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Not for the thrill seeker or the faint of heart & mind
DAHLRUSSELL15 February 2007
This is a series of twelve interviews with notorious serial killers. This is not a slick, glamorized series. This would not be of interest for someone who wants graphic pictures of victims, or slow-motion details about the killings, the cases or a "how to." More than enough of this information comes out, but it is often relayed in a very matter-of-fact blasé tone of the killer himself – recounting it as if it were a trip to the corner store. In some respects this series does start out almost boring… but this is obviously orchestrated, to tailor it's own audience to the text, to eliminate the thrill seekers.

What this series is: a thoughtful series of interviews with the serial killers. The focus here is not on the gruesome, but on the minds of these (mostly) men, and how their minds work – or don't as the case may be. The cumulative effect is slow and powerful. The series as a whole becomes possibly the strongest intelligent argument for the death penalty that has even been created.

The music is odd, but again, by the end, the irregular rhythms and random notes echo the distorted viewpoint of the thought process of these people. Exceptionally well done – for someone seeking an in depth look at the psychology of these killers. It leave us seeing some deep similar facets: their inability to say "I killed"… but instead saying, "she got herself killed," how each of them who is able to be somewhat introspective flatly states that there is no solution for them but to be put to death, how pornography and popular culture tool sexual fantasies in this direction, and how everyday people around them were often complicit in really sickening ways.

Deeply thought provoking.
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More practical for clinical studies use than for general interest (groups) in serial killers
Ed-Shullivan29 August 2018
Forget about any intrigue in this documentary style The Serial Killers such as the value Bill Kurtis always added to the Cold Case Files television series from 1979-2017. What you get are the cold hard facts from the mouths of the serial killers themselves and delivered in more of a clinical documentary style.

I found the periodic sound throughout the series of the typing on a computer keyboard to introduce some related text such as the following text "Jack Blake went missing on 7th May 1972" very irritating. Along with the keyboard typing sound it was usually accompanied by a musical jazz and piano piece which was even more irritating as the sound of the jazz music increased the audio volume by about 20 percent and then the audio volume would go back down to normal.

The series benefit was that it did a great job of just relaying the facts and not sensationalizing any of these serial killers murders with any gruesome crime scene visuals. What I would have preferred though was to hear more from the actual detectives who worked each of these serial killer murders to successfully find the serial killers guilty in a court of law.

Obviously each of these serial killers are not normal peace loving human beings and family oriented. Instead, they each describe some of their early childhood experiences as being abnormal childhoods which eventually would lead them on a path of heinous crimes resulting in a string of murders.

This documentary series focuses more or less on the factual events of the serial killers early childhood, through to their series of murders and followed by some cold calculated explanations by each of the serial killers not why they did it but "how" they committed their murders. Throughout this documentary series we hear the recounted stories by people directly associated and/or harmed by each of the serial killers as well as the opinions of the various judges, prosecutors, forensic scientists, detectives and psychologists.

Overall I give the series a respectable 7 out of 10 rating
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bizarre Seinfeld-esque music
Fixer-1325716 November 2019
A really great, matter-of-fact revisiting of some of America's serial killers and their victims. It's a really interesting program, with very in-depth accounts from the killers and the detectives who investigated the crimes.

The bizarre Seinfeld-esque theme music is really grating on your nerves. The attempt (I'm not even sure it's intentional) at distortion to reflect the psychology of the killers featured, isn't lost on me, but it's really almost enough to not watch the series.
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