't see how Jim Belushi's character on this show is any harder to deal with then Doug Heffernan on King of Queens (who at first, I couldn't stand). It's got laughs, it's got solid plots (even if some aren't the most original), it's got a good time.
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Funny Funny Funny, And Oh Yeah, FUNNY!!!
emilyisasweetie6 July 2003
Okay I'll admit it, the first time I saw the commercial for this show I didn't think it looked all that great, but I decided I'd watch it anyway, and I'm glad I did. Courtney Thorne- Smith plays Jim's wife, shes kinda annoying but she also makes the show really worth watching. Larry Joe Campbell who plays Andy is absolutely hilarious and him and Jim make a great comdedic team. This is the only tv show that I have actually fell off the couch laughing to. I give this show 11 out of 10 stars. This show is staying put and not goin anywhere!!!
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Get your weekly "Cozy" right here, folks
biznest1 April 2003
I have watched this from its beginning and I find myself always wanting to watch when it's on. For me, it has a lot to do with the actors on it. I'm so glad Courtney Thorn Smith decided to do ATJ, because it shows a snugly, sweet, Earth Mother side of her that's really appealing. Kimberly Williams is very believable and refreshing as her Single Career Woman With Angst sister. Larry Joe (forgot his last name) is funny and sympathetic and happily helpless as her brother.

Lastly I mention Jim Belushi. He is just fab in his part as Courtney's hubby. It's both scary and exhilerating to watch him. It's like seeing John Belushi but all grown up and, well, normal (mentally). For years now, I've watched Jim and seen only John. Now, thanks to this show, I am finally seeing Jim for Jim. He is pure funny, great timing, great sincerity, and he knows how to be serious when it calls for it. Great dimension for a character who started out as little more than just a caricature. I've been delightfully amazed. He's quite good in this particular role (you know, like Ackroyd is just excellent as the balding Southern good ole boy of both Driving Miss Daisy and My Girl), and I hope this sitcom makes it for a few years so I can keep on enjoying it.

Courtney knows how to hold her own and then some against Jim. They walk the thin line between being the Bundies and the Bunkers and the Buchmans. Their chemistry is very on-target. Everyone's is, actually.

The arguments are quite believable. Good writing. I like the running joke about expanding vocabulary.

This show isn't Seinfeld or Cheers, but it is a solidly written comical commentary on married family life. Couples can watch together and both enjoy it, neither gender is spared, both are poked fun at and both are strongly represented. I agree with the previous post that if you dislike Belushi, you probably won't like it. Ditto for C.T.-S., although she might surprise you.

If you do decide to check it out, give it 3 chances. I didn't warm up to it til after that many episodes, and now I'm glad I gave it a chance. It's a nice change from Reality Everything.
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a regular guy just like us
magicmmirror24 July 2007
I wish I could say that this show was unusual in it's banality,but it is usual in every way.It has the dumb husband,his smarter but boring and conventional wife, along with the idiotic sidekick for "comic" relief-it sorely needs it.Stale predictable jokes, with even more predictable reactions from the laughtrack, punctuate this noxious mental narcotic's nauseatingly unimaginative plot lines to leave me either physically ill, or in a deep sleep more resembling that of an induced coma. But it might be on for a while yet because it gives the average American a personage to which they can truly identify.A "regular" guy just like you and me.I live in the southern U.S, so to me this show is just the opposite of escapism.Down here, that obnoxious character is everywhere, in some form or another.Seeing him on television is brutal overkill.
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One of the best shows ever
rustypumphandleoo8 December 2003
I do not understand how people could not like this show. Jim Is funny very funny, not that great of a parental figure but that Is what makes It even more funny. It's a show that good people can watch and get a laugh because they do not get to be like that In real life. I believe It Is for that reason that It keeps getting renewed just like married with children. I also think Still Standing Is folling In It's footsteps.According to jim Is agreat show with a great cast and I hope It lasts for years to come.
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An absolute ABC classic!
"ACCORDING TO JIM," in my opinion, is an absolute ABC classic! I haven't seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. There are many episodes that I enjoyed. One of them was where Jim (Jim Belushi) blurted out a bad word while watching TV. If you want to know why, you'll have to have seen it for yourself. All I'll say right now is that I laughed really hard at that episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone always gives a good performance, the production design is spectacular, the costumes are well-designed, and the writing is always very strong. In conclusion, I strongly recommend you catch it just in case it goes off the air for good.
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Surprisingly hilarious and fun!
reannaroo28 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
At first when i thought this show would be dumb and annoying, but after watching it i was totally wrong!

The whole cast is fantastic, with some of the best child actors i have ever seen.

All the characters are likable and fun to watch.

I recently just watched an episode where Jim and Cheryl are testing to see if Jim's sperm count was high so they could have another child, Cheryl tells him not to smoke or drink to increase their chances of conceiving.

Needless to say, Jim gets drunk the night before so he cant fill the sample or Cheryl will find out what he did. He gets his brother in law (Cheryl's brother) to fill the cup.

One thing leads to another - and Cheryl and her sister Dana find out what the boys did, and they play a prank on them by saying that Cheryl has already inserted the sperm!

The guys freak out. I was rolling on the floor laughing! This smart and clever comedy is one to watch.
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Just another obnoxious slob comedy
liquidcelluloid-12 June 2004
Network: ABC; Genre: Sitcom; Content Rating: TV-G; Classification: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4)

Season Reviewed: Series (3+ season)

The only reason According to Jim' is even still on the air, as of this writing, is because it isn't a reality show. Launched by ABC in the fall of 2002 with '8 Simple Rules', 'Life with Bonnie' and 'Less than Perfect', it was part of the network's pendulum swing away from the reality genera and back toward more audience-pleasing scripted family comedies. It's much better than a reality show, but a hard punch in the back of the head would be too.

So, now we're stuck with this monster. In that reality rebellion I'm afraid the audience may have given Jim Belushi, the cast and his writers the impression that they were actually funny. They aren't and as a sitcom the show is a waste of time and space on every level. How many ways can you say that something is bad? 'Jim' is nothing, like a spec of dust in the air. It has no distinct characters or comic talents. It has no vision or voice. It has no chemistry. It has no desire to do anything creative or original. It doesn't want to tell a story or even strain to hard to tell a joke. It wants to be escapism and get a laugh every now and then and it can't even do that. At the same time it isn't even bad up on an insulting level that I can get worked up and challenge it.

The show is headlined with another classic improbable sitcom odd-couple marriage in Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith ('Melrose Place', if that doesn't say it all). The husband/father is, typically, a tubby sports and sex-obsessed idiot always needing to be wrangled in by his more sensible, down to earth, and never wrong wife. As much as this TV husband lives in constant fear of not having sex, he is also so self absorbed that he will forgo opportunities for said sex so he can attend a football game, watch a football game or some other act of self indulgence. They make up cute at the end of each episode so they could go through the same thing again. None of these shows have the guts to end with their wives finally filing for divorce.

For those that haven't heard this a thousand times before: these kind of escapist sitcoms are designed to pander to the married/relationship set - for the husbands to fantasize that they can be as much a pig as they want and still get Courtney Thorne-Smith. Wives are to feel like they are doing an act of charity raising both their kids and childish husbands who are constantly screwing up and getting them into predicaments. We're all supposed to hold hands at the end, look into each others eyes and say "that's just like us" or "it's so realistic". That illusion of familiarity is the only thing that keeps these shows running.

Belushi, swallowing the slob sitcom clichés whole-heartedly, is flat-out obnoxious. Everyone else, including Thorne-Smith, cute Kimberly Williams and Larry Joe Campbell (as Belushi's fat slob sidekick) run around and fall all over the place trying their paltry best to give this any signs of life. It is embarrassing to watch.

Next time I come across another one of these cookie-cutter sitcoms, I'm going to make it easy on myself and just cut and paste this review and change the names. See if anyone notices. Hey, you get out what you put in.

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Finally, a sitcom that is actually funny.
headhunter4627 December 2006
At last a sitcom that doesn't offend my mentality by resorting to sophomoric, lame jokes in an attempt to get some laughs.

This show has some very clever gags.

This is a show about a slightly flawed guy devoted to his family, trying to muddle his way through it all. He sometimes gets a self-centered idea that takes him off on a questionable path. But he always manages to find his bearings and be the dad and husband he should be. Nothing raunchy or evil just some "guy" kind of mischief or nonsense, and often it really gets some laughs from me. Just watching this guy goof up and then have to figure out what to do about it is a riot. This is the only sitcom on TV that I even care to bother with.
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Selfish deadbeats aren't funny
hejsamester28 September 2009
All the funny things happening in this sitcom is based on the main character Jim being either a bad father, a bad husband or generally just enormously selfish. How can that be funny? Of course a character in a sitcom has to be flawed, but Jim's character is flawed in an extremely unsympathetic manner.

And why it that? My guess is that it's because "he should now better". Jim's not a stupid guy, he can take care of things and he's got the opportunities to do so. But he chooses not to. It's a conscious choice he makes, when he chooses to not play with his kids, not go shopping because he doesn't want to buy "lady products" and it's a choice he makes, when he puts down his relatives.

The other characters seems to only be in the series so Jim can have someone to be a jerk to. If the Cheryl character was a real person, she would have left him years ago, and not stay with the deadbeat for 8 years. But alas, she's just a catalyst for Jim's quirky middle-class extreme selfishness.
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Just another unrealistic "average family"
Kalle_it28 December 2011
Jim isn't funny. Jim is a self-centered, childish, manipulative, petty lying moron. The typical guy you'd hate to have as a coworker, relative or casual acquaintance.

The very basic question is: how did he manage to score such a hot wife? How come she didn't send him packing after a couple of months? Or years? See, that's the big issue I have with the typical "average slob with a hot wife" sit-com premise. Unless Cheryl has an IQ of 60 she should have grown tired of Jim's shenanigans a looong time before the events of the pilot episode.

Instead we get to sit through Jim's stupid antics, while his wife just frowns a bit but ultimately forgives him because apparently love conquers all, even self-respect...

The sidekicks are equally shallow, with the token man-child who's equally annoying as his leader, and the smart-ass girl who's there just to antagonize the main character.

And don't get me started on the kids... As usual, the little girls are the voice of reason and can act in the sassiest way possible because in the end they're right and teach the parents a lesson.

A show where kids are the most mature characters is either a kids' show or a very poorly written one.

Chalk one up for the latter...

Frankly I'm baffled many find the show funny, or even bearable. It's as hackneyed as it can get, without managing to be remotely funny.
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I wish I could get the last 20 minutes of my life back
homer_033130 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've gone on this site for years, but was never compelled to comment until now. I just completed my registration simply to warn the public about this train wreck. This may be one of the top 5 worst shows I've ever seen. Not only did I not hear one funny line the entire episode, but who ever was working the canned laughter button (every laugh track was the same pitch and length, and nothing was funny) needed to pick his or her moments. Sitcoms that are actually funny don't have the audience laughing every 3 seconds, let alone shows with no funny lines. Do the producers think that peppering every second with canned laughter will mask the horrible writing and convince an audience that there's a shred of humoristic value in the show? FYI,swimming in battery acid is a less painful way to spend a half hour of your life.
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Dreadfully unfunny.
gargantuaboy11 June 2019
Not ONCE have I seen an episode that was not terrible. In fact I would watch it just to see if this would be the first time somebody on the show actually said something funny. It never happened. Jim Belushi minces around like he is so amusing and he is just terrible. The only reason Jim is not the worst character on the show is because ANDY is. I bet Belushi picked that actor as Andy knowing he would be so bad it might actually make Jim look funny. I won't even comment about the two women on the show....I just do not have the energy. As bad as a show can possibly be.
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Another mediocre sitcom with an actor who used to be pretty great
policy13413 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Jim Belushi or is it James may not have been as big a star as his late brother, John but in many ways he was a better actor than him. Although he wasted his talents all through the 90's, he made the rather good K-9 and the more serious but still funny The Principal.

Here he simply mugs his way through an almost buried genre, the sitcom and a family sitcom to boot. Wasn't there any way that this could have been more than just a mildly amusing series of Belushi wisecracks sprinkled with a little lesson of the day. Apparently not, so what we have is the big slob who has been somewhat domesticated plus the nagging but understanding wife. We also get the wussy brother-in-law plus the sister-in-law who acts like she was the female Jim incarnate.

Although I don't really think that any of the actors are that funny, I must say that there are some scattered laughs, especially when Belushi end up having to explain himself to his wife which happens quite a few times. The way he comes up with excuses and still makes you think that he can get away with it is hard to make believable but that he does.

There was a of course a guest appearance by family friend Dan Aykroyd but it wasn't particularly funny and the recurring characters of Jim's blues buddies are mostly below par.

Here's to hoping that sitcoms will some day still have the same edge as when Married with Children was on the air because it is certainly a milquetoast watching experience today.
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According to me, this is not a very good show
TheLittleSongbird11 January 2011
I have nothing against sit-coms, some sit-coms are among my favourites whether it is American or British. I love shows such as Fawlty Towers and Frasier, but I have never managed to get into According to Jim. This is a shame really, because I actually like James Belushi, he is always compared(and probably always will be) to the late comedy genius that was his brother John, but I have always found him watchable. And despite the fact I hate his character, Belushi does somehow make it watchable. So does Larry Joe Campbell, who has moments of comedy gold.

However, that is all I have to say that is good. I do love comedy in any shape or form, but that is the problem with According to Jim. For me, the humour just isn't funny. The writing is stale and makes me roll my eyes sometimes. There is the odd occasion where I've cracked a smile for a few seconds, but for a sit-com that lasted apparently eight seasons that isn't enough. Plus when there tries to be any poignant moments, the writers ruin it almost spontaneously by adding a corny, unnecessary joke. Then there is the canned laughter track, is there anyone else who finds it distracting? I often find it misplaced and obvious and that diminishes my enjoyment more. The story ideas are unimaginative too, not to mention predictable and bland, and I am very indifferent to pretty much all the characters, including Belushi's who can be seen as selfish. Aside from Belushi and Campbell, the other acting is poor. Courtney Thorne-Smith plays herself, while the kids are forgettable and annoying. I have never been impressed with the direction either, it comes across as... I don't know... too complacent, I guess.

I'm sorry, I just don't like this show. The concept may have been stale, but I was willing to watch for Belushi, and all I could see was bad writing, predictable storytelling and characters that I don't care for. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Pleasant surprise
winstonfg7 July 2010
I've done my fair share of slagging American sit-coms on this site, but you know what? I like this one.

I'm not even quite sure why, because it's pretty formulaic - slob husband, naggy wife, loser friend (male), harpy friend (female) - but somehow it manages to keep sight of the fact that the idea is to make people laugh, not preach at them. Oh, and the kids are kept largely offstage; something I wish more shows would remember to do.

I guess it's because I like Jim Belushi. OK, he's playing the same character that made him money in movies like K-9 and Red Heat but hell, he's good at it, so why not? Added to that is the fact that, as far as I'm concerned, Courtney Thorne-Smith will be a babe until she's 90, and she's not a half-bad comedienne either; and the sparks they knock off each other as a modern-day Beatrice and Benedict are done with obvious relish and provide a lot of laughs.

It's not quite up to the standard of MWC at its height, or indeed the best of British; but I'm glad we're getting re-runs here in Belgium, and I usually try to watch it if I'm in.

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Unoriginal, Terribly Unfunny and Lame Writing
mattiasflgrtll65 February 2013
Many sitcoms contains this particular stereotypical man; A man who is a fat, sexist, football- loving, mean-spirited idiot. Well, I don't really have anything against that. Just look at Peter Griffin in Family Guy; he may have all those things, but he succeeds to do it funnily and on occasions me may say some smart things or even care about his family a lot. And be nice to his wife, which seems to be the biggest problem in sitcoms. It was after all revealed in an episode that the reason he says so mean things to Lois sometimes is because he has bad self-confidence, and that's rather sweet. What Family Guy has to do with this show? Well, it's a sitcom that's much better, funnier and SMARTER! This show is none of that. Loose, uncreative plot with really boring characters who I've kinda already forgotten about! The show's jokes are bad enough, but the worst thing is that you can't feel for the characters, there's no heart in them, and you especially hate James Belushi's role. You just feel sorry for the writers that they have gotten to work on this s h i t.
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Simply terrible
gibsonwave3 March 2009
It must be the most corniest TV show on the air. This is probably a escape for Jim Belushi and all of his bad movies. His brother sucked all the talent out he younger brother. I hope this show is canceled and never spoken of again except in a negative use. Jim has got to retire or something. Please let them go of the air. If i here a joke from that show i will throw up and and wash my eyes out with a toothbrush. Id rather be taken from the devil himself than watch a full half hour that piece of programing. I still do not understand why the show is still in the air and running. We all know deep down that we want to shoot our TV screens when we see Jim's face. In conclusion, no more please.
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rock-bottom all the way
rimjak20 March 2004
I am tolerant of bad movies and bad TV shows. Sometimes even the worst of productions can have at least one bit of quality. Sadly, "According to Jim" has absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever. The cast (headed by Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith) tries hard, but the over-recycled material just isn't there. Plots are tired and predictable, gags are limp. Even cheap laughs aren't funny. I say if the writers are gonna rip off plots from other TV shows they should at least pick those that are actually FUNNY. It seems they pick the same plot lines cannibalized by other current shows. While I'm sure "According to Jim" will be around for as long as it has an audience, I must say that it STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN.
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One of the Worst Sitcoms Ever Made. Possibly the Worst.
msgreen-125 April 2007
According to Jim might be the worst sitcom ever made.

There are no laughs. I guess if you have a brain cell count below four, you might find some of it to be funny, but then again you would probably also laugh at bathroom noises and rainbows.

According to Jim makes people stupider.

The only worse 'comedy' performer than Jim Belushi (aka "Guy Who Has a Job Because His Brother Was Funny and Tragically Died Too Young so We'll Take Another J. Belushi Who Kinda Sorta Looks Like Him and Wonder What Could Have Been") is the idiot who plays his friend. If Jim Belushi is an idiot, and he is, this guy must be a super idiot (I wanted to use the 'r' word to describe them, but then I realized that would be offensive to actual 'r' people).

How does garbage like this get on the air, and how does it get renewed for more than one season? It just goes to show that a large number of people in our society are getting dumber and dumber.

According to Jim must be stopped!
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Successful only because we're so many with TVs
buddybickford15 October 2009
You need to watch this show once to have seen them all, the formula is exactly the same in each episode. Jim does something his way he means well but he upsets his wife, at the end she finds out that what he did was really for her, she caresses his cheek and gives a gummy smile while he looks on bashfully. In fact the story lines are so lame and formulaic that I'll take a stab at one now.

Episode 'Valentines Pay'

Jims wife notices that all of Jims weekly pay has disappeared, he then explains to her he lost it at the casino. She screams and leaves the house lamenting how awful he is. Then on Valentines day he turns up in a limo with tickets to a Ball (hence explaining the missing wages). She realizes 'Her' mistake and the usual 'Oh Jim, you're so lovely'. ..The end

Another very obvious item is the fact that Jims character is based on Homer Simpson who as a cartoon character can get away with being belligerent and ignorant, when this is attempted with Human beings it does not work and Jim just comes over as an arrogant self centered jerk.

IMO the only reason that this is successful is simply because we're so many now in terms of Human beings with TVs, these days you could make a show about a man who insulates walls and you'd get an audience.

'Two and a half men' on the other hand is fantastic and hilarious.
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I hate this show.
grace7289120 February 2002
I've seen two episodes, and I hated them both. Courtney Thorne-Smith's character is selfish while Jim Belushi's character is portrayed as just plain stupid. They display and glorify poor parenting skills. I don't have a problem with Jim Belushi or Courtney Thorne-Smith as professionals, but I hope this show isn't on the air for long. It is a waste of time.
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I "get" this show
CodeGuru26 May 2003
Judging from some others' comments, it's apparent that some just don't "get" the show. Jim is not supposed to be our role model -- neither was Archie Bunker, nor is Ray Romano. But they are real people, despite the jerks they often are, and they add a gentler perspective of the types of guys we'd usually simply dismiss as complete asses. This show pokes fun at guys like Jim, and it does it very well. (Belushi obviously puts a lot of his self into his role). This is good comedy, (unlike SO MANY others that simply fish for laughs every thirty seconds, and provide their own laugh tracks, in case we don't know the 30 seconds has come around again).

I really didn't like any of the characters' first impressions; in one way or another, they all reminded me of someone I disliked. But now that I've gotten to know them, they've all "grown on me". I really hope other folks are giving this show the chance it deserves.
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