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Alternate Versions

The UK DVD release omits Darry's screams at the end to secure a 15 rating (though they are audible on the director's commentary track). However the US DVD remains uncut and Darry's screams can clearly be heard in the film.
The theatrical cut includes a scene showing the Creeper sniffing Derry's dirty laundry. This is only implied on all home video releases.
Special Edition DVD contains a supplemental section featuring numerous scenes that were deleted or shortened. They include:
  • Slightly altered opening scene; also includes some additional dialogue in which the kids talk about their mother.
  • A longer sequence the Creeper eating the tongue (which was originally trimmed to avoid an "NC-17" rating).
  • The initial scene inside the church basement is slightly extended.
  • Longer sequence inside the car on the way to the diner.
  • Longer strip-a-cop sequence.
  • The scene where the Creeper attacks the kids in the road (after killing the Cat Lady) is slightly extended.
  • Longer phone call home.
  • Longer sequence of the Creeper entering the police station.
  • An alternate ending in which the final shot in the theatrical ending was more of a subtle insinuation that a graphic display of what happened.
On the German Code 2-DVD (Platinum Edition) by MAWA/VCL (and perhaps the VHS as well) you can't hear the screaming of Darry/Justin Long when the Creepers tortures him. The screaming has been removed on the dubbed versions. But you can hear it softly if you tune in to the audio commentary by the director (who also comments the screams).

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