Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) Poster

Megan Cavanagh: Judy Neutron, VOX


  • Mom : [about the aliens]  I don't care how advanced they say they are. If your father and I haven't met them, they're strangers. Right, Hugh?

    Dad : Yeah, well, except for policemen. They're there to help you.

  • Mom : James Issac Neutron. I see you up there. How many times have I told you not to launch yourself off the roof?

    Jimmy : Probably nine. Exactly nine. They say repetition is good for a developing brain.

  • Mom : Okay, Jimmy. That's the last straw. We have told you time and time again not to play with rockets.

    Jimmy : It's technically not a rocket. It's one of those jetpack type things!

    Mom : I don't care what type-thing it is! You just climb those stair type things right now!

  • [after Jimmy got back home via his jetpack] 

    Mom : [In garage, fixing the bottom of the family car]  Oo.

    Mom : [Pulls out]  Jimmy. Is that you, dear?

    Jimmy : [Outside, approaching to his lab; Pulling his piece of hair out]  Yeah, mom! I'll be in in a second!

    VOX : [Scans Jimmy's hair]  DNA match confirmed. Welcome home, Jimmy.

    Jimmy : Eliminate school smell.

    [Blue amoura smell spreads over Jimmy] 

    VOX : Normal odor restored.

    Jimmy : Thank you, VOX.

    VOX : You're welcome.

    VOX : [as Jimmy uses the very short password access the tube]  Warning. Entry tube closed for maintenance.

    Jimmy : [Falls down the access tube]  Wa-aaaa-agh!


    Jimmy : [offscreen]  Thank you, VOX.

    VOX : You're welcome.

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