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give the show some credit!
liz8afc1 April 2005
I understand what some of you think about the show because I've read some of the comments, but come on! Give the show a break!! It is what it is, and thats a fun, care-free, entertaining uncomplicated show that deals with issues that all teenagers come across at some stage. The point is its not meant to educate you but to assure you that minor problems in your life can be taken lightly, showing that life doesn't always have to be overly complicated. To me your criticising a show for not being things it never actually set out to be. And as for slating Hillary duff through her make-up, dress sense and acting! your breaking down the show piece by piece taking away the simplicity of it. Just watch it for what it is! A comedy that never fails to amuse if you hold a sense of humour! Just lighten up and if you still don't like it, well thats fine. (If you generally don't laugh at anything).
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a pretty good show
JBoze31315 April 2001
Nice one line summary huh? might be weird, but I'm 22, and I like this show a lot. The other comments talk about how Lizzie is a brat and a snob, etc, but I think everyone is missing the point. The shows theme might be aimed at the wrong age group, but who knows...maybe I'm just weird. I think it's a really nice show, and if can entertain someone like me, and of my age, then it has to be halfway decent. It's got good values and a storyline that usually exposes some sort of really nice truth about life in general, and that works well with this show and format. The acting is pretty good, and it's funny, and almost all of the jokes work. 8/10
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Cute and Innocent
k9zrcool12 June 2005
This show is cute and innocent. It deals with simple problems that everyday middle schoolers go through. It is usually easy to follow and fun. Lizzie and her friends deal with not complicated, harsh issues but ones that teens still face such as boyfriends, peer troubles, a first job, "my crazy family", stuff like that. I also like it because it's appropriate for anyone while still appealing (at least a little, admit it, it IS addicting!!!) to the older genre. Also, Hilary Duff does a good job playing her part as Lizzie, and her T.V. family seems so real to me, like they really seem like they work together as a "real" family. This is a cute show that any age can and will enjoy.
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I highly disagree
RubyEmerald3 November 2002
I am the complete opposite with the last commentor on how bad he or she said it was. The show isn't that bad. For one thing I think Hilary Duff and the rest of the cast are fine actors who put alot of hard work into they're roles. La laine (Miranda) is very good. Gordo (can't remember the actor name) has a tough job with trying to pretend to be thirteen (in actuality he is eighteen). The parents are not annoying I think they portray the good mentor's in Lizzie's life. As for matt I think he isn't the best character not by a long shot. It is actually his friend Lanny who is more funny than him. The last commentor is right that they talk to much about Ethan Craft but that is what makes it mildly funny. You have to admit though the animations are very funny. Well thats all I had to say. As for me I give the show an 8/10 it's great for pre-teens and even in the later year of being a teenager.
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A good show for pre-teens
jamesmtuttle-3141618 December 2017
When I was 13, I watched it just because Hilary Duff was so cute. When I have kids, I will make them watch this when they hit the target age range. The characters are good and I enjoy the fact that there is not to much drama. A lot of tween shows feel the need to add a lot of unnecessary drama. Not this one. The plots are simple and deal more with the every day problems of middle schoolers. There were good morals. The dad was funny, but not a complete doting dad. Both parents served as the voice of reason for Lizzie. She is a relatable character and the animated segments so cleverly and humorously showed her inner thoughts.
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A cute show...
hope_107_20026 July 2001
I'm 17 and I actually semi-like this show. It isn't going to win any awards and I would never go out of my way to watch it, but it isn't horrible. The characters and plots are realistic for the age group it represents. It's also good how it mixes in comedy with all of the "disasters" that Lizzie has to deal with. This helps make the show easier to watch. All in all, I'd give it a 7/10 rating because it definitely could be a better show.
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End of an Era
JayPetey12 August 2007
Let's be honest with ourselves... Despite some people's hate for Disney Channel, Hilary Duff, or 'stupid kids shows' all together, this really actually was a good show. Story lines playfully cliché, lovable characters, good morals, and for kids, the acting wasn't that bad. In a way for myself, 'Lizzie McGuire' brought a clear end to the Nineties television era, as the last of a very good decade. The days of quality shows on Nickelodeon, Disney and other channels came to and end, with shows like 'Lizzie McGuire' and 'Even Steven's' as the last of them. Today's shows are far from what they used to be.

Today's television just isn't the same, but it's always nice to look back.
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Very nice family show
theatre8131 May 2002
This show is not only very funny, but it also is a show that teaches what is the right thing and wrong thing to do. In my opinion, it's meant for families, not only kids. All in all, great show and very well cast. Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine do a great job of portraying Lizzie's parents and Hillary Duff does a great job portraying Lizzie. If you get a chance to, go and watch this show!
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Timeless Classic
texxas-19 April 2017
I watched this since it first came out and I still love it now the way I loved it then. As a teen Hillary Duff was very pretty without being tall and thin, this shows girls (well at least it showed me) that you can be beautiful without looking like a supermodel. The character Lizzie is very likable,pretty and stylish. She wears a lot of colourful clothes and her hair is always styled in a complicated fun way.

The problem with this show is it doesn't really help teens with the struggles of school, since Lizzie's problems are very light-heated and always seem to be resolved in the end. Real life is a lot more complicated than that. When I was struggling with the horrors of school I'd wish that my problems were as simple as Lizzie's, her only experience with bullying is from ex best friend Kate, but shes more of a catty mean girl than anything else. Each episode always has a subplot with Lizzies little brother Matt which I think hurts the show, I always find that part boring and annoying.

The show is very left wing, one of Lizzie's best friend is portrayed as Mexican (the the actress is actually half Philippino) and the other is Jewish.

I still watch this show as an adult and enjoy it a lot, it's really feel good and you feel happy and optimistic once you're done watching it.
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It ain't "Press Your Luck," but it's close!!!!!
sethn1727 September 2006
One of the most successful Disney Channel shows ever made, "Lizzie McGuire," circa 2001, is about an ordinary girl who's sweet and caring, like my mom (a very young Hilary Duff; hint, hint!!!!!) who has two good friends, an animated character (note the title of the review), and a good family!!!!!

Lasting 65 episodes, plus a movie, each of these parts shows a different story; a different idea, needed to be understood in order to get through the teenage life just fine. Some are good, and some get you busted!!!!!

Again, we first saw this on ABC with "Even Stevens." Our family, especially my mother, likes this show because it's nice, sweet, heartwarming, and something the whole family could watch!!!!! Try finding something THIS GOOD on Nick!!!!! LOLOL

"Lizzie McGuire" is one of the very last good things to come from Disney these days.

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I thought it was fun.
stevejobsfan25 January 2005
It always puts me in a good mood to watch something light-hearted before going to work. No it isn't realistic, I don't care. But really, who watches TV for realism anyway? So it isn't The Matrix or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Rurouni Kenshin or DragonBall Z or Star Wars or Dead Poets Society - all of which I like, depending on my mood. This show is just plain fun, an ESCAPE from reality. If you think it's stupid and worthless don't watch it, and don't waste your time trashing it on a message board.

Don't watch a kids show and expect the quality of a Shakespeare. Don't expect a thirteen year old to be able to act as well as Sean Connery. Will you people making fun of LaLaine's name please get a life?
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My fave comedy
It's not my VERY favorite show on TV (CSI), but its second, tied with Friends and Boy Meets World. I like it because the characters cover all the different personalities of adolescents. Lizzie is the average girl-next-door sort, who just wants to fit in. Miranda is a cool girl who always has to stand up for her best friend.

Gordo, who is like me, BTW, is the "Please stop trying to be popular" brain/film-maker. Ethan- heartthrob who is smart in certain areas. AKA, he has street cred. Kate- a popular leader. But she CAN be nice. Claire- popular, but not Queen B. Can be jealous at times. Larry- smart, considered geeky, but he's actually a treasure. Matt is somewhat annoying, but funny. He is always coming up with ideas, therefore, its confirmed he's an evil genius sort of guy. Lanny is the kid who never talks, but its obvious he cares for his friends and always knows whats going to happen. Melina- a girl who gets her potential boyfriend in trouble. The perfect partner in crime :) The parents are somewhat unrealistic. But not really. Lizzie's mom acts like my friend's mom. But I have never met a dad that acts like Sam McGuire. Overall rating: 10/10. :) *~Whit AKA Bibs~* P.S. I think the show is somewhat like "As Told By Ginger" If you like this show, you might want to check that out.
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Number 1 Teen TV Show!
Viddy2429 January 2005
Lizzie McGuire is one of the hottest TV Shows out there. It is based for Teens and Children, but who said adults couldn't like it either? I know a few people above 20 who still like this adorable TV Show. Starring Teen Queen Hilary Duff, in this Show Hilary shows full frontal good talent and her style is awesome. As well as Hil there is Lalaine and Adam Lamberg. They all show great talent! When the show first released in 2001 it was a HUGE hit and was the highest rated Disney show in history. I know why... this 25 minute TV show is full of laughs, teenage problems and sometimes even heart warming moments. This is a must see TV Show.
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What is wrong with you?
seethachymiso21 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I find myself rewatching the episodes and they almost never grow old. Also,I love to see what the early 2000's were like. This show deserves a higher score
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Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie!!!
sixersgurl9118 July 2002
This show is too cool! I mean it is awesome! I HAVE to watch it every week! I mean it is the best show! The acting is so good, especially Adam Lamberg's and Hilary Duff's! The show is so realistic it's not like some TV life it is a total reality life!! What to say cept it da best!!!!!!!
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Your I.Q. will drop 10 points after watching..
Starlights19873 April 2003
What is there honestly to say? The show is horrible. Hilary Duff is the worst actress I have ever seen, she has the most annoying voice and when it comes to fake crying scenes, she sucks. Now she has become a singer?! After hearing a preview of her songs on Disney, she has got no talent anywhere. She should just give up her flippin career. Her show is way to superficial, I mean honestly, who would have a crush on Ethan whatever his last name is. He is ugly, but she thinks he is so hot, and the dumbest person on the planet, which Lizzie could care less about, she just cares about his looks. And what is the deal with her parents!?! "Mom, Dad, I just drove a car through the front of our house, and I dont even have my license yet. I am sorry!" "Lizzie! What you did was very wrong, and we'll have to get the house fixed, but you're sorry and you know what you did is wrong. Now go to the mall with your 2 friends." That should seriously be on an episode, because that is what they are like! The parents could not be anymore fake. Way too easy on their kids when they do something wrong. Shows just how stupid they are. Hilary wears way too much makeup, especially eyeliner, and for someone to actually be able to do their hair like that in the morning just shows you how fake the show is. The only reason that she is getting so much publicity is because guys think that she is hot [which, by the way mindless guys, she has a makeup artist. The chances are she isnt that pretty when she doesnt have her specialists following her around] or girls [ages 5-12] think that she is great actress and role model. She is way to overrated for something that she is not. I am very glad that Lizzie McGuire has been cancelled, it was about time. The show is awful. If you want an actually good show, watch something like American Dreams or My Wife and Kids. The parents are realistic, and the kids dont dress or cake on makeup like wh@res aka Hilary DUFF. -1/10
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Hate this awful show.
sea-breeze22 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. This show has got to be one of the worst kid's shows, right up there with Zoey 101 & Naturally, Sadie I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing in my whole life. This is sucking the slime off the bottom of the barrel, I cannot believe anybody would praise this. Anyways, I probably should give some reasons to support what I'm saying.

First off, it's so sickeningly unrealistic and unbelievable, I can't even take it. I know, you're going to go off saying -oh it's Disney, it's a kid's show! For one thing, they did touch, no more like graze, on the eating disorder thing and shoplifting, but just barely. They could've gone deeper, those would make for an interesting plot line. Also, I don't get why Lizzie got involved in a life of petty crime after ONE trip to detention. And why is detention portrayed as being bad? There are a lot worse things out there. Another thing that bugs me is the fact that Lizzie bitches about her parents, and is rude to them, when they only want to help her and seem OK, but a bit weird maybe. It could be a lot worse. The fact that she is in love with Ethan Craft is disgusting, considering he is "hot" but has no brains (BTW Clayton Snyder's hideously ugly). I can't believe that Aaron Carter kissed Lizzie, who he's never met, JUST because she was standing under mistletoe. Which is very disturbing. Also, every single problem Lizzie faces, are like a major deal when they're nothing. And can be solved in half an hour tops. Some sappy music, someone apologizing, follow by a hug-then cut to bloopers. There is also usually a retarded subplot involving Matt McGuire which serves as comic relief, but is pathetic and completely unfunny. What kind of messages are they sending girls? Being popular is your only goal in life, have a crush on the dumbest but cute boy? What is up with Lizzie looking like she stepped out of the salon every day, wearing over the top clothes? Her hair was crimped, straightened, had hair extensions and her clothes are probably designer. The least they could do was make Lizzie look perfectly average, wearing jeans, t-shirts and simple hair, like up in a ponytail instead of these salon-worthy/Rodeo Drive styles. What universe does Lizzie live in, that cheerleaders are popular? They are quite possibly the lowest on the social ladder at my school. Why does Kate, a popular cheerleader & the leader of "the popular clique", go out of her way to insult Lizzie? And those insults, they are just plain SAD. Not much character development here-Lizzie's a one dimensional, awful excuse for a 13/14-year-old girl but she was pretty much the same person from episode one to the last episode of Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie falling down and being a klutz is hilariously bad.

I know Hilary Duff had limited material to work with, but she is an absolutely awful actress. She moves stiffly, shows absolutely no emotion in most scenes, has the same two facial expressions, and overacts a lot as well. Honestly, probably one of the most awful actresses I have seen. She better thank her lucky stars that Hallee Hirsh (who was almost Lizzie) thought Lizzie was too shallow.

And why the hell does Hilary Duff think she can sing?
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not the best but not the worst
math_drama7 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Lizzie McGuire isn't the best show, but it isn't the worst show; it's just somewhere in the middle. It entertains, I'll give it that, but the actors were annoying, especially Hilary Duff, who plays the main character. Also, this show seems to be showing girls that they have to follow the latest trends, have a crush on the most popular boy in school, not have the best relationship with their parents, have a worst enemy, and take forever to get ready for school each morning. Girls should wear what they like, not what a magazine likes. They should not let boys control their lives, but if they have a crush, it needs to be a boy they really like, not who everyone else likes. Girls should have a great relationship with their parents, and not try to avoid them. Girls should try not to have an enemy, but if they do, they shouldn't get distracted by it. And, girls should only take five or ten minutes to get ready for school. Sure, Lizzie does care about presentation and she tries hard academically, but if she was a real girl, she just wouldn't be a good role model.
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how pathetic
owlsilverfeather26 March 2002
OK, I am a 16-year-old sophomore girl, so I only recently graduated from the middle school world of Lizzie McGuire. Let me just say...what the hell?

I can let most of what happens pass by, since it IS a kid's show. But there's one episode where Lizzie makes friends with this "tough girl" named Angel. Her friends start looking down on her. Why? Cause she makes a new friend, wants to hang out with high school kids, and goes off campus. Wow, cause that's just SO terrible. And they all but say that if you have an attitude, you're going to end up in trouble one day. And by attitude, I mean cursing, piercings, and tattoos. Well, I have a bad mouth, am planning for 6 piercings and two tattoos in the end, and have skipped a million classes, but have I ever ONCE been in trouble the way they're portraying it? No freaking way. The only cast member I've EVER seen that I could respect is Angel herself, and Matt. Jake Thomas is going to be such a funny actor when he gets a little bit older.
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a view at Disney's worst
dessler_2416 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This show is possibly the WORST show on Disney channel. The fact that Hillary Duff's character, Lizzie, is shallow and obnoxious proves this show to be intolerable. But, factor in her annoying best 'friend', Miranda (played by Lalaine) and her other somewhat normal friend Gordo (Adam Lamberg) and you're talking horrific. It's obvious that this show is trying to depict the normal everyday life of junior high while trying to be the next Ally McBeal, but it misses by a long-shot.

To start with, the plots are hilariously unrealistic (like how Lizzie trys to be 'bad' and she ends up in detention. Oooh, we have a real rebel on our hands!) or when Miranda is accused of stealing, and Lizzie doesn't know what side to take. Stealing is wrong, but who really cares if your friend so-called stole a lipstick!!! I mean, I know it's Disney and all, but do they really have to make the characters a goodie two shoes all the time? Or the time when Lizzie and Miranda go see the kiddy show, and Kate is there and they are made fun of? The short of it is is that Lizzie stands up on a table and sings a song, and everyone sings along with it.

Then there's the fact that Lizzie's hair always looks like she stepped out of a salon is COMPLETELY unrealistic. Who really has time in the morning to pick out a designer outfit, and put hair extensions in, with red streaks, or have a hair style that looks like it would take hours. What's wrong with a ponytail? Then we go to the clothing. Remember that episode where Lizzie was DYING to have that midriff bearing outfit? How unrealistic? First of all, no junior high school would let their students where that. It was trashy, and was possibly the stupidest plot out of all of the episodes. Who cares that much about some trashy outfit that will only allow you to look like a slut? What else...what 'bout her stupid parents? Yes, yes. Lizzie's Mom is overprotective, clueless and just plain DUMB. All of her advice is the same, as well. Be yourself, and everything else will fall into place. Be kind to everyone. Give people a chance. Usually followed by some cheesy story. And her dad is probably the worst aspect of the show. How realistic is it that when he trips on a roller skate and smashes his head or spills feathers on him or WHATEVER he never yells, or says anything mean? I mean come on, who calls their son 'son' every time you ask them something. "son, what are you doing?" "son, let me tell you something." *gag* Whats even worse is the sound effects. Why would you feel the need to have camera noises every time you show a flashback? Or the boooinnnng noises when someone falls down? I mean, come on. But the music is what really makes me cringe. The slow, soft music that accompanies a cheesy apology, or the bouncy, happy music that accompanies their trips to a mall or their average everyday life at school is enough to make a person gag.

I understand that this show wasn't made to educate people, but why would have such low moral values and stereotypes? Like the fact that Miranda and Lizzie's main goal in life is to be the most popular girl in school, or that all cheerleaders are snobs.

This show makes me gag, and is the worst show one Disney Channel.
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Oh Boy...
XHenryBlakeFanX31 July 2003
I don't really know how to sum up this show, but I just have to say that not all teenagers are giggly, perky, whiny ditzes like this show would lead you to believe. We don't always obsess over the latest teen idol or an expensive pair of jeans.

Of course, you could offer the argument that TV shows are not exactly supposed to be completely realistic. I just wish that sometimes, shows might depict teenagers as not being fashion obsessed, boy-crazy airheads.

The plot lines are juvenile and trivial. Poor Lizzie, she can't go to the dance! So everyone leaves the dance to have a party at her house? Doubtful for someone who is supposedly 'not popular,' and maybe even for someone who is 'popular'.

If this show is supposed to be some sort of representation of the average teenager, I'd say that this show is severely off of the mark.
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Disney's saddest attempt yet..
arorashadow_20039 August 2004
Lizzie McGuire, is meant to appeal to teenage life, and whats it like to be an teenager, but let me tell you as a teenager, LIFE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS!!!! Oh sure they lightly tap the subject of per-pressure, and the need to fit in, but really. I do not have a snobby cheer leader as a rival, I don't trip over my self every five minutes, cheer leaders don't control the school, and Ethan Craft? Who in the world is that dumb? He is the worlds biggest idiot. Matt, is an embarrassment to all guys. They think they have really appealed to teens, they think they are covering all there is to know. But they are not. What they fail to show is the "REALITY" of life. Anorexia, Bullying, kids brining guns drugs on and on and on! Of sure they did cover A eating disorder once, but they taped it very lightly. I know it's suppose to be a comedy, but you can make comedy, and drama work together, take the old Sit-Comes for example. I have to give this: * out of ********** (1 o/f 10)
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It was OK.
woterfalz19915 March 2005
This was not a bad show. Ups: It's funny, charming and and family friendly. Downs: It's to perfect. They are trying to pass Lizzie off as a realistic character, but she is not. Normal kids do have to where the same thing twice, Lizzie dose not. Noemal kids cannot do what she dose with her hair, not without a hair styleist in there room. And unlike in the show, every thing is not always OK. The acting is pretty good,(this show would have sucked without the actors who played Miranda and Gordo). I don't think the show is anything special, or that it is that great. But I do think it is a good pre-teen show, and Matt is really funny. (So is Lanny).
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Don't watch it. It's just a waste of time
TVQueen24 June 2004
Sorry guys but this HAS to be the worst show on Disney.

First of all, the characters are the worst of all time…like Lizzie for instance. She's a whiny little brat. Every time her mom won't let her go somewhere she throws a temper tantrum and then winds up sneaking out. When she gets caught, she doesn't even feel guilty! The same goes for Miranda. She's always fallowing Lizzie and doing whatever she says. I mean what kind of friendship is THAT? Kate is a snobby little cone head who thinks she knows it all, even though she doesn't. If Lizzie hates Kate so much, why is she always comparing herself to her? I don't get it. Ethan is probably the most unrealistic character on the show. There's no way he could be THAT dumb. If he were, he would have to be put in a special school. And if you haven't noticed, in some episodes, he acts smart. Even Gordo isn't that great. Like Miranda, he always tags along with Lizzie and does EXACTLY what she says. Why does he spend all this time with 2 girls anyway?

Lizzie needs to sit down and shut up. She's always complaining to her parents and shouting at them "YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!" I don't think so. Take her clothes for example. Just look at them! They look great but she's always saying they aren't cool enough. So in one episode, she sneaked out with Miranda (of coarse) to buy a 50$ pair of pants from the Style Shack and then wound up spilling juice on them. HA! Serves her right. And look at all that junk in her room! Too much if you ask me. There was a girl at my school last year who was practically rich and even SHE didn't have all that!

Another thing I don't like about this show is the stereotyping. I just can't stand it! It seems as if you're a cheerleader, you're mean and snobby. Not all cheerleaders are like that. I have a friend who is a cheerleader and she's the nicest girl in school!

Okay. Here's another problem with the show. The plots. All of them are stupid and unrealistic. Like the episode "Aaron Carter's Coming To Town". I mean, what are the chances of AARON CARTER coming to there town and then Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo dance on stage with them? And for no reason Aaron Carter KISSES Lizzie? Oh, please. Like I said, almost all of the episodes are stupid and/or unrealistic but the Lizzie McGuire Movie takes the cake!

Hmm…that's pretty much all I can think of that's wrong with this show…right now. This show gives Disney a bad name. That's So Raven is okay but this is just pure trash.
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