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Views: Vampires, Demons, Actors and Caprica's Ron Moore

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Year of Fun – Ron Moore

I hadn't planned on Ron Moore being part of the Year of Fun (quick recap for those new to the blog who ask every week -- Since I will be in the hospital for a large chunk of May, the month I usually celebrate my birthday, getting cancer treatment and I'm turning the big 5-0, I'm celebrating from Jan 2010 to New Year's Eve). Our meeting was about some serious business for Jon and I, but it involved a nifty Italian restaurant, some great food and conversation that was riveting and inspiring. Thus, how could I not count it? Incidentally, 'how could I not' is my mantra for the year. My muse, Kim, was using it. I felt it had a sort of joyful deviltry and left the world open to all sorts of possibilities.
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Views: Abstaining from Star Trek...

No Spoliers.

Because I was in Trekkies and associated with conventions and wrote copious amount of naughty fanfiction, I’ve been asked a lot about my opinion on the new film. It’s also come up because of having worked with Karl Urban on The Privateers. I didn’t think the film was a good idea right now.

The last series didn’t fare very well and the last film, Star Trek: Nemesis also under performed. It was less than 10 years ago. I think I’ve reached a point with Star Trek that I reached with James Bond (I’ve followed that since my grade school days as well). I’m just not interested in continuing, even for a new configuration.

I can’t say I’ve liked any of the Next Generation films, so I had no vested interest in how like or not like Star Trek this film is.
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