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tracyfitzno130 June 2002
I,ve waited ages for ITV to show this drama, It stars two of my favourites, Amita Dhiri and Joe McFadden. An excellent cast included Douglas Hodge and Sharon Duce and I thought, yeh this may lead to a series.

No chance..It was squeezed into 90 mins (75 if you deduct adverts). Not enough time to set the scene, have an insight into the characters and therefore care about what happens to them.

The police work was dull, and McFaddens acting was I am ashamed to say wooden. Probably because he wasnt given enough to say.

Amita and Sharons roles were not big enough. This is supposed to be the UKs answer to Law and Order. The DAs office has a far larger slice in their one hour editions than the CPS in The Law.

All in all, this could have been good. Extended to three hours, not rushed plots could have seen a new law series.

What a shame.
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