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Full of promise but...
mjwalser29 June 2004
"The Privateers" never made it past the filming of the pilot episode. It had promise, but the low budget of the producers really showed through in that pilot. There was no musical score other than the opening/closing theme, and no real sound effects. The interior sets were very basic, and had a somewhat last-minute look to them (sorry Joe). The outer space shots, all mid-grade CGI, weren't bad, and the concept of the pirate ship's "boarding beam" was kinda nifty, although the ship itself was clearly based on the design of a modern high-performance speedboat scaled up to look like a multi-deck ship.

As for the acting... well, Karl Urban did great, there is no denying that. One is left with the impression that Urban takes every acting gig quite seriously, and always gives the best performance he can. Walter Koenig, on the other hand, really showed his age in this. He wasn't bad, but neither was he particularly memorable. Frankly, he looked like he really didn't want to be there, and had perhaps been snookered by his agent.

If the show had been blessed with a bigger budget, it really could have become quite popular... although seeing how eager the powers that be are to cancel good sci-fi shows like "Firefly" and "Farscape", who knows how long this one would have lasted anyway.
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A Great Proof of Concept
fierceluvfan11 June 2005
With a budget of under 50 grand and four days to shoot, the producers did a great job in getting across the concept for the series. It was admittedly clunky in spots. There were some pacing problems and a little too much exposition in the middle, but the short had a wit and charm and sense of humor that overcame any production shortcomings. The dialog was very intelligent and not burdened with the usual techno drivel. And though the basic plot is as time tested as an Errol Flynn film, it has a freshness that I think current viewers will enjoy. It is very clear that if given the right budget and time, this idea could blossom into something exciting. And I hope they can keep Karl Urban. He was intense in the role and I would love to see him cut loose as a pirate. What a bit of luck to get an actor just before he rises.
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Yes! Pirates In Space
myrddin480911 June 2005
I had a chance to see The privateers at the Star:Trek convention and it played to a standing room only crowd. Everybody loved it and gave it a standing ovation. Lance Henriksen who came up to speak afterwords asked the crowd what they thought of it and the everyone roared for more. Lance then said that if The Privateers was on TV he would watch it every week. Karl Urban was great and so was Walter Koenig it was good to see him in space again. The spaceship called the Rapier was cool the design was different than anything I had seen before. The rest of the cast looked good and the women were HOT! Overall I would love to see The Privateers as a TV series there is never enough Sci-Fi on.
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Looking forward to seeing it
Dravyk7211 June 2005
I saw the pilot video at a convention several years ago in Los Angeles. I couldn't believe they had two of my favorite actors: Carl Urban, and Walter K. I must have watched it all the way through about 6 times, I think the people at the table were watching me to see my reaction. I did get to talk with some of them. They seemed very down to earth. The show seemed very well written, I couldn't have thought up some of those lines, and I have watched sci-fi for years. The story line had me inching toward the TV. The special effects, and other visuals were awesome. When I spoke to them at the table, they said that this video although being show to everyone at the convention, was originally designed to give funders a view of what it would look like, and the look on TV would be even better than what I was already seeing. I keep checking their web site for more info on when it might be out, because I can't wait to see more. I want to see more. They also told me that they already have a large fan following, which is awesome for a show like this. I only want to see it.
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Reviewers don't mention reference to video game...
Repete45628 July 2013
...so, how can you take any of their criticism seriously!?! Privateer was a spin off from the very successful video Wing Commander by Origin. So clearly any review would take this in to account...rather than just bagging it! Maybe it would have been worth seeing Wing Commander (1999): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0131646 ...for a bit of background.The Rapier was the main character's fighter. The enemy was a feline race called Kilrathi. In Privateer, the main focus was on performing missions other than military, as in Wing Commander, however the focus soon became about an alien ship and its technology. Perhaps then, we might end up with a reasonable review. Cheers
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Pure, unadulterated, un messed-with...
sjcoek4 November 2004
Trash. This thing is even worse than Demon Under Glass, a product of the producers. The plot is beyond amateurish, the writing lame, the acting so mediocre it hurts, the photography lousy. There's just nothing there and it just goes nowhere. The fact that they got an actor from Star Trek only goes to show how busy he wasn't. The poor guy really must've needed the bucks. And apparently, other than a VERY small cult, nobody cares. Maybe it's time Warner and Cunningham, who know how to whip up hype then deliver nothing at all, stop torturing people and admit to themselves they need to be in a field other than film or TV. Politics, maybe? Lotta false hype there.
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