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Season 3

23 Sep. 2003
The Errand
Jim is outraged to learn they pay for groceries to be delivered. Cheryl says they have deliveries for a lot of things. He says he will take over the job of grocery shopping and other errands himself to save money, but it does not work out.
30 Sep. 2003
The Packer Ball
Kyle has a new favorite toy - a Packers Team football. Since Jim's favorite team is the Chicago Bears, he does not like that Kyle has a different team's ball.
7 Oct. 2003
We Have a Bingo
Jim wins a water-bed when playing bingo at a church fund-raiser. The pastor realizes Jim cheated, and talks to him about doing the right thing.
14 Oct. 2003
Getting to Know You
Jim gets Cheryl a pair of expensive pair of earrings that is similar to the pair of earrings she usually wears. Cheryl accuses Jim of not knowing her. To get back in her good graces, Jim tries to notice everything and buys more gifts.
21 Oct. 2003
The Lemonade Stand
The girls get permission to open a lemonade stand to earn money. When the neighbors start a better lemonade stand in competition, Jim, Cheryl and the others up the competition.
21 Oct. 2003
ABCs and 123s
Jim tells Cheryl she is making a big deal of Ruby doing homework. Cheryl tells him that he should try it. Since Jim does not want to, he talks to Ruby's teacher to give less homework because Cheryl cannot read. His story gets back to Cheryl.
28 Oct. 2003
Dana Dates Jim
Dana's new date is similar to Jim in many ways. Cheryl teaches Dana that she is basically dating Jim, and when Dana realizes it is right, she gets upset at Cheryl for pointing out the similarities. Cheryl hosts a Halloween party.
4 Nov. 2003
Scary Movie
Jim takes the girls to see a scary movie even though Cheryl tells him not to. When the girls have nightmares at bedtime, Cheryl thinks she did something wrong.
11 Nov. 2003
Imaginary Friend
Jim seems to always be busy helping a friend when he and Cheryl are to visit with some friends. Cheryl realizes this happens only when it is a specific couple.
18 Nov. 2003
Jim is tired of Cheryl always picking activities for them as a couple, especially the cooking class which was a disaster. He picks paint-ball for the next activity, thinking she will hate it.
25 Nov. 2003
The Empty Gesture
Cheryl climbs the roof to get the tablecloth Jim tied there for a Halloween. When she is stuck on the roof and no one notices she is missing, she realizes she is taken for granted. Jim says he will make Thanksgiving dinner but then doesn't.
2 Dec. 2003
Rules of Engagement
Jim is puzzled when Cheryl apologizes to him in the morning, but he accepts the apology and decides to use it against her to get out of everything he does not want to do.
9 Dec. 2003
Secret Santa
Dana does not have money to buy Jim a Christmas gift, so Cheryl tells her to just take one Cheryl already purchased and say it is from her. Dana ends up putting her name on the most expensive gift and claims it as hers to give.
6 Jan. 2004
House for Sale
The house across the street from Jim & Cheryl is on sale. The Devlins visit and announce they are placing a bid on the house. Jim & Cheryl are upset and thinking of moving to get away from them.
27 Jan. 2004
Dana Dates the Reverend
Dana is fed up because she attracts only shallow men. Jim is in trouble because his bowling team is missing one player. It just happens that Reverend Pierson is the solution to both problems. Unfortunately, there is a catch.
10 Feb. 2004
The Best Man
Danny and Laraine announce their intent to marry, and Danny asks Jim to be his best man. Cheryl tells Jim he better not get Danny drunk at a bachelor party. So instead, Jim takes him for a cold swim in Lake Michigan and gets him sick.
17 Feb. 2004
Cheryl Sings
Cheryl decides to sing in Jim's band to prove to her cousin that she has talent. Trouble is, Cheryl cannot sing.
24 Feb. 2004
When You Wish to Be a Star: Part 1
At Dana's new job, she gets to cast a family for a vacation commercial. She hires Cheryl and her family. The producer likes everyone except for Jim.
2 Mar. 2004
When You Wish to Be a Star: Part 2
Jim is troubled because his replacement in the commercial, Ted, gets to be a bit too intimate with Cheryl in front of camera. So when a role opens, he grabs it. Mysteriously, Kitson turns gay when Andy is in the table.
9 Mar. 2004
No Crime, But Punishment
Gracie has been acting up lately, and Jim says that Cheryl's gentle ways are not working for improvement. Jim comes up with a harsh punishment plan but takes it too far when he blames her for something she did not do.
16 Mar. 2004
The Baby
Jim's sister Roxanne visits Cheryl and Jim. She tells them she is going to have a baby, and Andy is the father.
30 Mar. 2004
Who's the Boss?
Jim is working hard to please his new client, Veronica, which actually means that he's making Andy work hard. Because the boss can't be seen working hard publicly. But then Andy and Veronica have a talk.
6 Apr. 2004
The Truck
The girls made a large paper mâché bear for the school for team spirit. Jim has to take the bear to school in his truck, but he lost his truck in an arm wrestling match and does not want to tell Cheryl.
27 Apr. 2004
The Toilet
It's a battle of the sexes when it comes time to redecorate the bathroom. Jim says Cheryl never takes his opinion into consideration for changes to the house, so Cheryl decides to listen to his ideas. He wants a talking toilet.
4 May 2004
Cheryl saves every piece of art work and homework from the kids, so she tells Jim to rent a storage unit to store everything. Jim decides to trash all of it because he does not think it will ever be needed again.
11 May 2004
The Marriage Bank
Dr. Ted from TV is holding a "Making Good Marriages Great" seminar in Chicago and Cheryl wants to go and get his autograph. Jim surprises her by suggesting that she *sign them up*. But he has an ulterior motive.
18 May 2004
Everyone Gets Dumped
Cheryl's ex from high school, Doug, starts dating Dana, who invites him to dinner at Cheryl and Jim's. While Jim bonds with Doug, Cheryl starts showing signs of something that has troubled her for 15 years.
25 May 2004
The Swimming Pool
When the weather turns hot, Jim and the kids sneak over to a neighbor's swimming pool when they are not home. Cheryl thinks it is wrong, but she decides to sneak over one time and gets caught.
25 May 2004
A Vast Difference
Cheryl talks Jim into undergoing a vasectomy. But will he chicken out? Regardless, what will change? How will people view Jim's acceptance of a vasectomy? How will they treat him?

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