Jeepers Creepers (2001) Poster

Gina Philips: Trish



  • Trish : [Darry wants to climb down in the pipe leading to the Creeper's House of Pain]  You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it.

  • [after running over the Creeper] 

    Darry : Is he dead?

    Trish : They never are.

  • Trish : [after being attacked]  What the hell was that guy's problem?

    Darry : My first guess?

    [Sitcks his head out the window] 

    Darry : *Inbreeding*!

  • [Trish and Darry pull up at the Cat Lady's house] 

    Darry : Come on, Trish, look at this place. Let's just keep going. I mean it, come on.

    Trish : You don't wanna get help?

    Darry : Help from who?

    Trish : Let's just use the phone.

    Darry : And call who?

    Trish : I don't know.

    Darry : And tell them what?

    Trish : I don't know!

    Darry : "Hey, bum-fuck police, I'm being chased by a guy who likes to pull tongues out of severed heads with his teeth. Is there a special extension for that?"

  • Trish : [Darry's cell phone las a low battery]  The point of having a portable phone, idiot, is so that it works when you need it.

    Darry : I hace a power cable for it.

    Trish : Yeah, and I have a cigarette lighter *that doesn't work*!

    Darry : Goddamn it! What did I say? My car! We should've taken my car!

  • Darry : He dumped something down that pipe.

    Trish : Wrapped in a sheet.

    Darry : Wrapped in rope and a sheet.

    Trish : Wrapped in rope and a sheet with red stains... just get us out of here!

  • The Cat Lady : You got ten seconds to get your ass out of my yard, and don't think I'm gonna tell ya twice!

    Trish : Get the hell away from him.

    Darry : What are you doing, Trish?

    Trish : Get the hell away from him!

  • Trish : The first time I heard that story, I used to think this would be the road I'd die on.

  • Darry : We have to get out of here.

    Trish : No, let's stay and feed the birds.

  • Trish : Christ, do you think they even have a phone?

    Darry : I'm guessing no phones and a lot of guns.

  • Trish : We were just attacked, Darry!

    Darry : And you don't even want to find out why?

  • Jezelle Gay Hartman : [Trish answers the phone at the diner]  Have you seen the cats yet?

    Trish : What?

    Jezelle Gay Hartman : Cats, lots of them, have you seen them yet? You and your brother?

    Trish : Me and my brother?

    Jezelle Gay Hartman : You and Darry!

  • Trish : When was the last time you changed your socks?

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