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MPAA Rated R for terror violence/gore, language and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • There are several dead, nude bodies which expose bare breasts and hints of genitals.
  • A young woman looks at a two-way mirror and a creature on the other side touches the glass and rubs its face along it (it's hard to determine if there's any sexual reference, but it is unlikely: it appears to be more a scenting gesture).
  • A young man is bare-chested when he changes his shirt.
  • We see a couple of bare-chested men in jail cells.
  • A young woman apparently has urinated and we see her stand up and pull up her pants (she's wearing bikini panties).
  • There's some sexual innuendo: a remark about a strip-o-gram cop, and risqué translations of personalized license plates.

Violence & Gore

  • A creature is perched over a man's body eating; we hear slurping and loud swallowing, and the dead body jerks as it is torn, and we see half a bloody arm hit the floor.
  • A creature swings down grabbing a man; we see the victim's blood-splattered face and light shines through a large hole in his chest.
  • A creature cuts a person's head off, the head is seen, but the actual cutting off of the head is offscreen.
  • A creature crashes through a window and grabs a young man and woman by the throat; it sniffs them both in turn, and licks her face.
  • A car crashes into a creature knocking it to the ground and then backs over it, then forward, then back and we see the smoldering, crumbled remains of the creature; it sprouts a wing that then falls limp and the car runs over it again.
  • We see the back of a truck filled with sheet covered objects (presumably bodies) and a severed head is tossed in.
  • A woman is held off the ground by her neck by a creature (she's gasping for air) and then tossed on the floor.
  • A young woman panics and screams when a young man falls against her car window.
  • A police officer is pulled out of the car window by a creature standing on the roof.
  • A creature grabs a woman by the hair and bends her head back and sniffs her.
  • A young man has a bloody wound on his hand and gets hit in the crotch with a shotgun.
  • A man dumps two blood stained, sheet covered objects into a large pipe.
  • A young man and woman look into a large pipe and they remark about the stench.
  • A young man yells in terror and disbelief.
  • A young woman talks about a couple having been killed and a young man remarks that they never found her head.
  • A creature is purposely run over by a car about eight times.


  • 14 uses of "f-ck" 12 uses of "sh-t", 5 uses of "b-tch", 19 uses of "hell", 7 uses of "a--", 9 uses of "d-mn", and 1 use of "d-ck."
  • Many, many religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The serial killer type element is very disturbing.
  • There are a few jump scenes.
  • The Creeper himself is disturbing looking.
  • In two scenes, a truck speeds and rides up close to two people driving. This could be intense to younger viewers.
  • Though not that much gory violence is shown on screen, the serial killer themes and the first half of the film are very intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There are several shots of a demonic-looking creature in varying degrees of detail: it is shown with pointed rows of teeth and a demonic head, and it sprouts wings and a taloned webbing around its head. These features are creepy, but obviously not gory.
  • A creature picks up a severed head, sniffs at it and bites the tongue off. No blood, other than on the head's stump. We see a body with its eyescut out and apparently the rest of the back of his head because we can see through the holes. Flesh seen through the wounds, but the injury is mostly suggested. Still disturbing, though.
  • A creature screams, growls, sprouts talon-lined webbing around its head and large wings when threatened by a group of armed police officers. Creepy but not bloody or gory.
  • A young man discovers a blood stained, sheet covered object; it moves and grabs his leg and when he opens the sheet he finds a young man (tinged blue) with a huge sewn up scar down his chest and abdomen. A graphic scar with mild blood.
  • We focus on a dead young man and woman and see the woman with crude stitching around her neck and a large stitched scar on her abdomen. We then see a pile of sheet wrapped objects (presumably bodies) stacked in a corner, and we see many nude dead bodies (they look almost plastic as they glisten) stuck to the walls and ceiling of a cavernous place. The scene above contains very hard-to-see nudity and disturbing images, but is not very graphic. It's totally the most disturbing scene.
  • A woman fires a shot gun at a scarecrow No blood, obviously.
  • A young man slips down a pipe and lands hard on the ground, knocked unconscious for a few minutes. He has some blood on his head and a graphic cut on his hand.
  • A woman relates the tale of the creature and she explains that it eats what it needs to create itself (read body parts). This sort of creepy.

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