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Bradley Cooper: Will Tippin



  • Will : I know, I just don't want to miss the previews, though. They're, like, my favorite part.

  • Will : Who would live a double life like that?

    Sydney : There are people.

  • [discussing Will's hickey] 

    Will : It's very embarrassing.

    Sydney : What, the fact that I saw it or just that it's there at all?

    Will : Look at it. I feel like I'm 15 years old.

    Sydney : That's about the age of your intern.

  • Will : You awkward?

    Sydney : Yeah, small eyes and big teeth, and I was always a foot taller than everybody else so I kind of hunched over.

    Will : I wish I could've seen that.

  • Francie : Okay, seriously, we are not putting chocolate chips in the pancakes.

    Will : I got news for you. Oh yes we are.

  • [Sydney's pager beeps] 

    Will : You can just say good guys or bad guys.

    Sydney : Neither, my father.

  • Will : So, I'm not annoying to dead people.

  • Jenny : That was Sydney, right? You're different when you talk to Sydney.

    Will : Don't analyze me.

  • Will : I have a contact who tracked your credit card from another one of your flights out of L.A.X. From that, they got your social security number. I did a trace on it. See, here's what doesn't make any sense, Kate Jones. You died in 1973.

  • Sydney : Last chance to bail out.

    Will : What, are you kidding me? I love this stuff.

  • Will : Syd, you've been going over this since the beginning of time. You'll figure it out.

    Sydney : What makes you say that?

    Will : Because you're you.

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