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19 Oct. 2004
Sock Like Me
Greg the Bunny tries to prove he can take a joke by writing an anonymous racist puppet slur on the bathroom wall using the dreaded "Sock" word, then ending his own racist comment with a threat against his own life. Junction Jack is wrongly accused for the bathroom comment. Greg is reluctant to confess to writing the racial joke and death threat in hopes it will eventually all blow over, so the entire cast and crew of 'Sweetknuckle Junction' is forced to attend a puppet sensitivity workshop as a result.
19 Oct. 2004
Jimmy Drives Gil Crazy
The cast and crew of 'Sweetknuckle Junction' observe in shock and confusion after wrongly assuming that Jimmy is involved in a high speed chase with the LA PD after Corey Feldman steals Warren's car that Warren loaned to Jimmy so he could complete all of his daily errands for the cast and crew. Greg is an unwitting passenger in the stolen vehicle during Feldman's desperate attempt to evade capture by the police.

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