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Season 1

27 Mar. 2002
Welcome to Sweetknuckle Junction
Greg the Bunny successfully prods his slacker buddy Jimmy (Seth Green) Bender to ask his dad (Eugene Levy) the director of a cable children show 'Sweetknuckle Junction' for an off camera office job. However, Greg is mistaken for a actor and ends up auditioning for the lead in the show after Rochester Rabbit is fired after failing to correctly deliver his lines due to his drinking issues.
31 Mar. 2002
After the 'Sweetknuckle Junction' cast and crew attend a focus group of children critiquing the show, Alison Kaiser (Sarah Silverman) decides the show needs a hip new young make over and believes Jimmy Bender's (Seth Green) ideas are perfect for the shows new relevant and cool appeal. Jimmy's father Gil Bender (Eugene Levy) disagrees.
3 Apr. 2002
Jewel Heist
Greg is jealous when Jimmy gets a new love interest (Lindsay Sloane) whose dog is quite aggressive. Meanwhile, the gals revolt when Gil doesn't invite them to a paint ball weekend with an intense instructor (David Koechner).
10 Apr. 2002
Greg Gets Puppish
Like Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali in the 60's, Greg the Bunny is recruited by a fanatical puppet cult called the 'International Puppet Allilance' run by a powerful and persuasive puppet named Hurbada Hymena. Greg becomes a willing celebrity puppet spokes person for the groups radical puppet ideology, which in turn, creates an increasingly difficult work environment for Greg and his fellow cast and crew mates of 'Sweetknuckle Junction'.
17 Apr. 2002
The Singing Mailman
While on the studio lot, Dottie is suddenly approached by a struggling actor Leo Cornelli (Michael McDonald) threatening to release a video tape on the internet of Dottie stripping if she doesn't get him a job for the part of a Singing Mailman on the show.
24 Apr. 2002
Rabbit Redux
Greg the Bunny is plagued by nightmares lately for replacing Rochester Rabbit as the star of "Sweetknuckle Junction". So, to rid himself of his personal demons Greg embarks on a mission to find out whatever happened to Rochester after he was fired and to apologize for replacing him. However, after discovering what a pathetic loser Rochester has become, Greg attempts to make amends by getting him a job on the show. Meanwhile, Jimmy (Seth Green) starts flirting with Susan Monster in hopes of making Alison (Sarah Silverman) jealous.
29 May 2002
The shows producer Alison Kaiser (Sarah Silverman) is surprised by the sudden arrival of a female reporter for TV Guide (Sasha Alexander) who is there to do a "behind the scenes" article on the cast and crew of 'Sweetknuckle Junction'. Aiming for the show to be a featured article in TV Guide, Alison desperately pleads with all the cast members to put their best PR faces on for the reporter, in order to represent the show in the best possible light. Meanwhile, Greg and Jimmy compete for the affections of the female TV Guide reporter.
6 Jun. 2002
Father and Son Reunion
Jimmy Bender becomes angry that Gil (his father) didn't tell him that his mother is dating his high school gym teacher during their trial separation. Gil becomes concerned that he's is losing both his wife, and his son, and attempts to reconnect with his son by doing father and son bonding stuff.
1 May 2002
Piddler on the Roof
Attempting to improve her like ability factor the shows producer Allison surprises everyone after arriving at a party, at a local bar, that's being thrown by her fellow cast and crew mates of 'Sweetknuckle Junction'. Warren later urinates in Allison's car out of personal revenge because, he believes Allison turned down his idea to allow him to perform a Shakespeare'n monologue at the beginning of the show, after Gil pretends to pitch Allison the idea at the bar. Meanwhile, Greg the Bunny, who's passed out in the parking lot garbage cans manages to regain consciousness...
4 Aug. 2002
Blah Bawls
Jimmy and Greg attempt to help Count Blah get over his sense of loneliness of his deceased wife by taking him to a singles bar. However, things go unexpectedly crazy after Count Blah ends up having a one night stand with Warren's wife (Marilu Henner) who strikes up a conversation with him at the bar. Meanwhile, Allison believes Jack is psychotically stalking her after she refuses to allow him to accept a acting job portraying a psycho killer.
11 Aug. 2002
Dottie Heat
Greg the Bunny jumps at the chance to further pursue his personal romantic interests with Dottie after he is asked to rehearse a song about friendship at Dottie's house that the both of them are planning to perform on the show together. However, both their friendship and working relationship are thrown into sudden chaos after Dottie over hears Greg bragging about having sex with her to the other cast members the next day, when nothing happened between them. Meanwhile, Jimmy continues to pursue his dream of hooking-up with the shows producer Alison.
19 Oct. 2004
Sock Like Me
Greg the Bunny tries to prove he can take a joke by writing an anonymous racist puppet slur on the bathroom wall using the dreaded "Sock" word, then ending his own racist comment with a threat against his own life. Junction Jack is wrongly accused for the bathroom comment. Greg is reluctant to confess to writing the racial joke and death threat in hopes it will eventually all blow over, so the entire cast and crew of 'Sweetknuckle Junction' is forced to attend a puppet sensitivity workshop as a result.
19 Oct. 2004
Jimmy Drives Gil Crazy
The cast and crew of 'Sweetknuckle Junction' observe in shock and confusion after wrongly assuming that Jimmy is involved in a high speed chase with the LA PD after Corey Feldman steals Warren's car that Warren loaned to Jimmy so he could complete all of his daily errands for the cast and crew. Greg is an unwitting passenger in the stolen vehicle during Feldman's desperate attempt to evade capture by the police.

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