Murder by Numbers (2002) Poster

Sandra Bullock: Cassie Mayweather, Jessica Marie Hudson



  • Cassie : Do you know why they call me the hyena?

    Sam : No, why do they?

    Cassie : Female hyenas have a kind of mock penis. You figure it out.

    Sam : Does that bother you?

    Cassie : No, I just wear loose-fitting slacks, it's really not a problem.

  • Cassie : You get one life, and whatever you do with it, and whatever is done to you, you've got to face that. You can't pretend it didn't happen.

  • Sam : He doesn't fit the profile.

    Cassie : The profile doesn't fit the profile.

  • Cassie : Look it's not just about sex, okay? I really respect you as a person.


  • Sam : What are you doing?

    Cassie : It's called sex. It's fun, you should try it.

  • Cassie : Richard, what are you doing here?

    Richard : What are you doing here? Do you want something?

    Cassie : Like what?

    Richard : I don't know... Everybody wants something.

    Cassie : Is that right?

    Richard : They just don't know how to ask for it.

    Cassie : And what do you want?

  • Cassie : Welcome to Homicide.

  • Cassie : Fine then, what do you want?

    Sam : Right now? This.

  • Cassie : Can you do me a favor? Lean over and whisper something in my ear.

    Sam : [whispering]  You know what I said about getting different partners.

    Cassie : Are you serious?

    Sam : [still whispering]  I take that back.

    Cassie : Did you find the videotape?

    [Sam nods] 

  • Cassie : It's a freakin' baboon hair!

  • Cassie : What's this smell like to you?

    Cap. Rod Cody : Smells like vomit.

    Cassie : Bag some up and send it to the lab!

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