Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Video Game 2001) Poster

Lara Cody: Rosemary


  • Colonel : To begin with, we're not what you'd call "human." Over the past 200 years, a consciousness appeared layer by layer at the crucible of the White House. It's not unlike life started in the oceans four billion years ago. The White House was our primordial soup, a base of evolution. We are formless. We are the very discipline and morality that Americans invoke so often. How can anyone hope to eliminate us? As long as this nation exists, so will we.

    Raiden : Cut the crap! If you're immortal, why would you take away individual freedoms and censor the Net?

    Rose : Jack, don't be silly.

    Colonel : Don't you know that our plans have your interests - not ours - in mind?

  • [Raiden loses all of his gear and is forced to sneak around in the nude] 

    Colonel : Raiden, you won't be able to Hang, throw, or chokehold anyone in your current state.

    Raiden : Why not?

    Colonel : Is it really necessary to ask? It's just not a good idea to perform those maneuvers. There could be... complications.

    Rose : Oh really, Jack. Do we have to spell it out for you? Really!

  • [When the player equips an enemy uniform] 

    Colonel : Raiden, don't act in any way that will excite the enemy's suspicion. A perfect disguise can be ruined by a single odd behavior. Be careful. If you make physical contact with the enemy while in disguise, the disguise will be deselected.

    Rose : That uniform's probably not even close to your size.

    Raiden : Yeah, to tell you the truth, it feels pretty tight.

    Colonel : It's probably a better fit for Rosemary here than you.

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