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New Times (L.A.)
The beasts are employed to splendid metaphorical effect, which may be lost on viewers perceiving nothing but an action romp.
L.A. Weekly
Bowman and production designer Wolf Kroeger do an excellent job of evoking a twice-baked England, while writers Gregg Chabot, Kevin Peterka and Matt Greenberg keep the script devilishly pitched just shy of preposterous (it's McConaughey who stumbles beyond).
Boston Globe
This is quite enjoyable as creature features go, and Bale continues to demonstrate his curious under-the-radar appeal. As for McConaughey, let's just say a star is reborn. Suddenly that whole naked-bongo-playing incident makes a lot more sense.
A collision of medieval fantasy and commando action movie, where you can almost believe in the high-concept mix-and-matching.
Miami Herald
Stops dead the second the monsters fall out of view. It doesn't help that the movie's post-apocalyptic future is of the unimaginative backlot variety, or that the movie takes itself so seriously.
Baltimore Sun
The script gives the actors less of a chance than the dragons give to Homo sapiens.
Some great things can found in this fluidly kinetic film, well-directed by X-Files series and movie veteran Rob Bowman, including no-nonsense dialogue, epic photography and a terrific score. It's too bad the story is so sloppy and stupid.
Often incomprehensible (a combination of jumpy editing and lots of thick British Isles accents) and hardly ever entertaining - even unintentionally.
Washington Post
A disaster of a drama, saved only by its winged assailants. You know a picture's in trouble when you find yourself rooting for humankind to lose.
Dragons torch the earth as manly men with weird hair battle them in this colossally misconceived dud.

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